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24.04.2019 Evgeniy Ostrovsky has died.

29.03.2019 Misha Berezyuk spent 8 days in Infectious Diseases hospital. After discharge he was at home for two weeks only. He was urgently hospitalized due to acute mucosa GVHD of esophagus. Next week he will undergo scheduled evaluation at Gorbacheva Institute.

28.03.2019 Gera Efimov receives Nplate injections every two weeks. He recently had acute viral respiratory infection and is now better. Gera goes to school and he finished the last semester with excellent grades. He is now getting ready for the finals for the 4th grade.

28.02.2019 Sergei Svalyavin feels well and he is getting ready for mid-terms. The doctors allowed him to start working, but he decided to finish his studies first. His blood counts are growing. Sergei will have a lumbar puncture in mid-March.

23.02.2019 Maxim Rybakov has died.

18.02.2019 Vadim Antipov feels well, he trains on his exercise bike more and walks around his apartment. In spring he hopes, as the weather gets better, to get out to the balcony and eventually out on the street.

18.02.2019 Mikhail Nikitin feels well. His blood counts are normal. Based on results of biopsy, remission and engraftment of donor's bone marrow are sustained.

18.02.2019 The donor search for Svetlana Schelokova was paid in full. Many thanks to all the donors!

14.02.2019 Sonia Egorycheva makes monthly trips to Moscow for check-ups. The doctors monitor the concentration of immunosuppresants in her blood since she will need to take them for the rest of her life. Sonia will turn eleven in June. She is very active, and has many interests and hobbies.

12.02.2019 Gera Efimov is in St. Petersburg where he had an additional evaluation. Everything is normal but his platelet count is still unstable. Gera remains in St. Petersburg and goes for weekly blood tests and Nplate injections when his platelet count drops.

04.02.2019 Sergei Svalyavin got his chimerism test results: he has complete engraftment of the donor's bone marrow. His blood count is gradually going up.

04.02.2019 Maxim Matytsin has died.

01.02.2019 Svetlana Schelokova is at home now, having a rest after long stays in the hospitals and preparing for transplantation, which is scheduled for the later part of February. Before that, she will have to undergo many examinations and gather various documents.

22.01.2019 Misha Berezyuk had to travel to St. Petersburg for the third time in a month. He does not feel well because of nausea and sometimes vomiting. He lost his appetite and his weight has gone down. Misha will undergo extended evaluation as a day patient.

21.01.2019 Mikhail Nikitin had a biopsy and a blood test today. He is feeling well aside from some cough.

18.01.2019 Lev Glazkov is now 23 years old. After graduating from a technical school Lev had enrolled into Electrotechnical university in St. Petersburg, but it was too much to handle, and he switched to studying adaptive physical culture at Lesgaft University where he is now completing his second year.

18.01.2019 A while ago, Arseny Kuznetsov was transferred to local follow-up, and he goes for blood tests every month. The results have been normal. After completing the active phase of treatment, Arseny returned to school and successfully passed exit tests. He then enrolled into Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, where he is now in his third year.

18.01.2019 Anya Lomonosova is feeling well. She is training to become a tailor. She is now in her third year, doing well and really enjoying her course. She had hip replacement surgery in 2017 and has not had any issues since.

18.01.2019 Fortunately, Maxim Rybakov was able to receive six packs of Revolade under free medication program. This should last him for two months of treatment. We are pausing fundraising for Revolade.

16.01.2019 Sergei Svalyavin is getting ready for driving school tests and he is a bit worried. It was decided to postpone donor's lymphocyte infusion to avoid provoking GVHD. Sergei began regaining his weight.

25.12.2018 Misha Berezyuk is at home, he comes to St. Petersburg once every two weeks. His blood counts are normal. Based on the results of spirometry, Vfend was replaced by Fluconazole. Misha feels well.

24.12.2018 Misha Nikitin feels well. He has already passed two exams, and on December 26th he will have a third test. His control evaluation has been postponed to January.

18.12.2018 In September Gera Efimov has come to St. Petersburg for a checkup and he is still in the city. He completed the prescribed course of immunosuppression but his platelet count is still unstable. Gera is being monitored as a day patient. The doctors are looking for a good replacement for Nplate but so far without success. Nplate is still administered biweekly.

11.12.2018 Recently, Veronika Nikulina caught a cold, but she is already getting better. Her lung CT results are comparable to last year's and there are no significant changes. Veronika was prescribed Singulair therapy for 3 months, to be followed by control CT scan.

04.12.2018 Since October 29th Anton Gasnikov has been at home. In mid-December he is planned to have a consultation at Gorbacheva Institute. Anton feels quite well and recently stayed at Sheredar rehabilitation camp.

30.11.2018 Mikhail Nikitin continues the same treatment. In December he is scheduled to travel to St. Petersburg for a control evaluation.

29.11.2018 Misha Berezyuk had a biopsy last week, the results of which showed he is doing well. His platelets began growing and other blood counts are normal. Cytomegalovirus infection was taken under control.

19.11.2018 Veronika Nikulina is in remission, and the biopsy results show that she is doing well. She is seen as a day patient and visits the hospital once or twice a week.

02.11.2018 Arina Baboshina came to St. Petersburg for evaluation. She was found to have a cold and she is receiving treatment. She is doing well in regards to her primary diagnosis.

31.10.2018 Anton Gasnikov was discharged for a month and his treatment has been temporarily suspended. He remains on Dasatinib. His blood counts are practically normal. The early October's biopsy showed that he remains in remission.

31.10.2018 Milana Kuzhenova is feeling well. She finished the first quarter with all As and is enjoying the school break. She goes swimming four times a week and is able to swim 8 to 10 pool lengths each time.

22.10.2018 Last week Svetlana Schelokova was hospitalized again because her hemoglobin count went down. There was no bone marrow match for her in the European registry, and it was decided to extend the search to other continents.

22.10.2018 Misha Nikitin is feeling well, he continues with the same treatment.

18.10.2018 A week and a half ago Misha Berezyuk spiked fever. The doctors diagnosed cytomegalovirus and CT showed lesions in his lungs. Tomorrow he is scheduled for a puncture and bronchoscopy. Misha is receiving appropriate treatment.

16.10.2018 Arina Baboshina feels well and studies in the 2nd grade. On October 22nd she will come to St. Petersburg for another evaluation. Previous biopsy showed donor's bone marrow engraftment at 90-97%.

15.10.2018 Amir Shataev completed control evaluation in Germany and returned home on October 5th. All is well, and there is some improvement. Amir had his prosthesis and glasses replaced.

08.10.2018 Sergei Svalyavin was discharged for a follow-up as a day patient on September 29th. Donor's bone marrow engrafted fully and functions well. Sergei is receiving IV infusions daily for renal function support, and generally feel quite well and at times very well.

05.10.2018 Misha Berezyuk is currently monitored as an outpatient. He feels rather well and will soon undergo a bone marrow biopsy, on day 60 after the bone marrow transplant. His blood tests are within norm.

05.10.2018 Anton Gasnikov gets intralumbar injections of triplets every one to two weeks. He will likely be referred for radiation after some time.

20.09.2018 Svetlana Schelokova does not feel well due to general weakness, dizziness and nausea. She is a day patient at Gorbacheva Institute, where she goes for tests and IV drips. Svetlana continues to work.

18.09.2018 Sergei Svalyavin is recovering after bone marrow transplantation performed at Gorbacheva Institute. His blood counts are gradually going up, and he recovered from mucositis.

14.09.2018 Milana Kuzhenova has arrived to St. Petersburg for testing and evaluation. Everything is well with her primary diagnosis, but she continues to suffer from GVHD. The doctors will confer about it next week.

14.09.2018 Misha Berezyuk feels quite well. The doctors took his veno-occlusive disease under control. Misha's low platelet counts led to frequent bleeding, but that was also resolved. His blood counts are increasing now, including platelets, and he no longer bleeds. Sometimes he gets fevers.

14.09.2018 Misha Nikitin continues receiving the same medications. Recently he obtained a legal disability status of second degree. He is feeling well, is currently a junior in college, and started working out.

11.09.2018 Anton Gasnikov is receiving chemotherapy medications via lumbar punctures once a week as a day patient at Children's hospital No.1. He experiences fatigue due to treatment and is not in the best mood right now. Anton's blood counts are practically normal.

28.08.2018 Sergei Svalyavin is at Gorbacheva Institute for preparation for bone marrow transplantation, which is scheduled for August 31.

27.08.2018 Svetlana Schelokova is at home, while her doctors are on vacation She monitors her blood counts locally. Her hemoglobin count has been decreasing. Svetlana feels unwell due to fatigue. The search for bone marrow donor continues.

16.08.2018 Based on biopsy results from early August, Anton Gasnikov was discovered to have blasts in CSF. He is in remission in bone marrow, however. Every week he is receiving intralumbar chemotherapy as a day patient at Children's Hospital No.1. Anton feels rather well.

30.07.2018 Sergei Svalyavin finished a course of therapy with blinatumomab. He is scheduled for a biopsy on August 1. Sergei feels well and he is currently working.

23.07.2018 Thanks to the supporters' help, the initial installment to S.Morsch registry for 6,000 euros was transferred. The donor search for Svetlana Schelokova was started.

04.07.2018 Anton Gasnikov feels well and takes time to recover from hospital stays. Recently he returned home from Kaluga. At the end of July - early August he will have control evaluation.

03.07.2018 Mikhail Nikitin is taking Rapamune and Jakafi in the same doses. He completed all the year-end tests and successfully finished the first year of college.

20.06.2018 A bone marrow donor was found for Sergei Svalyavin! At present Sergei is undergoing therapy with blinatumomab at Gorbacheva Institute. He is in the second day of the 28-day cycle. Upon completion of therapy and subsequent evaluation, the doctors will set the date of transplantation.

19.06.2018 Ten days ago Milana Kuzhenova left for the city of Shadrinsk to see her grandparents. GVHD manifests itself the same as before: Milana has symptoms of scleroderma, and she has to continue taking Jakavi.

13.06.2018 It's been two weeks since Veronika Nikulina returned home. Her blood tests are within norm, though her liver tests are slightly elevated. Veronika is feeling well.

13.06.2018 Anton Gasnikov's medical team allowed him to go home for a month and remain there under observation of local doctors. In July he will travel to St. Petersburg for evaluation.

01.06.2018 Misha Nikitin is feeling well, he continues with the same treatment. It's time for the end-of-year exams. So far, Misha only had pass/fail tests.

01.06.2018 Next week German Efimov is scheduled for an annual evaluation. For primary disease all is well and the boy is feeling fine. Gera has completed another school year. He is looking forward to being allowed to travel to his grandma.

23.05.2018 Milana Kuzhenova recovered from a cold, but still has GVHD symptoms. She feels rather well overall.

22.05.2018 The doctors allowed Veronika Nikulina to stay at home during summer. Her blood counts are within normal ranges. Her liver test values are close to normal. Leg pains are no longer bothering her. Veronika feels fine overall. She continues to take the same medications.

21.05.2018 Anton Gasnikov is under care of doctors as a day patient at Gorbacheva Institute. Kidney values are higher than normal, and an evaluation by a nephrologist is planned. Anton feels OK overall, but gets tired quickly.

08.05.2018 Mikhail Nikitin feels well and continues therapy with Rapamune and Jakafi. He no longer has cough. Misha's team took 1st place at Programming Olympiad!

03.05.2018 Sergei Svalyavin was allowed to go home. He had a difficult time recovering after chemotherapy, but he is feeling much better now. Sergei is planning to transfer funds to the donor registry today, which will start the donor search process.

27.04.2018 Anton Gasnikov is undergoing evaluations in St. Petersburg. He is doing well in regards to his primary diagnosis, but he had a recent arm fracture. Anton has a very low immunoglobulin count, but he had a severe allergic reaction to ImmunoVen. He needs injections of an alternative immunoglobulin - and the hospital does not have it.

26.04.2018 Last month Veronika Nikulina had acute respiratory viral infection with temperature, cough and difficulty in breathing. Antibody test showed no change; however, plasmapheresis wasn't performed because of the cold. Veronika feels well and is in a good mood.

26.04.2018 Milana Kuzhenova had contracted acute respiratory viral infection recently and is now undergoing treatment at home. GVHD symptoms remain unchanged. She continues to take in Jakafi and other drugs. Overall, she feels relatively well.

22.04.2010 Oksana Timokhina has died.

13.04.2018 Based on blood test results, Misha Nikitin is doing well. In three months he will have a control evaluation with a biopsy. Misha feels well except for a slight cold.

12.04.2018 Anton Gasnikov is at home and he feels rather well. His blood counts are normal. Kidney enzymes are slightly increased, but they have stabilized, although at times Anton has protein in his urine. Anton continues to take Sprycel.

12.04.2018 Sergei Svalyavin is undergoing the third adjuvant course of chemotherapy now. He feels well. Bone marrow transplantation from an unrelated donor is in the plans. We are asking for your help in raising 18,000 euros to pay for donor search in a foreign registry. In addition, 120,000 rubles are needed to deliver the transplant to St. Petersburg.

28.03.2018 Milana Kuzhenova has grown taller and stronger, and this year she turned 11 years old. She gained weight and muscle mass in her arms. Milana needs Jakafi that costs over 200 thousand rubles per package. Please help us raise funds for this medication!

22.03.2018 Veronika Nikulina continues Jakafi therapy. She recently had a cold accompanied by a strong cough. Although she's gotten better she is still fatigued.

19.03.2018 Anton Gasnikov is under the care of doctors as a day patient at Gorbacheva Institute. He continues to take Sprycel daily. His blood counts are almost within the normal limits. The remission is sustained.

07.03.2018 Mikhail Nikitin continues taking Rapamune and Jakafi. An evaluation is scheduled for late March.

20.02.2018 Mikhail Nikitin is a bit unwell and has a runny nose and cough. Other than that he feels well and enjoys his studies. He continues therapy with Jakavi and Rapamune.

12.02.2018 Veronika Nikulina's dose of Jakafi was decreased, but GVHD manifestations grew substantially and she to return to the previous dosage. Her hemoglobin is now normal, but Veronika is still weakened and gets tired easily.

05.02.2018 Anton Gasnikov continues taking Sprycel. He is living and studying in St. Petersburg. His family is now re-applying for receipt of medications in St. Petersburg. Meanwhile, Anton needs to buy two Sprycel packs for a total of 316,000 rubles. Please help Anton with raising funds.

17.01.2018 Misha Nikitin is at home. He feels well and continues his studies. Misha takes Jakavi and Rapamune as usual. He receives medications from Grant Life charity. The next evaluation is scheduled for February.

11.01.2018 Sergei Pudovkin had a biopsy today. The results will be ready in two weeks. Unfortunately, he developed osteoporosis and his bones are fragile (he currently has an arm fracture). The boy underwent a course of treatment with Zometa to increase bone density. There are mild GVHD manifestations, but everything else is fine.

10.01.2018 Veronika Nikulina was allowed to go home for the holidays. On January 12th she will return to St. Petersburg. She is continuing therapy with Noxafil and Jakavi. Veronika gets tired easily and cannot walk or play for a long time, so she watches cartoons for the most part. Her hemoglobin remains low.

18.12.2017 Anya Lomonosova is at home and she feels well and has no complaints. She goes for evaluations every 6 months. The last round of tests was in May-June. After additional tests Anya's asthma diagnosis was not confirmed.

07.12.2017 Misha Nikitin continues college studies. Based on the latest evaluation, he is doing well.

24.11.2017 Veronika Nikulina is still on Jakavi and Noxafil. The doctors decided to discontinue photopheresis after two rounds because of Veronika's reaction to this treatment. Veronika still has systemic sclerosis. Some days she feels better than others. She is always tired.

22.11.2017 Gera Efimov is feeling well. He is still monitored as a day patient at the Gorbacheva Institute. Gera is still on Rapamune and a biweekly dose of Nplate. His platelet count remains unstable.

25.10.2017 Based on CT scan results from September, Maxim Matytsin was diagnosed with disease progression. The doctors at Gorbacheva Institute decided on two-stage treatment for Maxim: at first, he will undergo radiation therapy, and then he will receive therapy with Nexavar.

16.10.2017 Milana Kuzhenova came to St. Petersburg for an evaluation and stayed for a month, and returned home three weeks ago. Everything is fine as far as the primary diagnosis is concerned, but GVHD of mucous membranes, skin and joints is not subsiding, unfortunately. Doctors decided to replace Cyclosporine with Jakavi.

11.10.2017 Scheduled puncture confirmed Veronika Nikulina's remission. Myasthenic syndrome is still manifesting itself. Photopheresis sessions were temporarily paused.

15.09.2017 Veronika Nikulina feels well and continues to be seen as a day patient. She still has myasthenic symptoms, but she gets better after monthly photopheresis sessions.

11.09.2017 Unfortunately, MRI showed continuing destruction of Igor Simonov's spine: inside his vertebrae, scar tissue is being replaced by soft-tissue components. The situation is now even worse than prior to surgery. Igor cannot feel his legs and has no control of his pelvis. He suffers from severe spasms and pain in his sides. He is receiving pain control.

03.09.2017 Arina Baboshina and her mom came to St. Petersburg for evaluation. The test results will determine whether one of the immunosuppressive drugs (Cellcept) will be canceled. Arina has been taking it for over a year. She feels well. This year she will begin school. Most likely, she will start going to school in St. Petersburg and then transfer to her hometown Kotlas.

23.08.2017 Since mid-August, Misha Nikitin has been in St.Petersburg. He underwent evaluation at Gorbacheva Institute, based on results of which his therapy with Jakavi was extended. Misha enrolled into St. Petersburg's College of Information Technology at Computer systems programming specialty. Classes will start on September 1st.

15.08.2017 Veronika Nikulina continues having myasthenic syndrome manifestations. She is receiving appropriate therapy. Veronika's legs hurt periodically, but she can walk short distances. Overall, she feels rather well.

14.08.2017 Igor Simonov is recovering after surgery to decompress his spine at Mechnikov Medical University. He's been at home for the last week. He has been feeling fairly well until recently, but then he developed pains in his spine and hip joints, and leg muscle spasms. A diagnostic MRI is being planned.

11.08.2017 Serezha Katyshev will come to St. Petersburg on August 19th. A decision regarding bone marrow transplantation will be made. During cyclosporine therapy his blood counts improved somewhat.

06.08.2017 After starting therapy with Jakavi, Vadim Antipov's skin improved, but he still suffers from GVHD of lungs. Vadim has severe shortness of breath and it makes it difficult for him to walk. Other than that Vadim feels relatively well and has been able to avoid colds.

01.08.2017 Arina Baboshina's stable condition allowed her doctors let her go home in Arkhangelsk region for a month. In mid-August, Arina and her mom will return to St. Petersburg for evaluation. At home Arisha feels rather well and she loves to pick mushrooms in the woods and play with her little brother.

28.07.2017 Misha Nikitin is now at home in Tikhvin and he feels rather well. His skin's condition is stable and he continues taking Jakavi and Rapamune. However, recent tests showed increased sugar in his blood. For now the doctors hope to keep him off insulin, and he was prescribed medications for support of pancreatic function.

18.07.2017 At the end of April Maxim Indik was allowed to go home to Blagoveschensk. Based on evaluation results prior to his departure, he has no disease progression. Maxim also had CT scan and MRI once he got home, and the results are good.

17.07.2017 In May CT scan showed that Maxim Matytsin had no progression. Maxim is scheduled for the next control CT in September, and he will not have chemotherapy till then.

11.07.2017 Yesterday Igor Simonov was hospitalized at Mechnikov Medical University. The doctors offered him the following treatment: first, surgery to decompress fractured vertebrae. Then in six months - corset installation to strengthen his spine. After this stage is completed, hip joint replacement can be discussed.

07.07.2017 Veronika Nikulina remains moderately affected by myasthenic syndrome, but it does not worsen. As the antibodies caused by myasthenia are above norm, she continues receiving photopheresis therapy and Mabthera injections. CT scan results showed improvement, and Vfend was replaced by Noxafil. Veronika feels relatively well.

01.07.2017 Vadim Antipov feels rather well although he has some shortness of breath. He spends time mostly indoors to avoid catching infections. He will be added Jakavi to his lung GVHD therapy with inhalators. Based on test results done at Mycology Institute, he was taken off antifungal drugs.

23.06.2017 Misha Nikitin is now in Tikhvin. He feels well and awaits the results of Russian language exams. Next week he plans to come to St. Petersburg and apply for university. Misha continues taking all prescribed medications. His skin GVHD is very mild at this time.

21.06.2017 Arina Baboshina is still in St. Petersburg. She is now undergoing examination at Gorbacheva Institute. If all is well, she will be allowed to go home for a month. Arina is still taking immunosuppressive drugs in order to prevent the risk of transplant rejection. Arina catches colds periodically, but other than that, she feels well.

17.06.2017 Misha Berezyuk is currently at home in Gatchina, he is feeling well, playing, walking, and getting ready to school. He continues to exhibit mild chronic skin GVHD and GVHD of the eyes.

16.06.2017 In May Sergei Katyshev came to Gorbacheva Institute for a regular checkup and was immediately admitted due to very low blood counts. He was treated with Atgam and Cyclosporine. Sergei is feeling better now and was discharged to go home for a month and a half.

02.06.2017 Vadim Antipov is undergoing evaluation at Institute of Mycology. The doctors will consider whether to prescribe Jakavi after all tests are back. At the moment Vadim is being treated for lung GVHD with inhaled hormones. He feels rather well, although he still runs out of breath easily.

01.06.2017 Igor Simonov has been transferred to the City Hospital #2. He needs a hip replacement surgery but the doctors must first attend to his back. Because of compression fracture of his vertebrae, Igor cannot stand up or sit up - he has to remain on bed rest.

23.05.2017 In mid-May Misha Nikitin came to St. Petersburg for an examination that confirmed remission from leukemia. The next puncture is planned in 6 months' time. Misha still has moderate symptoms of chronic skin GVHD, so the therapy with immunosuppressive agents continues. Misha has returned home to Tikhvin and is currently finishing school.

23.05.2017 Recently Sasha Novokreschenov came to St. Petersburg for a check-up, which confirmed that he is in complete remission from leukemia. He still has manifestations of chronic pulmonary GVHD. However, thanks to therapy with inhalants (as well as swimming sessions and playing the saxophone), the condition of his lungs has improved significantly. Sasha is now at home in Karelia.

19.05.2017 The tests showed that Movlid Tutuev remains in complete remission, but has mild GVHD of lungs and eyes. Movlid is receiving local therapy as inhalations and drops. Movlid and his mom will be going back to Dagestan in a few days and will be expected back in 3 months.

18.05.2017 Veronika Nikulina is monitored as a day patient at the Gorbacheva Institute. She once again had elevated antibodies due to myasthenia but MabThera treatment lead to a small improvement.

18.05.2017 Maxim Matytsin had his fourth chemo. This time he felt very sick and it took him a long time to recover. His blood counts started going up only a couple of weeks ago. His appetite also came back lately. Overall, Maxim is feeling rather well. He is finishing his first year at the university and is now studying for the finals.

12.05.2017 Yesterday Vadim Antipov had his second immunoglobulin injection. Since the beginning of this treatment in April he has not had a single cold. He did not even catch the strep throat his child had. Vadim is continuing treatment for his lung GVHD. The doctors will consider Jakavi therapy after Vadim has a CT scan and sees a pulmonologist.

04.05.2017 Igor Simonov is still at the hospital No. 31. Unfortunately, his lower body was paralyzed, so he has to stay in bed. Examination is ongoing. Igor is receiving combination therapy to improve his blood circulation. Suspected osteomyelitis (inflammation of bone tissue) is being investigated.

17.04.2017 Vadim Antipov is still at home. Thanks to immunosuppressive drugs he feels better than previously. He has less cough, but the shortness of breath persists. Vadim continues to breathe in oxygen, do inhalations and take immunosuppressive and antifungal drugs.

17.04.2017 Oksana Nosik has died.

13.04.2017 Veronika Nikulina is continuing photopheresis. She already finished 12 sessions. Veronika's myasthenic syndrome had subsided in regards to mobility, but her facial expression remains somewhat altered.

02.04.2017 German Efimov's therapy continues according to the same treatment regimen: immunosuppressant Rapamune and platelet-booster Nplate. German feels rather well. Recent Nplate injection improved his blood count. Gera spends his time mostly at home, studying under the school curriculum, reading and playing.

31.03.2017 Between the cycles of chemotherapy, Maxim Matycin was able to recover and he feels better. His blood counts went up and the stomatitis got resolved. Based on control tests, there were no new metastases. Maxim is starting another chemotherapy cycle as an outpatient.

27.03.2017 Misha Nikitin is currently at home in Tikhvin. He feels well and has no GVHD symptoms. He will be graduating from high school this year and he is studying for the exams. In summer he plans to apply for college in St. Petersburg. He is not yet sure about his specialty, but it will likely be something in science.

26.03.2017 Maxim Indik finished the last session of radiation therapy on March 16th. His blood counts had dropped and have not started to regrow yet, but he does not need blood transfusions. His liver enzymes increased as well. Maxim feels rather well.

20.03.2017 Misha Berezyuk had 180th day post-transplant biopsy that confirmed remission. Recent inactivation of skin GVHD was quickly taken under control. Misha is still at home in Gatchina and feels well and energetic.

17.03.2017 Vadim Antipov is currently living at home. Recently he caught a virus which makes him run out of breath very fast. He can barely walk. The doctors suspect lung GVHD, and for now Vadim is on oxygen and is doing regular inhalations. He is also scheduled for immunoglobulin therapy.

17.03.2017 Andrei Sharoglazov's control puncture showed complete remission and 90-97% bone marrow engraftment. The doctors are planning to let him and his mom go home to Krasnoyarsk region until September. Andrei is feeling well.

16.03.2017 Veronika Nikulina is being seen as a day patient and she continues photopheresis therapy once every 2 weeks. Myasthenic syndrome has subsided thanks to therapy. Veronika feels rather well.

14.03.2017 Maxim Matytsin has been in complete remission for five years, but two years ago the doctors diagnosed a relapse. The young man underwent several operations for removal of pulmonary and bronchi metastases, as well as radiation therapy. At present Maxim is under the care of doctors from the day patient facility of Gorbacheva Institute.

14.03.2017 Igor Simonov is undergoing evaluation at 31st Municipal hospital. He had suspected chronic GVHD of his eyes and nose. In addition, CT scan showed a lesion in thoracic spine, the nature of which is being investigated. Igor cannot walk due to pains in his thigh and has to use a wheelchair.

04.03.2017 German Efimov is continuing therapy with immunosuppressive drug Rapamune and injections of Nplate every 2-3 weeks. He is provided with Nplate by Dmitry Malikov Foundation. The testing at Gorbacheva Institute was moved to March. Gera is currently undergoing specialist evaluation for his disability application.

27.02.2017 Misha Nikitin came to St. Petersburg for planned evaluation. The breathing tests showed significant improvement with pulmonary function. It was decided to increase Jakavi dose. Misha feels very well. Once he graduates from high school next summer, he plans to move to St. Petersburg with his mom.

27.02.2017 Anya Lomonosova has been undergoing evaluation in St. Petersburg. She is doing well, except for mild GVHD of eyes. Her skin and mouth are unaffected. CT scan showed spots in her lungs. Additional tests are being done to determine their nature.

27.02.2017 Misha Berezyuk remains at home in Gatchina, and he comes for tests in St. Petersburg once a week. The tests continue to show residual GVHD, and Misha stays on immunosuppressive drugs. Misha plays with clay, draws, plays with his sister and goes out for sledding - a very active lifestyle, overall.

11.02.2017 Due to another recent viral infection, Vadim Antipov's last round of Roncoleukin treatment had to be postponed. He received immunoglobulin treatments to improve his immune system. Hes feeling better now. His skin is in a stable condition. GVHD only manifests through dry skin.

11.02.2017 Veronika Nikulina was recently catheterized and is receiving photopheresis treatments and Mabthera injections. Her myasthenic syndrome is less pronounced. The cold is gone. Veronika is feeling rather well and is studying.

11.02.2017 Maxim Indik has been undergoing radiation treatments in St. Petersburg since early February; he has a total of 30 rounds scheduled. His blood counts are slightly low but generally within the normal range. Maxim feels well.

30.01.2017 Misha Nikitin is still at home in Tikhvin. He studies and feels well. Misha continues having skin GVHD symptoms and stays on Rapamune and Jakavi therapy. He will need to travel to St. Petersburg for an evaluation in February.

28.01.2017 Arina Baboshina is still seen at the day hospital; once a week she goes for blood tests - the results are stable. She feels well and doesn't get sick. Arina is now with her dad, and they go for walks and study with a tutor to get ready for school.

27.01.2017 German Efimov continues to receive the Nplate therapy (injection every two to three weeks) and Rapamune. He feels rather well. German enjoys his studies under the school curriculum. In the near future, Gera will go for an evaluation at Gorbacheva Institute.

27.01.2017 Misha Berezyuk is still at home in Gatchina. Twice a week he travels with his mom to St. Petersburg for tests. The main blood counts are now normal, and GVHD has been dormant. However, the tests show high eosinophil count, which indicates presence of GVHD. Misha feels rather well, he plays with clay and enjoys his younger sister's company.

25.01.2017 Anya Lomonosova feels well and she will soon travel to St. Petersburg for evaluation and medications. Her skin condition is stable, and she has no symptoms of mouth GVHD.

25.01.2017 Ira Grushevskaya has died.

18.01.2017 Maxim Indik completed two cycles of chemotherapy and he is monitored as a day patient. His leukocyte count is increasing. Liver enzymes are somewhat elevated. Starting next week, once blood counts recover, the doctors plan to start radiation therapy.

14.01.2017 Veronika Nikulina is monitored as a day patient. She still shows signs of myasthenic syndrome. Overall, she is feeling better and started walking more independently.

14.01.2017 Igor Simonov's bursal abscesses are now gone but because of the osteoporosis the doctors had to remove the metal vertebra implanted last summer at the Vreden institute. Igor was discharged on December 30. He is still at home and is feeling better. He remains on bed rest.

10.01.2017 Prior to the New Year, Vadim Antipov had flu, but he feels much better now. The last course of Roncoleukin for GVHD treatment was postponed due to his illness, and the treatment will be resumed shortly. Vadim does not have a noticeable improvement in his skin condition yet. The doctors believe it will take several months for effect to become pronounced.

08.01.2017 Ekaterina Polyubina has died.

27.12.2016 A repeat puncture proved that Misha Berezyuk was in remission and that donor bone marrow was engrafting well. His blood counts were a bit lower and unstable, but they did not drop considerably. GVHD did not manifest itself any more. At present Misha is at home in Gatchina. He is looking forward to the upcoming holidays, because he loves them very much.

27.12.2016 Misha Nikitin is at home in Tikhvin. He is monitored by the doctors from the local hospital. His blood counts are within normal limits. Misha feels rather well, although skin GVHD persists. He will celebrate the New Year with his family - his mother, grandmother, grandfather, uncle and aunt.

23.12.2016 Anna Lomonosova is at home in Saratov city. She doesn't have any GVHD of the skin. The GVHD of her mouth has improved. The condition of her eyes is gradually returning to normal. In late January - early February Anna will go to St. Petersburg for the evaluation.

21.12.2016 Arina Baboshina is seen at day hospital and she feels well. The doctors were ready to let her go home for the holidays, but Arina's mother and Arina decided to stay in St. Petersburg for control of immunosuppressive drug dose in the blood. Arina is preparing for the New Year's eve - she is going to decorate the Christmas tree and tries to decide what would she like as a Christmas present.

14.12.2016 Unfortunately, Ekaterina Polyubina has not been able to achieve remission. She is now on pause from chemotherapy so that she has a chance to recover. Her blood counts are low, except hemoglobin that's at lower normal limit.

09.12.2016 Maxim Indik finished the first chemotherapy cycle. His blood counts have dropped. He will have the second cycle followed by evaluation, results of which will help determine further treatment. Maxim feels rather well and goes out for walks.

07.12.2016 Nikita Grischenko has died.

06.12.2016 Vadim Antipov is undergoing therapy with Roncoleukin in his local outpatient facility. This is the fifth week of the treatment, which is planned to be finished by the end of December. There are no visible changes of skin condition as yet. Vadim feels fine.

06.12.2016 Recently Misha Berezyuk's blood counts had dropped. His doctors did not rule out the possibility that blood count drop was caused by hormones that Misha took to control GVHD. His skin GVHD manifests itself only slightly currently, so hormones were canceled. Misha feels quite well. He is in remission.

04.12.2016 Sonia Egorycheva remains at home, in Pskov, and is feeling well. She's very excited to do school coursework with a teacher and loves singing and dancing. Every ten days, the girl and her mother travel to St. Petersburg, where Sonia undergoes tests - the results are within norm. Sonia's Certican medication was covered by her local health administration.

01.12.2016 Andrei Sharoglazov arrived to St. Petersburg for a check-up. The puncture showed that he remains in remission, but the level of bone marrow engraftment remains somewhat low. As a result, the treating team decided to do another infusion of donor lymphocytes. If everything goes well, Andrei and his mom will be allowed to go home, to Krasnoyarsk Region, next week.

29.11.2016 In November Misha Nikitin came to St. Petersburg for another checkup. The results were good: he is still in remission and his lungs are functioning well. He still shows signs of skin GVHD.

29.11.2016 Unfortunately, Ekaterina Polyubina did not reach remission. She recently had another chemotherapy cycle and does not feel very well. Once Ekaterina is in remission, she will have a bone marrow transplant from her sister.

28.11.2016 About two weeks ago Veronika Nikulina was hospitalized at Gorbacheva Institute due to acute myasthenic syndrome that obstructed her breathing. She is receiving necessary treatment.

26.11.2016 Arina Baboshina is seen as a day patient. She recently had a viral infection, but she feels OK now except for a bit of a runny nose. Arina studies with a tutor, goes for walks with her mom, and watches cartoons on her tablet with her mom's permission. She continues taking anti-fungal medication.

25.11.2016 Anya Lomonosova is at home. She is continuing to take Jakavi, Tacrolimus and Glivec. Her eyes are gradually improving. She does not have skin GVHD. The next evaluation is scheduled for January - February.

23.11.2016 On October 29th Maxim Indik came to St. Petersburg for evaluation: it has been 3 years since bone marrow transplant. Based on biopsy results, he remains in complete remission. Unfortunately, Maxim was found to have a lesion on his right leg. Based on histology testing, he was diagnosed with sarcoma.

22.11.2016 Based on Gera Efimov's puncture results, donor's bone marrow engraftment is normal, but cell count has gone down. Nplate injections every 3 weeks allow maintaining platelet count at acceptable level. Gera feels rather well and continues studuing under 2nd grade curriculum.

13.11.2016 Misha Berezyuk is currently living at home, in Gatchina. His parents bring him 2-3 times a week to the Gorbacheva institute in St.-Petersburg for tests. His blood counts are good. Next week he will have a control puncture. Misha is feeling fine, although sometimes he gets a mild fever. His skin GVHD is getting worse; the doctors have prescribed hormonal therapy.

12.11.2016 Igor Simonov needs an emergency left hip replacement surgery. The total cost of the replacement hip and the procedure is 251,350 roubles. We need your help!

12.11.2016 Movlid Tutuev is undergoing his second cycle of Vidaza-based preventive treatment. He is tolerating it well. The doctors promised to let Movlid and his mom go home for a couple of month after the completion of the therapy. After they return in January Movlid will have a control puncture and the doctors will then decide whether he needs further treatment.

07.11.2016 Veronika Nikulina is seen as an outpatient of Gorbacheva Institute. The girl feels better, myasthenic syndrome had subsided. Cold has passed. Veronika is receiving appropriate treatment.

04.11.2016 Sonia Egorycheva travels to St. Petersburg for testing twice a month, and the last test included ultrasound and x-ray as well - the results were normal. Possibility of a trip to Moscow will be decided after the November holidays. Sonia is now at her home in Pskov. She feels well and is an eager learner.

04.11.2016 Vadim Antipov is at home and feels rather well. He is in remission. Cutaneous GVHD is manifested moderately and there are no flair ups, however, it has not improved much. It was decided that several courses of treatment by Ronkoleukin should be offered. Therapy is planned to start next week.

31.10.2016 It has been six months since Arina Baboshina underwent related bone marrow transplantation. Last week she had a control biopsy that showed no signs of disease. Donor's bone marrow engrafted and functions well. Recently Arina had a viral infection, but she is feeling OK now.

27.10.2016 Olga Shmygleva had an examination in St. Petersburg in October. The primary disease remains in remission. However, the transplantation affected her kidneys and comprehensive treatment is required.

26.10.2016 Anya Lomonosova's skin GVHD has almost disappeared, while mucosa GVHD persists. Anya feels well. The next examination in St. Petersburg is scheduled for November.

26.10.2016 Misha Nikitin is at home in Tikhvin. He feels rather well and continues to study. Misha plans to come for an examination in St. Petersburg on November 15th. Misha will likely continue to take Rapamune and Jakavi for treatment of GVHD.

21.10.2016 Control biopsy showed that Movlid Tutuev is in complete remission. However, due to a high risk of relapse, the medical team decided to administer two rounds of maintenance chemotherapy with Vidaza. The boy has already completed the first round. Movlid is now seen as a day patient and he feels rather well.

20.10.2016 Misha Berezyuk has recovered after the bone marrow transplant and was discharged to the outpatient clinic today. The blast levels are within norm, though the signs of the disease are still at detectable levels. The bone marrow engraftment is proceeding well, and Misha's blood counts are within norm. He is feeling fairly well and is active.

18.10.2016 German Efimov is still taking Nplate as necessary, and he does not need platelet transfusions. His further treatment will be discussed at a consult with Moscow experts. He is feeling fine and enjoys his classes with his tutor.

18.10.2016 About a month ago Veronika Nikulina developed muscle weakness; she struggled to eat and to walk. After examination, the doctors diagnosed her with myasthenic syndrome and prescribed appropriate treatment. She is feeling somewhat better.

13.10.2016 Albina Ibragimova is doing well: September's evaluation showed that she remains in remission and donor's bone marrow functions well. She feels rather well, but gets colds easily. Albina already returned home to Kumertau. The next trip to St. Petersburg for a checkup is scheduled for early March.

06.10.2016 Arisha Baboshina is seen as a day patient. She receives antibiotic therapy due to an intestinal infection, which has been mostly taken under control. Her blood counts are good, and a control biopsy was scheduled for the second half of October. Arina feels rather well and studies with a tutor to get ready for school.

30.09.2016 Misha Berezyuk is recovering after bone marrow transplantation that took place on September 16. His blood counts are low. The last few days he had persistent fever. Overall, Misha is tolerating recovery well, but his appetite is affected by mucositis and he was recently prescribed special nutrition.

28.09.2016 Ekaterina Polyubina's checkup at the Gorbacheva Institute has been re-scheduled to October 10. On October 8 Katya will fly to St. Petersburg. Her blood counts continue dropping. As a result she got a nasty cold with cough, sore throat and runny nose. She also has liver pains, although her liver function tests are normal. The doctors have suspended her Mercaptopurine treatment until she recovers from her cold.

28.09.2016 Sergei Nevzorov had a checkup in St. Petersburg. The puncture confirmed that he is in remission. He still has GVHD of skin and mucosa, but it is improving with Jakavi.

27.09.2016 Misha Nikitin's blood counts are normal, and skin GVHD is moderate. Misha was recommended to continue the same medications (Jakavi and Rapamune). Misha turned 18 on September 21st, and he will transfer to Adult unit at the hospital.

26.09.2016 It has been 6 years since Milana Kuzhenova's bone marrow transplant. She came to St.Petersburg for a checkup which confirmed remission. She still has scleroderma as well as joint stiffness because of her skin GVHD.

26.09.2016 Movlid Tutuev with his mom and his brother, who will be his donor, have come to St. Petersburg. Donor's lymphocyte infusion will be done after biopsy results are ready. At home Movlid developed cough again. He sees a pulmonologist and receives necessary therapy. Eye GVHD is practically gone.

19.09.2016 Anya Lomonosova came to St. Petersburg for evaluation a week ago. She is in remission in regards to primary diagnosis. GVHD of her skin and mouth is receding, but about 6 weeks ago she developed GVHD of her eyes.

16.09.2016 Ira Grushevskaya receives the same treatment as before along with hormonal therapy. Throat hoarseness remains, with respiratory function indicators unchanging. The visit to ENT doctor has been postponed and Ira is currently under the observation of a pulmonologist.

15.09.2016 Veronika Nikulina remains under observation at a day hospital. Biopsy results show that all is fine. Veronika's lymph nodes have swelled up and doctors are investigating the cause. Hepatic enzymes are at previous levels. Skin GVHD persists. Lung CT scans reveal insignificant changes which do not warrant a revision of the treatment plan. Veronika feels rather well.

13.09.2016 The test results showed that Katya Polyubina is in remission. She received donor's lymphocytes and went home to Cherepanovo on August 26. Recently, Katya's blood counts fell; she will undergo a biopsy at her local hospital tomorrow. She plans to come to Gorbacheva Institute on September 19.

12.09.2016 Sonia Egorycheva is still at home, in Pskov, but she travels twice a week to St. Petersburg for blood tests. She will also travel to Moscow in the near future for control tests and a consult with a transplantologist. Sonia is feeling well, is active and spends a lot of time playing. This year she started first grade at school.

12.09.2016 Misha Berezyuk is scheduled for a bone marrow transplant on September 16. Russian Aid Fund paid for the donor search in the international donor registry. Misha is already in the hospital, receiving pre-transplant chemotherapy; he is tolerating it reasonably well, though his appetite is low because of nausea.

08.09.2016 Sergei Nevzorov will arrive to St. Petersburg on September 12 for evaluation. His GVHD of skin and mouth has improved. However, he continues suffering from severe joint pain. He may need a joint replacement surgery soon.

07.09.2016 German Efimov spent almost entire time he was in Tyumen in the hospital: he developed several viral and bacterial infections at the same time. German overcame his infections by now, and he recently returned with his mom to St. Petersburg. Gera feels rather well, but he is upset to have missed the first day of school celebration.

03.09.2016 Arina Baboshina's donor bone marrow engraftment fluctuates between 90% and 97%, and she cannot go home yet. The doctors decided to monitor the dynamics. Her blood counts are within normal limits. She feels well, but she has not yet recovered fully after tonsillitis.

02.09.2016 Misha Nikitin's therapy with Jakavi and Rapamune produces good results; his skin GVHD is much less apparent. Next week he has to go to Gorbacheva Institute for an evaluation. At present he is at home in Tikhvin. Misha feels well and is very active. He spends a lot of time outdoors and makes plans for the future.

02.09.2016 The doctors let Movlid Tutuev go home to Dagestan for a month. On September 18 he will return to St. Petersburg with his brother, as doctors plan to harvest donor's lymphocytes. At home Movlid caught a flu; now he feels better, but coughing is still rather strong. However, this does not keep Movlid from playing with his friends.

31.08.2016 The results of Maria Shashkova's puncture from 100th day post-transplant are not yet ready, but judging from stable blood counts, bone marrow engrafted successfully and functions well. She is now at home in Ivangorod, and she feels well. She is able to work around the house and spend time with her kids.

28.08.2016 Misha Berezyuk received a new diagnosis of myelodysplastic syndrome (Misha remains in remission from leukemia). He received two cycles of therapy with Vidaza, but he also needs another bone marrow transplant for full recovery. It is being planned for the nearest future.

25.08.2016 Veronika Nikulina is seen as a day patient at Gorbacheva Institute. Her liver enzymes are still elevated, but are no longer increasing. She still has skin GVHD, especially on her feet, and it causes a lot of pain for Veronika. She may be referred for photopheresis.

17.08.2016 Katya Polyubina is receiving anti-relapse chemotherapy and will soon have donor's lymphocyte infusion. Katya does not feel very well due to fatigue, headaches and nausea.

12.08.2016 Sergei Nevzorov came to St. Petersburg, and on July 28 he returned home, to the Vologda region. His blood counts are normal, and GVHD of mucosas is almost gone. Sergei feels well, but his legs still hurt.

11.08.2016 Anna Lomonosova is at home, in Saratov. The GVHD of mucosas is getting better with the treatment. Anna takes Jakafi and Tacrolimus, as well as anti-viral medications. She feels well.

11.08.2016 Ira Grushevskaya continues to receive the same treatment. However, her voice recently turned hoarse, and the doctor increased the dosage of hormonal medication and prescribed more frequent inhalation with Pulmicort. Ira's kidneys continue to hurt. Otherwise Ira feels rather well.

09.08.2016 Movlid Tutuev finally had a control puncture that confirmed remission and complete engraftment of the donor's bone marrow. No evidence of minimal residual disease was found. However, there is a high risk of CNS leukemia, so this week he was scheduled for a sternal puncture with simultaneous introduction of the chemotherapeutic agents.

09.08.2016 In July Arina Baboshina was hospitalized at Gorbacheva Institute with a sore throat, accompanied by high fever. She spent two weeks in the hospital, and now she is back to the treatment at the day clinic. She did not have a biopsy on day 100 after bone marrow transplantation, but judging by the results of the previous one, donor's bone marrow engrafted and works well.

05.08.2016 German Efimov feels rather well and his skin GVHD symptoms have subsided, while his blood counts are pretty good thanks to Nplate therapy. His doctors decided to postpone Mabthera therapy and return to considering it in fall, after bone marrow biopsy. For now, Gera and his mom traveled home to Tyumen for monitoring by local hematologists.

04.08.2016 Sonia Egorycheva will undergo control testing in Saint-Petersburg and travel to Moscow only for ultrasound scans and transplant specialist consultations. All seems well for now with Sonia as she continues her course of treatment. Sonia is now at home in Pskov, is recovering quickly and feels alright. The young girl has boundless energy and wants all that is interesting. Her mother has not seen her like this for a long time.

04.08.2016 Misha Nikitin has is at home in Tikhvin under the observation of local specialists and is continuing his GVHD treatment with Jakafi and Rapamune. His skin has improved - it has softened. He is due to be hospitalised for his checkup at the Gorbacheva Institute on 8 September. Misha feels well. He is very active, and cycles and takes walks daily.

04.08.2016 Maria Shashkova's leukemia has remained in complete remission and the donated bone marrow has taken and is working successfully. As before, Maria remains under the observation of Leningrad Oblast Clinical Hospital. She is steadily regaining her strength with each passing day. She spends most of her time at the dacha taking walks and taking in the fresh air.

03.08.2016 Veronika Nikulina continues her treatment. Her blood counts are good, but her liver function tests remain elevated. She also has pain in her stomach and her legs. Veronika gets tired very fast, with some days better than others.

03.08.2016 Oksana Nosik is at home. Her next appointment with the cardiologist in Moscow is scheduled for late August. After that she may have another appointment in St. Petersburg that will determine her further treatment. In general Oksana is feeling fine, although her knees bother her.

27.07.2016 Andrei Sharoglazov remains in complete remission from leukemia, although after the first infusion of donor's lymphocytes the percentage of bone marrow engraftment stayed the same. On July 18th be received another infusion of a larger dose of lymphocytes. The plan is for Andrei to be released to follow up by hematologists in Krasnoyarsk until November. Andrei feels well.

12.07.2016 Sergei Nevzorov will arrive to St. Petersburg on July 19 for examination. His blood counts and liver enzymes are normal, however, GVHD of mucous tissues still manifests itself. Sergei suffers from joint pain, caused by necrosis of the femoral heads. In general, he feels fairly well.

11.07.2016 Arina Baboshina's blood counts are normal, only platelets still run low. In late July, on 100th day after bone marrow transplantation, she will do control spinal tap. She has no signs of GVHD.

06.07.2016 Movlid Tutuev is still waiting for control puncture, as it took longer than expected to apply for a quota. He is seen at Gorbacheva Institute. His blood counts are good and he feels well. Movlid does not have skin GVHD symptoms at the moment, but 2-3 weeks ago he had a flare up of eye GVHD, which is being treated.

04.07.2016 Recently Anya Lomonosova traveled to St. Petersburg for evaluation. She is in complete remission in regards to her primary diagnosis, and her blood counts are normal. During an unintended interruption in Jakavi intake, her GVHD of mouth worsened, but as soon as she restarted therapy, her condition improved.

30.06.2016 Unfortunately, in April Ekaterina Polyubina's leukemia relapsed. At the end of April Ekaterina came to R. Gorbacheva Institute for a course of chemotherapy and infusion of donor's lymphocytes. She had since been allowed to go home to Novosibirsk region. As soon as Ekaterina's blood counts are back to the normal limits, she will return to St. Petersburg for another injection of donor's lymphocytes.

30.06.2016 Last week Sonia Egorycheva was discharged from the hospital and she is now at home in Pskov. Once a month she has to come to Moscow for a transplant specialist examination. Sonia feels well and she is much more active then before.

29.06.2016 Misha Nikitin continues GVHD treatment. His skin condition improved, while his joints, after scleroderma, do not function properly yet, but Misha continues to work on them and already can walk (even run!) unassisted. Misha is now at home in Tikhvin. In the middle of July he will have an appointment with a specialist of R. Gorbacheva Institute.

29.06.2016 Maria Shashkova is seen by doctors from the day patient facility of Leningrad Regional Clinical Hospital. She has her blood samples taken twice a week - her blood counts are growing slowly. She is in remission. The donor bone marrow engrafted and functions properly. Overall Maria feels well, although she still experiences weakness and has a febrile fever from time to time.

23.06.2016 Arina Baboshina has been under observation on an outpatient basis for the last two weeks. Her blood counts are not yet within the norm, but keep growing slowly and steadily. She doesn't have any symptoms of GVHD or infections. Arina takes walks, draws, and is feeling OK overall - about the same as before the transplant.

22.06.2016 June's lumbar puncture confirmed Anton Gasnikov's remission; the next evaluation is scheduled for August. Until then Anton will continue maintenance treatments with Sprycel and lumbar punctures to prevent CNS leukemia. The boy is feeling fine.

22.06.2016 Veronika Nikulina's intestinal and skin GVHD stabilized, as have her liver enzymes. Her hemoglobin has gone down, while her leucocyte count is increasing, though is has not yet reached the norm.

21.06.2016 The doctors decided to administer German Efimov another round of Mabthera. For now, the boy continues the therapy according to the same schedule: Nplate injections every three weeks. German reads voraciously, studies multiplication tables, and continues English lessons with a volunteer. Overall, German's mood is good, though he often feels sluggish because of his low hemoglobin levels.

14.06.2016 On June 17th Sergei Nevzorov will be discharged from the hospital for a month. He is in remission, the bone marrow transplant was successful and is working. Blood counts are normal; liver enzymes are approaching normal levels.

14.06.2016 Oksana Nosik spent two months in Ukraine to take care of personal matters; she is now back home in Moscow region. She is scheduled to undergo evaluation as well as see a hematologist and a cardiologist in Moscow at the end of June. Oksana is feeling well.

14.06.2016 Ira Grushevskaya suffers from kidney pains and sinus infection. She is receiving appropriate therapy. Her blood counts are normal, except for elevated leukocytes.

10.06.2016 The five year post-transplant exam confirmed that Elena Plis remains in remission.

10.06.2016 Movlid Tutuev is still monitored at the Gorbacheva institute. He is feeling well and remains active and cheerful. His blood counts are normal and he currently shows no signs of GVHD. The control puncture is scheduled for late June.

08.06.2016 Sonia Egorycheva has recovered after the kidney transplant. Her catheter has been taken out. Her creatinine levels are lower and she is now feeling better. Sonia has much more energy now: she wants to stay active and run around. She really wants to go home and if all goes well the doctors promise to discharge her soon.

01.06.2016 Veronika Nikulina continues to be seen as a day patient. Unfortunately, her skin GVHD worsened and she was prescribed appropriate therapy. Veronika's blood counts are normal, except for elevated leukocytes and liver enzymes. Intestinal GVHD had mostly subsided thanks to Jakavi therapy. Overall, Veronika feels rather well.

18.05.2016 Two years ago Misha Nikitin had a skin GVHD flare-up. In just a month, it transitioned to a severe type, and Misha lost a lot of weight, could no longer walk and had to start using wheelchair. Since then he has been treated with photopheresis and immunosuppressant Jakavi. His condition is gradually improving.

17.05.2016 Anya Lomonosova is now at home in Saratov. She was prescribed Jakavi as a treatment for severe GVHD of mucosa. She is already showing improvement after the first cycle. Anya is feeling fine. She is in remission (she had a control puncture in March) and her blood counts are normal.

17.05.2016 April puncture showed that Movlid Tutuev has no minimal residual disease. He has no signs of skin GVHD and his bacterial infection is getting better. Movlid is feeling fine but still has no appetite. He continues his lessons with his tutor and sometimes goes outside with his mom.

16.05.2016 Finally, a decision was made to proceed with Sonia Egorycheva's kidney transplant. Tomorrow Sonia and her mom will go to Shumakov Center in Moscow. It should take about a week to prepare for transplantation. Sonia feels rather well, but she is a bit apprehensive about impending transplantation.

12.05.2016 Today is Arina Baboshina's 23rd post-transplant day. Her blood counts started to increase, but she still needs platelet transfusions. During recovery, Arina lost a bit of weight, but overall she feels OK, and today she was allowed to go outside for the first time.

10.05.2016 Veronika Nikulina continues taking Jakavi and Montelar, with the latter medication dose being reduced due to improvement in her lung condition. Although skin and intestinal GVHD symptoms remain, they are much less pronounced.

05.05.2016 Unfortunately, Nikita Grischenko's leukemia is advancing. The boy has returned home to Krasnodar Region for palliative care. At the moment Nikita is at home; he receives supportive therapy in pills and is feeling satisfactorily.

29.04.2016 Sonia Egorycheva is at Children's Hospital #1. She's waiting for an isolation room to free up at the Shumakov Federal Transplantation Center in Moscow, to receive a kidney transplant from her mother. This is likely to happen in mid-May. Sonia is feeling rather well.

29.04.2016 German Efimov is still seen as a day patient and about every two weeks he receives Nplate to raise his platelets. Lately, his skin GVHD worsened, and change of therapy is planned. Gera continues following school curriculum. When the weather is good, Gera and his mom go out for walks.

28.04.2016 A donor for Maria Shashkova was found. She is now seen at Leningrad Regional Oncology hospital. She remains in remission, and her counts stay normal with help of colony-stimulating factors. After the May holidays she is scheduled to be hospitalized at Gorbacheva Institute. The preliminary date for transplantation was set for May 25th.

28.04.2016 Sergei Nevzorov is in remission, and donor's bone marrow works well. The blood test is fine, except hemoglobin is a little bit low. Sergei still has a problem with GVHD of the skin, mucosa and liver. Despite complications, Sergei is in a good mood. Thanks to treatment he began to feel better.

28.04.2016 Irina Grushevskaya with his mother returned to St. Petersburg in April. Lung examination showed the improvement, and hormonal threatment is gradually being phased out. However, Pulmicort inhalations should be continued until the end of summer. Ira feels well, she continues her studies according to the school program.

25.04.2016 Glasha Kirillova is doing OK and she feels well. She is in complete remission. Glafira is already 4 years 3 months old. She grew up and changed quite a bit: she became active, talkative and curious. Most of the time she is at home with her mom, but she loves to go for walks and ride a bike in the park.

22.04.2016 Galina Kazakovtseva had a medical exam which showed that she was partially responding to the chemo. For the next two months she will be taking Revlimid and low doses of hormones. Galina is now at home. She has a bad cold and is not feeling that great, although she started getting a bit better lately.

21.04.2016 On April 19 Arina Baboshina had a bone marrow transplant from her brother. Yesterday Artem was discharged, while Arina is facing a long recovery period. After the chemo Arina lost her appetite. She is fussy and very picky, but otherwise feels rather well.

19.04.2016 Movlid Tutuev is now in St. Petersburg. He is in remission, and a test result for minimal residual disease is not yet ready. Movlid is seen as a day patient and he feels satisfactorily. He still has skin GVHD and recently he lost appetite and was also diagnosed with a bacterial infection. He is receiving appropriate therapy.

18.04.2016 Galina Gavrilova tore a ligament on my leg, then she had a blood clot removed, which led to her stay in intensive care with pneumonia. After a discharge, Galina again pulled a hand ligament. She suffers from unavailability of free medications, even under a federal program, and needs help.

15.04.2016 Arthur Matveev remains in remission. His blood counts are normal, with the exception of unstable hemoglobin levels - a reaction to hormone therapy. He is now at home and feels great.

15.04.2016 Veronika Nikulina's condition is improving with Jakafi treatments; she has fewer signs of scleroderma. She continues to have minor gastrointestinal and skin GVHD. Veronika is feeling rather well.

14.04.2016 Natalia Alexakhina has died.

01.04.2016 Arina Baboshina and her brother Artem are being evaluated before related bone marrow transplant. Most likely, Arina will be hospitalized at Gorbacheva Institute already next week for pretransplant chemotherapy. Both Arina and Artem feel well.

31.03.2016 Gera Efimov is undergoing control tests in Gorbacheva Institute. The puncture showed a good functioning of bone marrow. All the lineages are present and functioning. Gera's platelets, however, are still unstable and they have to be maintained with Nplate injections. Gera is seen at the day hospital; he feels quite well.

30.03.2016 Ira Grushevskaya is in Khabarovsk region. At the end of the week she will fly back to St. Petersburg. The genetic test results will be in by then; they will help the doctors to verify the diagnosis and to determine the treatment strategy. Ira feels rather well overall.

28.03.2016 Maria Shashkova is in remission. She receives weekly maintenance chemotherapy at the regional hospital. Maria feels rather well.

27.03.2016 Galina Zhikhareva continues receiving maintenance therapy. She is in remission and her blood counts are good. Although Galina complains of dizziness, nausea and fatigue during therapy, she feels OK overall. Also, she had an addition in her family: on March 6th her son had a daughter!

25.03.2016 Today is Movlid Tutuev's birthday. He is turning 8. To his great joy he celebrates it with his family in Dagestan. His doctors let him go home for two weeks. In the beginning of April he will have to return to St. Petersburg. Movlid is in complete remission of the disease. Skin GVHD still appears, but it is possible to keep it under control.

24.03.2016 Veronika Nikulina continues taking Jakavi. She still has residual intestinal GVHD. Unfortunately, she developed scleroderma, a complication that makes it difficult to move her arms. Veronika is receiving appropriate therapy. In March she will have control tests.

24.03.2016 March examination confirmed Andrei Sharoglazov's complete remission; however, donor's bone marrow engraftment rate decreased to 90-95%, and it was decided to perform donor's lymphocyte infusion. Tomorrow Andrei with his mother will go back to the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Andrei feels great; he is active, runs and plays.

22.03.2016 Galina Kazakovtseva recovered from complications. Tomorrow she plans to see her treating doctor regarding the need to continue chemotherapy. Galina is now at home and she feels OK, except for bone aches. She is not taking antifungal medications at this time.

22.03.2016 AdVita Foundation initiated fund-raising for the treatment of Maria Shashkova.

16.03.2016 Unfortunately, Nikita Grischenko had another relapse of CNS leukemia. Nikita is receiving triplets of intensive chemotherapy 2-3 times a week. Once his cerebrospinal fluid clears of cancer cells, he is planned to receive an injection of donor's lymphocytes. He feels OK overall, except for lost appetite due to therapy and periodic mood swings.

14.03.2016 It was decided to switch Sonia Egorycheva to hemodialysis and raise the kidney transplantation question again. Sonia and her mother came for treatment to the Childrens City Hospital #1 in St. Petersburg, since this treatment is not available in Pskov. They need to rent an accommodation next to the hospital. The Shumakov Center in Moscow is prepared to do the kidney transplantation from Sonia's mother. They are working on scheduling the date for the transplantation.

14.03.2016 Anton Gasnikov is continuing the same treatment regiment as before: elevated doses of Sprycel and a lumbar puncture with chemotherapy injections once every 2 weeks. Recently he is not taking the treatments well due to the toxicity of the drugs. A control puncture is planned for tomorrow - it may help understanding whether the chromosomal damage has been corrected.

10.03.2016 Due to viral infection, Arina Baboshina's bone marrow transplant from her little brother was postponed. She recently recovered and had a pre-transplant evaluation, but then came down with another virus. Once the virus is cleared, she will be ready for the transplant. Arina feels fine.

10.03.2016 Unfortunately, Natalia Alexakhina once again suffered extramedullary relapse of leukemia. She has been admitted to the Leningrad Clinical Regional Hospital and will be starting chemo next week. She feels unwell and stays in bed.

09.03.2016 Oksana Nosik is still residing in Moscow suburbs. She feels quite well and sees the specialists in Moscow (a hematologist and a cardiologist), and continues to take Volibris for pulmonary hypertension. She is looking for a job in her home town, but has not had much luck yet.

03.03.2016 Gera Efimov is still seen as an outpatient and once a week he receives Nplate injections. He will soon have complete evaluation. Skin GVHD still manifests itself, becoming more acute when German's blood counts drop. He feels rather well, but lately it has been difficult to talk him into visiting the hospital for procedures.

03.03.2016 Mikhail Fufaev has died.

02.03.2016 Maria Kutsenkova has died.

29.02.2016 Due to Influenza quarantine at Gorbacheva Institute, Irina Grushevskaya's lungs have not been examined for a long time, however, judging by how she feels there is no indication of any health decline. She feels well and continues studies with tutors who come to her home.

29.02.2016 Following the resumption of therapy with Jakavi, manifestations of intestinal GVHD have decreased and Veronika Nikulina's temperature also has went down. She is observed as an outpatient of the hospital and feels rather well overall. However, she does not have much energy and gets very tired after visits to the hospital.

24.02.2016 Movlid Tutuev is in remission; donor's bone marrow has engrafted and is functioning well. Signs of the skin graft-versus-host disease had recently intensified and hormones have again been prescribed. Recently Movlid was hospitalized in the clinic with a severe nausea caused by an intoxication. He feels much better now and will be discharged to the day hospital today.

24.02.2016 Galina Zhikhareva continues to receive maintenance therapy in tablets (she is now on the 4th cycle), and she feels better. Based on the results of January's puncture, Galina's remission for leukemia persists, her blood counts are good, and only the level of white blood cells is reduced due to therapy.

20.02.2016 The doctors postponed Galina Kazakovtseva's 10th round of chemotherapy due to flu quarantine. The round finally started on February 17, but had to be interrupted because Galina contracted a viral respiratory infection. At the moment Galina is at home; she is receiving anti-viral treatments and is not feeling very well.

20.02.2016 A week ago, Mikhail Fufaev was admitted to a local hospital due to a worsening liver GVHD. His leg pains also bother him. Mikhail is receiving supporting therapy, but is not feeling well overall.

19.02.2016 Unfortunately, the tests in December discovered that Nikita Grischenko had a relapse of CNS leukemia. In January he received a cycle of high-dose chemotherapy. He is now undergoing therapy with medications injected via lumbar puncture. He feels rather well.

10.02.2016 Masha Kutsenkova is at home in Abakan. She is not feeling very well at the moment. Unfortunately, her disease has progressed and her scleroderma symptoms persist. Masha is planning to travel to St. Petersburg at the end of the week for an examination and possible treatment.

08.02.2016 Unfortunately, Anton Gasnikov was diagnosed with CNS leukemia in December. The chromosomal abnormality (Philadelphia chromosome) has been detected once again. He is receiving chemotherapy through a lumbar puncture, as well as an increased dose of Sprycel. Anton is not feeling very well at the moment, but is continuing his studies with the help of his teachers.

05.02.2016 In March 2014 Arina Baboshina's brother Artem was born. He is a complete match for her as a donor. Artem is now almost 2, and the doctors from Gorbacheva Institute believe that his stem cells can now be harvested. Arina's bone marrow transplant from her brother is scheduled for February, and she is now being prepared for it.

30.01.2016 Oksana Nosik is still living near Moscow and sees the specialists in Moscow. She will visit a hematologist in the near future. She feels rather well overall and tries to stay positive. Oksana is looking for a part-time job.

29.01.2016 Arthur Matveev is seen at Gorbacheva Institute and he feels much better. The polyneuropathy is bothering him less and the pain in his legs has subsided. His appetite is better, as stomach graft versus host disease is under control and the doctors are gradually reducing the hormone medication dosage. Arthur is in remission. Donor's bone marrow had fully engrafted and works well.

28.01.2016 After Gera Efimov received three injections of Nplate, the platelet count began to grow and his nosebleeds have stopped. The doctors decided to stop this drug temporarily and watch the blood count. Gera feels rather well and studies the first grade curriculum.

25.01.2016 Movlid Tutuev is seen at a day patient facility; he feels well and is active and energetic. The leukemia is still in remission, and the donor's bone marrow is completely engrafted and working. Test results for minimal residual disease are not ready yet. Recently, Movlid had symptoms of acute cutaneous GVHD, but thanks to the hormonal therapy it was taken under control.

25.01.2016 A week ago, Galina Zhikhareva started the fourth cycle of maintenance chemotherapy in pills. She doesnt take treatment very well and complains of severe nausea and weakness. Today, she spent the day in bed. Results of the last puncture are not ready yet, but judging from the previous one, remission persists, and blood counts are within the normal range.

21.01.2016 Artem Vostrikov feels rather well. His blood counts are normal and he is in remission. In late January - early February he is planned to have an evaluation, the results of which will help determine whether he will need further maintenance therapy.

11.01.2016 In December, Irina Prikhodko came to St. Petersburg for the scheduled tests. She is in remission for leukemia. The condition of her joints is stable, and surgery is not in the plans for now. Irina is currently at home in Murmansk region, where she spent holidays with her family.

09.01.2016 Irina Gavrisheva has died.

25.12.2015 Oksana Nosik still lives near Moscow and visits a breast specialist and a cardiologist. Therapy with Volibris for pulmonary hypertension has had effect: Oksana feels better although she still has shortness of breath after exertion. She is saying hi and thanks to all her favorite doctors in St. Petersburg and everyone who follows her story and helps her with the words and deeds.

24.12.2015 Movlid Tutuev recovered after bone marrow transplant and was discharged for outpatient follow-up. His blood counts are normal, and as usual, Movlid is active, he jumps and runs around. Control puncture showed remission and complete engraftment of donor's bone marrow; however, there are minimal residual disease symptoms. CNS leukemia and a viral infection are also suspected. The decision regarding further treatment will be made after additional tests.

22.12.2015 Ira Grushevskaya's lung condition remains the same. Her doctors suppose that it is not due to GVHD but to a late onset of a rare congenital disorder - pulmonary diskeratosis. Clinical tests that allow to prove or disprove this are unavailable in Russia, therefore an examination abroad is planned. Ira continues photopheresis therapy for now.

22.12.2015 Veronika Nikulina is being seen as a day patient. She does not feel too well, as skin GVHD has flared up again, followed by systemic scleroderma involving arm joints. Veronika receives immunosuppressive therapy. She is in a good mood despite the complications. When she is not in pain, she is happy. She takes pleasure in studying and goes for walks sometimes.

22.12.2015 Galina Zhikhareva is in remission from leukemia. She currently receives maintenance chemotherapy in tablets and also needs to continue taking antifungal agents. Galina is at home now and feels rather well on the whole.

22.12.2015 Albina Ibragimova's examination testified to a remission and good donor bone marrow engraftment. Based on this, her doctors allowed her to go home to Bashkortostan. In mid-January, she is due to return to St. Petersburg for a check-up. Albina feels rather well.

06.12.2015 Levon Karagezyan has died.

24.11.2015 The doctors were able to get Arthur Matveev's GVHD under control. The last two weeks Arthur has been seen as a day patient. Lately he had lost 25 kg, and was prescribed special nutrition and pills to stimulate appetite. In addition, due to side effects of the medications he had hemorrhage in both eyes. His vision is improving gradually.

23.11.2015 Gera Efimov is continuing Nplate therapy. An injection is currently effective for about 3 weeks. He had recently had exacerbation of skin GVHD and immunosuppressive therapy dose was increased. German feels rather well and continues his studies at the 1st grade.

23.11.2015 Unfortunately, despite maintenance therapy with Vidaza, Movlid Tutuev had leukemia relapse. On November 16th he received bone marrow transplant from his partially matching brother.

19.11.2015 Veronika Nikulina remains in complete remission and donor's bone marrow engrafted well. The last three weeks she has been seen as a day patient and treated for catheter infection and mild intestinal GVHD. She feels relatively well and continues studying with a tutor.

19.11.2015 Galina Zhikhareva's blood counts have not yet recovered after the chemotherapy cycle that was completed a month ago. She feels OK overall, but still has weakness and shortness of breath. Further treatment is being discussed. Noxafil therapy has been paused.

17.11.2015 Oksana Nosik is under care of a cardiologist and hematologist in an outpatient clinic. She lives with her relatives in the Moscow region; she is feeling better now and not only moves without help inside her flat but also goes around the city. Oral maintenance chemotherapy has not been restarted yet: it is necessary to restore the heart function first. The treatment for pulmonary hypertension continues.

17.11.2015 Mikhail Fufaev is being examined at Leningrad Regional Clinical Hospital. Last few days he had fever and symptoms of reactivation of liver GvHD. In addition, ultrasound and CT scans have revealed a tumor in the left part of his abdomen. His next treatment depends on the biopsy results.

17.11.2015 Ira Grushevskaya is under care at the Gorbacheva Institute and is waiting for the next photophoresis treatment, which has been scheduled for the beginning of December. The girl receives oxygen and hormones, without getting any improvement in her lung activity.

16.11.2015 Albina Ibragimova's blood counts are good, though platelet count is slightly lower. Today she had control puncture and, if remission is confirmed, doctors promise to let her go home for a month, until the next evaluation. Albina feels well.

12.11.2015 Tema Vostrikov remains in remission from leukemia, but due to being in high risk group, from July 2014 to March 2015 he received maintenance therapy with Dacogen. Currently, this therapy is being considered again. Artem feels rather well, takes singing classes and enjoys going to the theater.

10.11.2015 Elena Vozhova has died.

08.11.2015 The last few months Misha Stepanov was receiving supporting therapy at Children's hospital No.1. During this time he was moved to ICU several times, but the doctors were able to stabilize him. Unfortunately, yesterday Misha's heart stopped and he was put on a ventilator. Today Misha passed away.

27.10.2015 Fortunately, Valera Afanasiev's suspected secondary lymphoma, was not confirmed. However, he was diagnosed with kyphosis and severe scoliosis during examination. He needs to wear a special back brace. At present Valera is at home in Krasnodar with his mother. He feels rather well and gets good and excellent grades in school.

26.10.2015 Masha Kutsenkova is now ay home in Abakan. Puncture results confirm remission, and a lesion in her brest has gotten somewhat smaller. She continues maintenance therapy recommended by Gorbacheva Institute specialists. Masha does not feel too well, as she still has fatigue, shortness of breath and skin GVHD.

26.10.2015 In the beginning of October Arthur Matveev was hospitalized at Gorbacheva Institute with acute stomach HVGD. Hormonal therapy helped to improve his condition. He started eating a bit, regained an appetite, and the nausea improved. Leukemia is in remission. The donor's bone marrow engrafted completely and functions properly.

26.10.2015 In the beginning of October Nadia Chernoknizhnaya's condition worsened again and she was diagnosed with a stroke. Now Nadia has to recover from the stroke and afterwards further treatment plan will be finalized. Nadias family is very grateful to all caring people, who feel concern for their child and who helped them in time of need.

22.10.2015 Dima Karpov has died.

20.10.2015 German Efimov is continuing maintenance therapy with Nplate. He receives injections every two weeks, depending on his platelet count. At this time, the medication is paid for by a corporate sponsor, Lenenergo. Gera feels well and goes to school.

19.10.2015 In May Galina Kazakovtseva's disease began progressing again, and she resumed chemotherapy with Velcade and Revlimid. To prevent a recurrence of fungal infection, she was prescribed Vfend. Galina has already finished six cycles of chemotherapy and control tests, and she is awaiting the results.

14.10.2015 Oksana Nosik is for now at the hospital in Moscow, but her condition had improved. Most likely, she will be discharged soon for outpatient follow-up. She is continuing to take medications for pulmonary hypertension.

12.10.2015 Unfortunately, following radiation therapy, Levon Karagezyan developed severe pulmonitis, and now must remain on constant oxygen therapy. To be discharged from the hospital, Levon urgently needs a stationary oxygen concentrator with an oxygen tank filling station. The set recommended by doctors costs around 300,000 rubles. Please help!

12.10.2015 Mikhail Fufaev felt fine until August: was leading an active lifestyle, and even started a new job. But two months ago his condition worsened. He is now undergoing photopheresis for liver GVHD at Gorbacheva Institute, and receiving treatment for neuropathy and trombophlebitis. His liver condition has improved, but Mikhail is not feeling so well at the moment and he has a hard time walking.

08.10.2015 Sasha Tkach is being seen as an outpatient at Children's hospital No.1. His blood counts are improving: hemoglobin count is already up to 143. The tests in September confirmed full engraftment and good functioning of donor's bone marrow. Sasha feels rather well, except for periodic fatigue. He has no GVHD or infection symptoms. Sasha goes for walks and studies at home.

05.10.2015 Natalia Alexakhina underwent three rounds of radiation therapy at Therapy & Diagnostics center. She is now at home where she is resting and recovering. She is feeling much better already: she can sit down and got her appetite back. Recent evaluation showed that the tumor in her cerebellum shrank to one third of previous size. Control tests (MRI and CT scan) are planned in two months.

30.09.2015 Tomorrow will be Albina Ibragimova's 100th day since bone marrow transplant, and control tests are planned. Albina is followed as an outpatient and she continues treatment for complications. Overall, she feels rather well, aside from residual weakness, but she tries to strengthen her muscles by exercises and walking.

22.09.2015 Arthur Matveev had recovered after bone marrow transplant and is now monitored at a day hospital. He feels much better. Control puncture showed remission and good bone marrow engraftment, while blood count is normal. Mild manifestations of skin GVHD are under control.

22.09.2015 Unfortunately, Natalia Alexakhina was diagnosed with extramedullary relapse of leukemia. Recently, she underwent radiation therapy at Diagnostic Treatment Center. Next she requires brain MRI and CT scan to evaluate response and continue with a second cycle of treatment. Natasha is now at home. She is still weak because of low blood pressure, but overall she feels better.

17.09.2015 In May Nikita Grischenko had a relapse of CNS leukemia. Thanks to a cycle of chemotherapy at Gorbacheva Institute, in June Nikita was able to reach remission. In July and August Nikita underwent radiation treatment in his hometown and now he is back in St. Petersburg for maintenance chemotherapy. Four treatment cycles are planned monthly. Nikita feels rather well.

17.09.2015 Galina Zhikhareva is in remission now. She recovered after the fourth cycle of chemotherapy, and feels well and vigorous; her blood count is good. At present Galina is undergoing maintenance chemotherapy with Cytosar at the day patient facility in Leningrad Regional Clinic Hospital. Most likely, this cycle will be the last.

17.09.2015 Veronika Nikulina is still in the hospital. Recently, she withstood another exacerbation of ulcerative colitis, but she feels better now. Intestinal GVHD symptoms are still present. In addition, drug toxicity has resulted in renal complications. Veronika feels relatively well; she plays, sometimes goes for a walk with her mother and cannot wait to start studying with a tutor.

15.09.2015 Gera Efimov recovered after the infection, and his blood counts returned to normal. He does not need blood transfusions and receives Nplate injections every 2 weeks. German feels rather well. He is active and happy. This year he started 1st grade, and he loves his new status.

12.09.2015 Oksana Nosik is hospitalized at Cardiac ICU of Hospital No. 51 in Moscow due to dramatic worsening. Currently, she remains in a serious condition: her blood pressure is very low, she suffers from pulmonary hypertension, shortness of breath and swelling. Oxana is receiving symptomatic therapy while treatment of her primary disease is on hold.

07.09.2015 Sasha Tkach is seen as an outpatient. Twice a week he goes for blood tests, and they are currently normal. Donor's bone marrow engrafted and works well. Sasha feels rather well, goes out with friends and plays video games. Tomorrow he starts school.

03.09.2015 Kirill Semenov has died.

24.08.2015 Nastia Sluchaeva has died.

17.08.2015 Anton Gasnikov remains in remission for leukemia and CNS leukemia, and he continues maintenance therapy with Sprycel. Anton is feeling great; he is an avid reader of Astrid Lindgren and Mark Twain. This summer Anton traveled to Moscow for the World Children's Winners Games, where he took second place in chess and third in soccer as part of the Russian team.

14.08.2015 Arthur Matveev underwent bone marrow transplantation, as planned, on August 12. So far Arthur is feeling rather well, without fever or infectious complications.

10.08.2015 Everything is well with Arseny Kochukov. He continues to be under observation at Gorbacheva Institute, where his blood counts are being watched. He is feeling fine and is very active. In September the boy start grade 2 (the teacher visits him at home). He also plans to start attending performing arts studio.

10.08.2015 Omari Arkania's MRI from July showed contrast uptake in the lymph node underneath the jaw, and small lesions in the lungs. The biopsy results showed no presence of cancer cells in the lymph node, and the doctors allowed Omari to visit his native Georgia and rest. The young man feels better. The next MRI is scheduled for mid-October.

06.08.2015 Olga Shmygleva recently went for PET-CT scan that showed a small node in her left lung that accumulates contrast. Everything else is fine. Olga is now at home in Chelyabinsk; she is feeling well and tries to stay active. In September-October she is planned to have comprehensive evaluation in St. Petersburg.

06.08.2015 Veronika Nikulina continues therapy at the hospital. She is still bothered by intestinal GVHD and colitis and every now and then she spikes fever. Her blood counts are low and sometimes she needs blood transfusions. When she feels better, Veronika reads, draws and sometimes goes for a walk with her mom.

04.08.2015 Ira Grushevskaya continues lung GVHD treatment in St. Petersburg. Her condition improved, but not significantly yet: she still needs oxygen and the shortness of breath makes her move around mainly in a wheelchair.

04.08.2015 Until recently, Natalia Alexakhina felt rather well, but her condition changed for the worse in the last few weeks. Brain MRI revealed brain edema and a mass near cerebellum. Natalia is in remission in regards to leukemia and multiple sclerosis. Currently Natalia is in Leningrad Regional Clinic Hospital and she is planned to have additional tests.

03.08.2015 Galina Zhikhareva remains in remission. Last week she received the 4th cycle of chemotherapy followed by donor's cell infusion at Gorbacheva Institute. Once Galina's blood counts recover, she will be allowed to go home for about a month. Afterwards, she is planned to continue chemotherapy at Leningrad Regional Clinical hospital.

02.08.2015 For now, Masha Kutsenkova cannot continue aggressive high-dose chemotherapy because of her general condition: she takes a long time to recover, does not feel well, and her blood counts are low. She was discharged home to her hometown Abakan to receive maintenance therapy. Control puncture has been planned in a month.

02.08.2015 Oksana Nosik is being treated at Almazov Center: she had cardiac catheterization and medical therapy is being selected. She still has shortness of breath, but feels better than previously.

31.07.2015 Lisa Evdokimova feels great. She is in remission, and once a year she undergoes tests. This year, Lisa went to the fifth grade, she loves to learn. Lisa's mom is very grateful to everyone who helped Lisa during her treatment.

30.07.2015 Two weeks ago Gera Efimov was hospitalized at Gorbacheva Institute with bilateral otitis, accompanied by high fever. Gera's blood counts are a little low, and he receives injections of Nplate as needed. He feels better now, and the doctors have promised to discharge him from the hospital in a week, if everything goes well.

30.07.2015 Nastia Sluchaeva is undergoing a difficult recovery process after bone marrow transplant from her mother. Since July 12 she has been in intensive care: she suffers from nausea and severe mucositis. Nastia gets painkillers, intravenous nutrition and drugs to prevent infection. Her blood counts are not yet improving.

27.07.2015 A donor has been identified for Artur Matveev, and the bone marrow transplantation is scheduled for August 12. The young man is currently finishing a round of testing. Tomorrow he has a consultation at the Gorbacheva Institute, where he will be scheduled for hospitalization. Artur is feeling well.

27.07.2015 Albina Ibragimova has recovered from a bone marrow transplantation and was discharged to outpatient care on July 20th. The biopsy results show complete remission and full engraftment of the donor's bone marrow. Her blood counts continue to improve. Albina's symptoms of intestinal GvHD were taken under control. Overall, she is feeling relatively well.

19.07.2015 The results of several tests in various labs have led to a change in Oksana Nosik's diagnosis: this is not breast cancer, but rather extramedullary relapse of leukemia. It was decided to restart therapy with Sprycel. Further therapy is being discussed. Oksana has severe shortness of breath and she is scheduled to see a cardiologist.

16.07.2015 On July 13th AdVita fund transferred 3,000 euros to Dmitry Karpov's account at S. Morsch registry. Advita Fund USA transferred additional 2,000 euros. The donor search will be initiated within a few days.

15.07.2015 Sasha Tkach recovered after bone marrow transplant and his blood counts began to grow. If today's puncture results are good, he will be discharged for outpatient follow-up. Until recently, Sasha has been suffering from severe nausea and lack of appetite, but he now feels better, began eating and regaining his strength.

14.07.2015 Nikita Burenkov has died.

11.07.2015 Today is Albina Ibragimova's 19th post-transplant day (her father was the bone marrow donor). Her blood counts stay low. The fever went down, but the girl is nauseous and eats very little. Despite that, Albina does physical therapy daily under a doctor's supervision to speed up her recovery.

08.07.2015 Nastia Sluchaeva's bone marrow transplant from her mom is scheduled for July 13th. She is undergoing pre-transplant chemotherapy at the Gorbacheva Clinic. She is not taking it well and has been getting fevers and nausea; her blood pressure and blood sugar also went up following the hormone therapy.

07.07.2015 In May Vadim Antipov had exacerbation of skin and mouth GVHD, and in addition to immunosuppressive drugs he was also prescribed hormones. Photopheresis therapy is under discussion. Vadim feels well overall. He is in remission and transplanted bone marrow functions well.

30.06.2015 Ira Grushevskaya continues her photopheresis therapy for pulmonary GVHD. Her lung condition has not improved noticeably yet. The girl still suffers from severe shortness of breath, needs oxygen and moves around predominantly in a wheelchair. Nevertheless Ira tries to pursue an active lifestyle: recently her mother took her to the zoo, while yesterday they visited Krestovsky Island.

30.06.2015 Masha Kutsenkova finished the second chemotherapy cycle and is now recovering. The girl does not feel well because of the nausea, weakness and unstable blood pressure. Her skin, mucous and pulmonary GVHD symptoms became worse. Scleroderma is of particular concern; Masha cannot bend the joints of her back, hands and legs, and she can only move around in a wheelchair.

29.06.2015 On June 23 Albina Ibragimova underwent a haploidentical bone marrow transplantation from her father. The girl is now recovering and feeling ok.

25.06.2015 Artur Matveev is now at home feeling fine. Next week he is going to have the next maintenance chemotherapy course administered at Hospital 15. The bone marrow donor has not been found yet.

25.06.2015 Galina Zhikhareva is now staying at her country house recovering from the second chemotherapy course followed by the T-cells transplantation from her son. The second course went better than the first one, and Galina is now feeling better. Her only complaint is the general weakness. On July 10 Galina is seeing her doctor who will consider the date of her hospitalization.

24.06.2015 Unfortunately, Misha Stepanov had no response to the chemotherapy round. He now has close to 90% of blasts in his bone marrow. Misha was discharged home for palliation. He feels relatively well for now and will receive blood transfusions as necessary.

22.06.2015 Omari Arkania will go for CT scan in late June - early July instead of an x-ray. He is now being observed at a day hospital; his blood counts are fine, and only his creatinine is heightened. Omari feels well, his appetite is good, but he is still unable to regain the lost weight.

22.06.2015 Doctors have decided to postpone German Efimov's active treatment and to continue his maintenance therapy. Skin GVHD is not apparent now and the doctors are lowering his hormone drugs very slowly. Gera's pressure is normal, and his thrombocyte counts stays within 50 000 without transfusions and therapy with Nplate. He feels well.

18.06.2015 Unfortunately, Oksana Nosik has been diagnosed with stage two of breast cancer. The young woman needs help with the payment for MRI and other additional testing she is currently undergoing at the Petrov Oncology Institute. Oksana only has sufficient funds to pay for her living expenses, food and supporting drugs. We would appreciate any help!

17.06.2015 Gayane Vardanyan recently came to St Petersburg for control testing. The clinical results came back normal, while puncture results will be ready in two weeks. Recently Gayane had a cold with a complication in her lungs, but overall she feels relatively well.

17.06.2015 Sasha Tkach had a bone marrow transplantation on June 12, as planned. He did not tolerate pre-transplantation chemotherapy very well and had several days of high fever. He is feeling better now.

16.06.2015 Albina Ibragimova stays in remission and she is feeling rather well. Today she started pre-transplantation chemotherapy at the Gorbacheva Institute. Bone marrow transplantation from her father is scheduled for June 23.

13.06.2015 May 2015 marked four years since Elena Plis's bone marrow transplant. Fortunately, evaluation confirmed complete remission. The doctors allowed Elena to go to the seaside. She already bought the tickets and is looking forward to her trip. She also plans to visit Germany, as she stays in touch with her bone marrow donor and hopes to meet him in person.

11.06.2015 Nino Utiashvili has died.

10.06.2015 In May - June Roma Ignatovich underwent his control tests in St. Petersburg. The boy remains in remission, but has a mild skin GVHD. Roma received his schedule of immunizations, and the doctors also allowed him to start school next year. He feels well.

09.06.2015 Irina Maximova has died. Unfortunately, Ira had a fourth recurrence of leukemia. Because the doctors exhausted all treatment options, they could only offer palliative therapy. The illness progressed rapidly. On June 9th Ira passed away. The relatives and loved ones of the young woman would like to thank from the bottom of their hearts all the people who provided support and helped fight Ira's illness all these years.

08.06.2015 Irina Prikhodko is still at home in the Murmansk region. She feels rather well.

08.06.2015 It was decided to make another attempt to bring Misha Stepanov in remission. The boy completed high-dose chemotherapy FLAG with Idarubicin at Children's hospital No. 1 on 6th of June. He is not feeling well yet due to fever, diarrhea, and low blood counts.

02.06.2015 Sasha Tkach's bone marrow transplant is scheduled for June 12. Sasha has already completed the pre-transplant evaluation and is now doing the last tests at the Gorbacheva institute. He is scheduled to be admitted on June 4. He is feeling fine: the hemoglobin is a bit low as usual, but other blood counts are normal.

01.06.2015 Veronika Nikulina's photopheresis therapy was paused due to continuously elevated temperature. She does not feel very well. The doctors are now trying to pick the most effective antibiotics. Veronika is in remission.

29.05.2015 Masha Kutsenkova completed a round of anti-relapse chemotherapy in St. Petersburg and is now recovering. She does not feel very well so far. Further treatment is under discussion. It may include radiation therapy or another round of chemotherapy. A fungal infection reactivated again, and Masha receives appropriate therapy.

29.05.2015 Fatima Turdy-Akhunova has died.

26.05.2015 The puncture confirmed Movlid Tutuev's complete remission, but it was decided to continue preventative therapy with Vidaza for the time being. In addition, nk-cell infusion from the boys father is scheduled for June 1. Movlid feels well. He is energetic and active, as usual.

26.05.2015 Ira Grushevskaya's condition became noticeably better. Currently she is an outpatient. The girl feels rather well. Her mother takes her for walks; however it is not easy for her to walk due to severe shortness of breath, and Ira mostly moves around in a wheelchair. Her lung GVHD is being treated with inhalations and hormonal therapy, and photopheresis therapy is planned as well.

23.05.2015 At Gorbacheva Institute's medical board it was decided to refer Albina Ibragimova for bone marrow transplantation from her father. The transplantation is planned for mid-June. Albina is now in St. Petersburg where she is undergoing evaluation. She is feeling fine overall.

23.05.2015 Thanks to Arthur Matveev's supporters, he was able to raise 5,085 euros as the initial deposit for the donor search. On May 22nd the money was transferred to Arthur's account with S. Morsch international registry. The search for the donor will begin shortly.

23.05.2015 Galina Zhikhareva was recommended to undergo three cycles of anti-relapse chemotherapy followed by t-cell infusion from her son. She completed the first cycle in early April, and is due to start the second one next week. Galina feels rather well and she is in remission. She is continuing to take Noxafil.

19.05.2015 Irina Maximova remains in remission, but her platelet count stays low. She is currently at home and is feeling fine. The next donor's lymphocyte infusion will be scheduled after her liver function tests are back to normal.

19.05.2015 Omari Arkania is monitored as a day patient. He is feeling fine, his blood counts are normal and the sedimentation rate remains stable. He will have another X-ray soon to evaluate the overall progress.

19.05.2015 As no hospital beds are currently available at the Gorbacheva institute, Misha Stepanov will receive his induction chemotherapy at the Children City Hospital # 1. He will then be transferred to the Institute for the bone marrow transplant. It will be once again transplanted from his mom. Misha has already completed his pre-transplant evaluation. He is scheduled to be admitted to the hospital on May 21.

19.05.2015 Gera Efimov continues therapy with NPlate and hormonal therapy as an outpatient. The boy is feeling fine. He tries to be outside as much as possible and has recently learned to bike without support.

08.05.2015 A decision on Nastia Sluchaeva's further treatment has not been made yet. Nastia still receives blood transfusion and platelets in the clinic. Low levels of blood make her feel constantly weak; due to the worsening of memory it is hard for her to learn at school. Yesterday Nastia had a fever, and she was prescribed antibiotics.

08.05.2015 Arthur Matveev is in remission, he receives maintenance chemotherapy in the 15th City hospital and recently finished the fourth cycle of chemotherapy. Now the young man is home, and he feels fine. The fundraising for a down payment to the international bone marrow donor registry continues.

08.05.2014 AdVita Foundation initiated fund-raising for the treatment of Arthur Matveev.

05.05.2015 Unfortunately, Sasha Tkach's disease is progressing, and it was decided to proceed to bone marrow transplant from a partially matched donor. The transplantation was preliminarily scheduled for the end of June. Before then, Sasha will need to undergo complete evaluation.

30.04.2015 Veronika Nikulina is continuing treatment of GVHD; hormonal therapy and six rounds of photopheresis led to a significant improvement. However, Veronika does not feel very well. She is very weak, has swellings and sometimes her temperature rises. She is receiving appropriate therapy.

27.04.2015 On April 13th Fatima Tardy-Akhunova received autologous bone marrow transplant at Gorbacheva Instiute, but on April 23rd she was moved to ICU due to renal complications and was put on renal replacement therapy and a ventilator. Since then her kidney condition was stabilized, she feels better, and today Fatima will be moved back to the floor.

23.04.2015 It was decided to move Anya Lomonosova's hip joint replacement surgery to May. For now Anya returned home, to Saratov. She follows the doctors' advice and tries to walk without crutches, although it is difficult for her. Anya feels well and she studies the 8th grade curriculum with her teachers.

21.04.2015 Movlid Tutuev is in remission; he is receiving maintenance chemotherapy with Vidaza as an outpatient. He has bronchitis now, and after he completes therapy, he will have one more donor's lymphocyte infusion, followed by infusion of nk-cells from his father to prevent relapse in May. Movlid feels rather well.

21.04.2015 Galina Gavrilova is asking for help with buying vitally important antidepressants. She has no money, even for food.

20.04.2015 Elena Vozhova is in remission for leukemia and CNS leukemia. There is no treatment scheduled currently, and Elena will have one more control puncture in late April. She is at home currently and has been feeling relatively well. Elena receives physical therapy and is learning to walk again.

20.04.2015 In early April, Ira Grushevskaya's condition sharply deteriorated: she started having severe shortness of breath and her oxygen saturation decreased (the percentage of oxygen in the blood hemoglobin). Ira is now hospitalized at Gorbacheva Institute and she receives oxygen. The exacerbation of cytomegalovirus infection was discovered, while GVHD of lungs and a number of other complications cannot be ruled out. Ira is now stable, but significant improvement hasn't been achieved yet.

18.04.2015 Katya Yastrebova has died.

15.04.2015 Yulia Vodopianova has died.

15.04.2015 Unfortunately, Misha Stepanov's disease does not respond to chemotherapy. Blasts in bone marrow and peripheral blood continue to grow in number. At medical board at Gorbacheva Institute it was decided to proceed with bone marrow transplant from Misha's father. Transplantation will take place as soon as there are available beds at the clinic.

13.04.2015 Irina Maximova remains in remission. Donor's bone marrow engrafted and functions well, although platelet count is somewhat low. After the first lymphocyte infusion, Irina's liver enzyme count increased, which raised the question of liver GVHD. Repeat lymphocyte infusion has been postponed. Irina is now at home and feels rather well, aside from fatigue.

10.04.2015 The biopsy showed that German Efimov's bone marrow produces platelets in a sufficient amount, but for some reason, these cells do not reach the periphery. A week ago, his skin GVHD aggravated, but after initiation of hormone therapy, his platelet count increased. Treatment with mesenchymal cells is being considered.

10.04.2015 Histology showed that Omari Arkania has insignificant amount of malignant cells and relapse is in question. For now, the decision is to observe the situation and repeat examination after some time. Omari is now at home. He feels well.

09.04.2015 Masha Kutsenkova continue therapy in St. Petersburg. If her lung condition improves soon, the doctors promised to allow her to travel home to Khakassia. She still has skin GVHD symptoms, and receives therapy with Roncoleukin. Overall Masha does not feel very well due to limitation in movement from skin GVHD. She goes for physical therapy.

08.04.2015 Nastia Sluchaeva is still seen at the day hospital, and twice a week she has tests - her blood counts remain low with neutrophil count near zero. Once a week she gets a transfusion of platelets and biweekly she gets whole blood. A consultation with Professor B.V.Afanasiev has been planned to discuss further treatment.

03.04.2015 Yulia Vodopianova is still receiving maintenance therapy as a day patient. Twice a week she receives blood transfusions. She does not feel well and suffers from cough, extreme fatigue and shortness of breath.

02.04.2015 In March Anya Lomonosova was allowed to home to Saratov for two weeks. She has already returned to St. Petersburg to continue therapy with photopheresis and undergo surgery to replace her hip joint. Hospitalization at Turner Institute is scheduled for April 9th, and the surgery for hip joint replacement is scheduled for April 14. Anya feels well.

31.03.2015 Based on PET-CT scan results, Olga Shmygleva is in remission. She has mild eyes and skin GVHD symptoms, but in general Olya feels well. The next examination is planned for July or August.

31.03.2015 At the end of February Nadya Chibireva's tumor triggered a new hemorrhage. She was urgently hospitalized at Polenov Neurosurgery Research Institute and operated to remove the tumor. Nadya is now recovering at home, but she does not feel very well due to pain, nausea, and elevated temperature.

30.03.2015 Sasha Tkach had a biopsy in March and the results of the analysis are not yet ready. He is now a day patient and continues receiving the drug Soliris. Sasha's hemoglobin level is lowered, but there is no need for a blood transfusion yet.

30.03.2015 Nikita Burenkov was transferred a week ago from the ICU to a bed ward. His condition has stabilized, but he still has problems with his lungs. A recent biopsy showed that Erwinaze therapy helped bring the blast percentage in his bone marrow down to 40%. Treatments continue.

26.03.2015 Unfortunately, Albina Ibragimova was diagnosed with a relapse. She is currently treated in a hospital in Ufa where she was started on high-dose chemotherapy. Albina does not feel well.

25.03.2015 GVHD of Uliana Veselovskaya's lungs is still presenting symptoms, but it was taken under control. Doctors have discharged her from the hospital for observation of Yaroslavl hematologists on March 8th. Uliana will have to come back for a checkup in St. Petersburg in summer. She will receive all necessary drugs at her place of residence. The girl is at home now and feels overall rather well.

25.03.2015 After three cycles of chemotherapy most of Fatima Turdy-Akhanova's lesions have decreased in size, but the lesions in bones have stayed the same. Consultation has been planned at Gorbacheva Institute and it will address the possibility of autologous bone marrow transplant. Fatima is at home now and feels well.

24.03.2015 Last week Georgy Tarakanov completed a final cycle of preventative chemotherapy with Vidaza. From now on he will be seen at Leningrad Regional Oncology Hospital where he will have tests and a control puncture 2-3 times a month. Gerogy feels well and he goes to work.

24.03.2015 Misha Stepanov recovered after a cycle of chemotherapy he had at Gorbacheva Institute. Unfortunately, he has not achieved remission. At the same time, brain MRI showed lack of disease progression. Further treatment options are being reviewed. For now, Misha is at home and he feels fine.

24.03.2015 Artem Karnishin has died.

21.03.2015 Movlid Tutuev is receiving treatment on an outpatient basis; he is feeling well and is active as usual. Movlid is in remission; the donor's bone marrow engrafted and is functioning well. Yet, the risk of recurrence remains high, and Movlid received a cycle of preventative chemotherapy with Vidaza as well as infusion of donor's lymphocytes, to promote the graft vs. leukemia reaction.

19.03.2015 Fortunately, the lumbar puncture confirmed Elena Vozhova's CNS leukemia remission. Elena is currently at home. She is feeling OK overall, and takes the medications prescribed by the neurologist and goes for physical therapy.

19.03.2015 Artem Karnishin's GVHD is under control, and the doctors allowed him to return to Krasnodar; he will remain in the care of local hematologists until mid-May. Artem recently caught a viral infection and is receiving appropriate treatment. The young man still has to use a wheelchair to move around; in April he is due to go to a rehabilitation sanatorium near Labinsk.

16.03.2015 Alexandra Yusupova's family decided to give 6 unused Adcetris vials to another Advita Fund's patient, Marina Kamyshanova. The money remaining in Sasha's account (592,160 rubles) will be used for Maria Morozova's treatment needs.

14.03.2015 In February Irina Maximova had bilateral pneumonia, which was treated with antibiotics. Since the end of February she has been seen as an outpatient. She feels rather well, despite recent substantial weight loss. Her blood counts are at the lower normal range. She has no GVHD symptoms. Next week she is planned to have a control biopsy.

14.03.2015 Alexandra Yusupova has died.

10.03.2015 Gosha Makarenko had fully recovered from pneumonia and was discharged home to Omsk region. The boy is feeling fairly well, and he is starting to walk by himself but shakily for now. The planned testing in Omsk was scheduled for March 19th and control tests are planned for May in St. Petersburg.

10.03.2015 Unfortunately, in February Omari Arkania's CT scan showed disease progression, as enlargement of some of his lymph nodes was observed. Ultrasound study is scheduled for this week, and the doctors are awaiting results of pathology to determine the treatment protocol. Omari is now at home and he feels OK.

10.03.2015 Gera Efimov received treatment with high doses of the immunoglobulin, but it didn't, unfortunately, increase the levels of platelets. One more cycle of Atgam is being considered. Gera continues to receive regular injections of Nplate. He is feeling well and very active and cannot wait for his birthday and, of course, presents.

05.03.2015 Nastia Sluchaeva's transplanted engrafted fully, but it has not started functioning very well. Her blood counts are low. Nastia is seen as a day patient and she feels relatively well. She receives immunosuppressive and hormonal therapy.

25.02.2015 Recently, Georgy Tarakanov was examined and had a control puncture at Leningrad Regional hospital. The results are not ready yet. Timing of the last Vidaza cycle will be discussed after evaluation results are in. Georgy feels rather well and continues to work.

24.02.2015 Alla Korotich has died.

24.02.2015 Sasha Tkach is recovering after a cycle of therapy with Atgam. After cancellation of hormones, his blood pressure normalized, but blood counts dropped again, and sometimes Sasha gets nosebleeds. Sasha was allowed to go home on the weekend, and now he is back at Children's hospital No.1 again where he is getting ready for evaluation, results of which will determine further treatment.

19.02.2015 Unfortunately, Fatima Turdy-Akhunova had a relapse. Now she is at Petrov Oncology clinic where she receives anti-relapse chemotherapy. After two cycles, she will be transferred to Gorbacheva Institute for autologous bone marrow transplantation. Fatima's family needs financial help with apartment rent.

19.02.2015 Unfortunately, Misha Stepanov had a relapse. He is finishing a cycle of chemotherapy at Gorbacheva Institute. Afterwards, he will have brain MRI and control puncture. Misha feels relatively well.

19.02.2015 Movlid Tutuev recovered after transplantation of the bone marrow from his dad, and yesterday he was discharged for outpatient monitoring. Fortunately, the control puncture showed remission, while donor bone marrow engrafted and is functional, but Movlid's blood counts are unstable for now. The boy feels well, and he is very happy that he had been discharged from the hospital.

18.02.2015 Uliana Veselovskaya continues treatment of complications. CT scan showed the negative trend in January, so the treatment regimen was changed. Uliana had a sore throat last week, but now she feels better. Most of the time Uliana spends at home to avoid catching new infections.

16.02.2015 Veronika Nikulina is still seen at outpatient hospital, but she is not feeling very well: from time to time she gets fever, weakness and gets tired quickly, complaining of increased pain in the legs. She receives appropriate therapy. Veronika still likes to learn.

16.02.2015 Unfortunately, spinal tap revealed a relapse of Elena Vozhova's CNS leukemia, and it was treated with Cytosar. Most of her neurological complications were taken under control, but she still has problems with her feet. Elena is now at home and feels relatively well. Control tests are planned for next week.

16.02.2015 Unfortunately, Alexandra Yusupova's disease progressed during therapy with Adcetris. Sasha's blood counts fell and her condition worsened. Sasha is planned to continue treatment with Revlimid (paperwork is being done), and meanwhile she receives hormones. After the start of hormone therapy edema resolved, and cough became easier to tolerate. Further treatment is being discussed.

13.02.2015 Artem Karnishin came to St. Petersburg to treat exacerbation of skin GVHD: he developed severe sclerodermatitis and can now move around only in a wheelchair. He receives treatment with low doses of hormones, immunosuppressants, and photopheresis. The doctors are also considering infusions of mesenchymal cells.

13.02.2015 Nadia Chibireva started having headaches and was referred to Polenov Scientific and Research Institute, where the doctors located a mass in her head, presumably, a hemorrhaged cavernous angioma. Urgent hospitalization for surgery is planned for next week.

12.02.2015 Unfortunately, Nikita Burenkov has been unable to achieve remission. He has been in ICU since February 6th with complications (GVHD of mucous membranes, intoxication, cardiomyopathy, and lung issues). So far, Nikita's condition has been very serious, but he has a strong will for life and is fighting as hard as he can.

07.02.2015 Dmitry Manturov underwent lung examination that confirmed remission from fungal infection. Preventative antifungal therapy was canceled, but inhalation therapy is continuing. Repeat examination is scheduled for May. Dima feels well, although he still has shortness of breath and cough.

04.02.2015 Dima Yablochkov's situation with lungs is now stable, although he retains shortness of breath. He feels rather well overall. He follows his osteoporosis at Vreden Institute and his last x-ray did not show any changes in spine. In April he will do a blood test to check his calcium.

04.02.2015 Recently Omari Arkania overcame bacterial infection, but he is still coughing. He is not currently receiving chemotherapy. The next evaluation for his primary diagnosis (CT scan) was postponed to 25-26 of February. Omari is feeling rather well.

31.01.2015 Mikhail Fufaev's battle with pneumonia was successful, and he was discharged from the hospital at the end of December. He is currently under observation on the outpatient basis, and continues to have blood work done once every two weeks. The main blood counts in the normal range.

31.01.2015 Unfortunately, Yulia Vodopianova has not been able to achieve remission. She continues to receive Interferon therapy, antibacterial and anti-fungal medications, and she is receiving blood transfusions on as needed basis. Yulia is feeling up and down, but she does feel better after blood transfusions.

30.01.2015 Masha Kutsenkova is administered photopheresis for her skin GVH reaction. Her body temperature is slightly elevated and her backache has gotten worse. The doctors are trying to find out the reason. Chest CT results testify to positive dynamics but the function of external treatment has deteriorated. The doctors are considering further therapy.

30.01.2015 Irina Prikhodko is now at home in the Murmansk region. She is feeling ok although she is suffering from changes in blood pressure. In spring Irina graduated from the university and got her diploma of a psychologist. Work is out of the question now but Irina is hoping she can start her career in the near future.

29.01.2015 In January Nastia Sluchaeva had a puncture which showed that the donor bone marrow had taken root but had not yet started to work as it should, so the girl needs blood components transfusions. Nastia has been getting treatment at the day patient facility since January 24. On the whole she is feeling ok but sometimes she is very weak.

29.01.2015 In December Gosha Makarenko came to St. Petersburg for a medical examination which confirmed a full remission. Maintenance chemotherapy the boy had been administered for the past two years has been canceled. However Gosha had to stay in St. Petersburg longer than planned due to a bad pneumonia and had to spend almost a month in intensive care. At present the boy is feeling much better.

27.01.2015 In November Nino Utiashvili underwent a complete examination in Schwabing clinic (Munich, Germany). The results confirmed the diagnosis made in St. Petersburg. While Nino and her mother waited for the biopsy results, the girl received maintenance chemotherapy. Within days, the doctors plan to come up with an experimental treatment plan.

27.01.2015 Gera Efimov is still under the care of doctors in the day patient facility. Nplate is injected on regular basis. Although the medicine does not work as well as previously, blood transfusions are not needed. As further treatment, a course of Atgam and the third bone marrow transplantation, are being considered, but the final decision has not been made yet.

19.01.2015 On January 14 and 15 Alexandra Yusupova underwent another chemotherapy cycle with Adcetris and Bendamustine. Her blood counts are low as of now. Sasha has a fever, but on the whole she feels better and is regaining her strength and energy.

19.01.2015 Georgy Tarakanov feels rather well. He is still followed at Leningrad Regional Clinical Hospital and continues to work. The medication for the 8th cycle with Vidaza has been bought, therefore the infusion can be performed presently.

19.01.2015 Galina Gavrilova needs medications for planned therapy, test strips for the glucometer and financial help with paying for home nurse. She also still needs to buy an electronic blood pressure monitor. Please help!

15.01.2015 Unfortunately, Nikita Burenkov had a relapse: the lesion in his leg is growing, the chromosomal break is back and there are blasts in his blood. Yesterday Nikita and his mom arrived in St.Petersburg for anti-relapse chemotherapy.

15.01.2015 Several days ago Misha Stepanov completed another cycle of maintenance chemo with Cytosar. His blood counts have gone down a bit since then. He is scheduled for puncture on January 27. Misha is currently at home. He is feeling fine.

13.01.2015 Veronika Nikulina spent most of December in the hospital with bacterial and viral respiratory infection and an exacerbation of intestinal GVHD. The girl is again being observed at a day hospital since December 30. The GVHD is now under control, the condition of her lungs has improved, and she has no fever. Pains in her feet are no longer a problem, but Veronika still has to move around in a wheelchair.

13.01.2015 Ulyana Veselovskaya's leukemia remains in remission and the donor's bone marrow is working well. However, in December she had a viral infection, during which her pulmonary GVHD worsened. Ulyana is receiving appropriate therapy. A control CT scan and bronchoscopy have been planned for the near future.

13.01.2015 December's lumbar puncture confirmed Irina Maximova's remission, however, her blood counts fell sharply in early January. Unfortunately, the lumbar puncture done yesterday revealed a relapse: 30% of blasts in her bone marrow. Further treatment is being discussed.

12.01.2015 In December Elena Vozhova received two donor's lymphocyte infusions and a cycle of therapy with Roncoleukin. She is now undergoing the second cycle. The doctors weren't able to induce transplant versus leukemia reaction yet. Further treatment is under discussion. Elena is now at home. At times she has fatigue and dizziness, but she feels well overall.

05.01.2015 Evgeniy Senkin is in remission. He continues taking Tasigna, which has been provided to him all this time by Altai region administration.

31.12.2014 Pasha Borodin has died.

30.12.2014 Shedi Buneb has died.

29.12.2014 In December Omari Arkania underwent the fourth course of Adcetris. A decision about the subsequent treatment has not been made yet. Control PET and CT revealed foci in cervical lymph nodes. The doctors are not sure yet that this is a sign of lymphoma. They have planned additional tests. Omari feels rather well. He is preparing for the mid-term exams in the Russian Academy of Justice, where he is a fourth-year student.

29.12.2014 Yulia Vodopianova has not achieved remission yet. She continues to receive Interferon injections and undergo blood component transfusion. She is treated as a day patient, and she feels OK.

27.12.2014 In December Dmitry Manturov experienced worsening of shortness of breath, however, lung function testing didn't show any negative dynamic. Dmitry continues inhalation therapy and takes antifungal drugs. He feels well despite shortness of breath and cough. Additional testing at Mycology Institute is planned for the mid-January.

26.12.2014 The puncture showed that Movlid Tutuev has high risk of relapse, and the doctors decided to schedule bone marrow transplant from Movlid's father for January 14th. The inpatient admittance to the Gorbachev center is scheduled for January 5th. Currently Movlid is finishing necessary testing and getting ready for celebrating the New Year and getting presents.

25.12.2014 Since May Alesha Laptev has been under observation and care of hematologists from Nizhny Novgorod. His thrombocyte levels continue to be somewhat low, while the other counts are in normal range. Alesha will continue therapy with Rapamune: the doctors are not canceling immunosuppressants due to risk of blood counts drop. The medication is paid for by Advita Fund.

24.12.2014 Elena Plis's PET-CT scan showed accumulation of contrast in her lymph nodes, however, a biopsy results showed that it is not a malignancy. Elena was recommended to go for monthly ultrasounds and CT scans for control purposes. She is also followed at Endocrinology Center in Moscow due to her trophic ulcer issue. Lena feels rather well and wishes Happy New Year to everybody!

24.12.2014 Nikita Burenkov was admitted to Chelyabinsk Hospital with strong pains in his leg. Yesterday he had a control puncture and the lesion biopsy. The tests were sent to St. Petersburg and Ekaterinburg, but the results are not ready yet. Nikita's blood counts are fine. He remains on all prescribed medications.

24.12.2014 Nastia Sluchaeva's second bone marrow transplant took place as scheduled on December 13. Nastia is now recovering. She does not feel very well due to unstable blood pressure, weakness and has body aches. Despite complications, she is trying to get into the holiday spirit: put up a Christmas tree, decorated her room, and attended a celebration in the hospital.

23.12.2014 Svetlana Luchinskaya has died.

16.12.2014 Gera Efimov continues to undergo therapy at an outpatient clinic. He feels fine, and the doctors manage to take care of occurrences of GVHD with the help of Ciclosporine. His immune system has recently started to respond less to Nplate: his thrombocyte levels haven't been rising above 70. Further treatment is being discussed.

16.12.2014 Mikhail Fufaev had a control puncture done that showed complete remission in early December. The donor's bone marrow is working well, and his blood counts are normal. However, a week ago he was urgently hospitalized in the ICU of the Boksitogorsk Hospital with severe pneumonia. Now Misha's condition has stabilized and yesterday he was transferred to a ward.

13.12.2014 During the last 6 months Alexandra Yusupova received 8 injections of Adcetris. Clinically she has improved significantly, and PET shows disease regression as well. Sasha's mom is sincerely grateful to everyone who has helped them with raising money for the drug. Currently, fundraising has been paused until further treatment strategy is decided upon.

12.12.2014 Masha Kutsenkova is continuing therapy for GVHD as a day patient. She does not feel very well. Masha received two cycles of photopheresis, and she will undergo the third on January 15-16. Her skin condition improved, but her lungs' condition worsened. The therapy is ongoing. In addition, Masha began therapy for osteoporosis.

11.12.2014 Alexander Khomushku came to St. Petersburg for a checkup that confirmed remission from leukemia. The condition of his hip joints is unchanged, and he is now undergoing lung tests. On October 29th Sasha had a surgery for right eye cataract. He will have a surgery on his left eye after the New Year.

09.12.2014 Unfortunately, Shedi Buneb's evaluation in November discovered cancer progression. Currently Shedi in inpatient treatment at Oncology Institute in Pesochny. He just finished chemotherapy block on December 6. For recovery he will be moved to hospice. Shedi is feeling well and maintaining positive attitude. He entertains the whole hospital staff with his jokes.

08.12.2014 Irina Maximova continues to be seen on outpatient basis. She is feeling OK, but gets tired easily. She is in remission, donor's bone marrow transplant engrafted and is working well. Her blood counts improved. The cytogenetic test results are not ready yet. Irina's bacterial infection was curbed quickly. Recently, cytomegalovirus infection was diagnosed and Irina will be taking Valcyte for treatment.

05.12.2014 Unfortunately, Yulia Vodopianova had a relapse. Treatment with low-dose cytarabine has not had effect, so Yulia received donor's lymphocyte infusion on December 1st. In general, Yulia feels relatively well.

05.12.2014 Omari Arkania had three administrations of Adcetris and a control CT scan to assess the results of therapy. Next week, a consultation is planned, which will decide on the future treatment. Omari now is at home and feels rather well.

01.12.2014 Georgy Tarakanov had to postpone the 8th round of Vidaza treatment due to the unavailability of the drug in the country. A recent lumbar puncture confirmed remission, though the full results are not available yet. Georgy feels well, continues working.

01.12.2014 A bone marrow donor for Sasha Tkach; the transplant procedure is tentatively scheduled for January 29th. The boy is feeling well, and will undergo scheduled testing at Children's Hospital #1. If his hemoglobin is low, Sasha will stay in the hospital for blood transfusions. Soliris therapy continues.

28.11.2014 Repeat bone marrow transplantation for Nastia Sluchaeva is scheduled for December 13th. Next week Nas tia is planned to be hospitalized for pre-transplantation chemotherapy. She does not feel well, experiencing fatigue and continuously low blood counts. However, Nastia is ready for the challenge. She is looking forward to the bone marrow transplantation.

26.11.2014 Ulyana Veselovskaya continues treatment for lung GVHD in St. Petersburg. In general, she feels rather well, although she still complains of shortness of breath. A puncture in October confirmed remission. Donor transplant functions well. Blood counts are within the normal limits. On December 12th Ulyana will mark two years since her bone marrow transplantation. One more control puncture is planned.

23.11.2014 In October Diana Ibragimova and her mom went to Moscow for a consultation and examination, which testified to a certain deterioration. Diana's course of therapy has been changed, and now she needs to undergo a second examination to evaluate the effect. Please help us with paying for it. Diana still has leg ache.

21.11.2014 Nikita Burenkov is now at home in Chelyabinsk. On the whole he feels rather well, although his leg sometimes aches. Nikita still has low-grade eye GVHD, due to which he occasionally has to take hormonal drops. Nikita continues to take all the prescribed medications, which are currently bought for him by the AdVita fund.

19.11.2014 In September and October Igor Simonov was treated at Eye Microsurgery Unit of Municipal hospital No. 2 where he had surgeries to replace lens in both of his eyes with a four-week interval. Prior to surgery, Igor was practically blind (his vision dropped due to chemotherapy and steroid therapy). The surgeries were successful. Igor's vision was restored. He is now seeing a district ophthalmologist.

19.11.2014 Galina Gavrilova is asking for help with buying an electronic blood pressure monitor. She needs to measure her blood pressure, but she cannot use a mechanical monitor due to issues with her tremor.

11.11.2014 Svetlana Osufieva came to St. Petersburg for examination. Her blood counts are somewhat low; control puncture has been scheduled for tomorrow. Chronic GVHD of the mucous membranes persists; in addition, there were signs of GVHD of the intestine. She was prescribed steroids. Svetlana feels rather well, and she is in a good mood.

11.11.2014 Gera Efimov has been treated as an outpatient. He receives injections of Nplate weekly and currently his platelet count is good. The boy feels well, although recently there were some issues with unstable blood pressure. Gera currently has a minor cough, and he is seeing a pulmonologist.

10.11.2014 At the end of October Arseny Kochukov had another episode of intestinal GVHD. A week ago the boy received his fifth infusion of mesenchymal cells. Arseny is feeling better now. His doctors finally gave the green light to Arseny's getting a kitten, and recently he got a new friend - Barcelona, a British shorthair cat.

10.11.2014 Mikhail Fufaev's condition has improved recently: his blood counts are good, and control puncture will be postponed. Mikhail has no signs of GVHD. His leg pains persist at exertion, and he goes for physical therapy sessions.

07.11.2014 The October puncture confirmed Ira Maximova's remission. The transplant has engrafted and Irina's blood counts are rising. Irina is feeling fine. She is now allowed to walk outside, but she has to remain at the hospital because of low-grade fever and a lesion found in her spleen. The doctors are running tests. She is receiving appropriate therapy.

07.11.2014 The doctors decided to refer Nastia Sluchaeva for the second bone marrow transplant from the same donor using a different type of pre-transplant chemo. The transplant is provisionally scheduled for December. At the moment Nastia is under evaluation. She is feeling fine.

07.11.2014 Last December Omari Arkania's lymphoma once again began progressing. Several cycles of chemo stabilized it. In June Omari had an autologous bone marrow transplant that helped achieve remission. To maintain remission Omari is being treated with Adcetris, which is purchased by Grant Life charity. He feels rather well.

03.11.2014 Masha Kutsenkova is in remission and her bone marrow functions well. The therapy for skin GVHD is continuing. Masha was diagnosed with bacterial and fungal infections again and she was prescribed appropriate therapy. She also has some worsening in her bone condition.

02.11.2014 Yulia Vodopianova is being observed as an outpatient and she is feeling well overall. There's no significant change in her lung GVHD; the shortness of breath remains. She continues therapy with steroids. Due to a high risk of relapse, Yulia was prescribed maintenance therapy with Sprycel. The next puncture is planned for November 5.

30.10.2014 Shedi Buneb is continuing to recover gradually after chemotherapy in August. Hemoglobin count is under 75 for now. Radiation therapy is also planned. The final decision will be made after control CT scan. Shedi is now at home and he feels OK.

24.10.2014 Movlid Tutuev remains in remission; the minimal residual disease test is not ready yet. The doctors agreed that his state of health allows to delay bone marrow transplant at least until the New Year. Until then he will be receiving maintenance therapy with Dacogen. For now Movlid is under observation on an outpatient basis. He recently recovered from the infection, and is feeling rather well now.

24.10.2014 Galina Gavrilova is asking her supporters for help with buying medications, paying for tests and supplies and nurse services.

23.10.2014 Veronika Nikulina continues treatment for intestinal GVHD. Her temperature is elevated due to the immune reasons, and the dose of hormones was increased. Veronika received two mesenchymal cell infusions, and photopheresis therapy is planned as well. Due to continuing hormonal treatment her mood is changeable, but she is ready to study with a teacher no matter what condition she is in.

22.10.2014 Georgy Tarakanov is being followed at Leningrad Regional Clinical Hospital and goes for blood tests regularly. All his blood counts are within the norm. Georgy feels well and continues to work. Vidaza has been ordered and is due to be supplied presently. The last cycle of maintenance chemotherapy will most likely be administered by the end of the month.

21.10.2014 Anya Burilova has spent the last month at the sanatorium in Solnechny where she underwent very familiar procedures: massages, paraffin baths and physical therapy. Anya's arm and leg joints are functioning much better now. Anya moves around a lot without a wheelchair and is even able to come downstairs on her own.

21.10.2014 Ulyana Veselovskaya is continuing treatment of lung GVHD. She still has a cough, but she has less difficulty breathing. Ulyana continues inhalations with hormonal agents and takes immunosuppressors. It has been decided against photopheresis for now. Control puncture was taken yesterday, there are no results yet.

20.10.2014 Misha Stepanov continues maintenance therapy and goes for regular blood tests. Misha's blood counts are good; he feels well. The doctors are discussing further treatment for him. Misha is in good spirits; he plays a lot, draws, watches cartoons and is already looking forward to the New Year, gifts and Father Frost.

17.10.2014 The latest PET scan showed Alexandra Yusupova's continuing improvement, although it has somewhat slowed down compared to beginning of the treatment. The doctors have decided to supplement Adcetris with Ribomustin. Yesterday Sasha completed her first cycle of the new combination and she tolerated it rather well.

16.10.2014 Unfortunately, an attempt to bring Irina Maximova in remission has failed. The doctors offered her a bone marrow transplant from her sister, who is only partially compatible. Transplantation was successfully done on October 3rd. Now Irina is recovering. She does not feel quite well, as she suffers from nausea and mucositis; she also has a high temperatur of immune nature.

16.10.2014 The doctors managed to control Nikita Burenkov's GVHD of mucous membranes with hormonal therapy. The puncture showed clinical and hematological remission and no chromosomal abnormalities. The doctors plan for him to be discharged for monitoring by local hematologists. Nikita is feeling well and is very happy to go home.

15.10.2014 Egor Moskalenko completed the final stage of treatment in Korea: a tube was removed from his throat and he can now breathe by himself. Egor is feeling well. Next Monday he will have the last evaluation and then he will be able to go home. Egor's mom is very grateful to everyone who has been helping Egor.

13.10.2014 In the last two years Ilya Ipkeev developed an increased need for transfusions of blood and platelets. Gorbacheva Institute doctors decided to recommend him second bone marrow transplant. Ilya had second transplant from his older brother Vyacheslav on October 9th. Ipkeev family is very grateful to all supporters and volunteers for their help.

11.10.2014 Unfortunately, Galina Gavrilova was not able to visit the dentist. She also lacks money for medications that she needs to receive every six months. Please help!

10.10.2014 At the end of September Olga Shmygleva developed stomatitis and fever, and her leukocyte and kidney enzyme counts have increased. On September 23rd she had PET-CT that did not show any lesions with active lymphoma. She will come for evaluation at Gorbacheva Institute on October 20th.

03.10.2014 Nastia Sluchaeva continues to be seen at an outpatient hospital and regularly receives blood transfusions. The search for a bone marrow donor continues. Nastia feels well and is looking forward to celebrating her birthday and presents. Nastia's mom thanks all the parents of her classmates and her homeroom teacher Oxana Gennadievna from the bottom of her heart for their help in raising funds and for finding blood donors for her daughter.

02.10.2014 Masha Kutsenkova came to St. Petersburg for evaluation. She had most of the tests done, but the results are not ready yet. She does not feel too well and complains of fever, swelling and painful to touch skin. However, while at home, Masha was able to gain back 7 kg!

25.09.2014 Sasha Tkach is under the care of doctors in Children's City Hospital No.1. Once every two weeks the boy takes Soliris and undergoes blood transfusions, as needed. Sasha feels well. He follows the 7th grade curriculum and studies at home with visiting teachers. Bone marrow donor has not been found yet.

25.09.2014 Elena Vozhova is in remission, but genetic dislocation persists, what can trigger a relapse. Repeat transplantation is not considered so far; it was decided to proceed with maintenance chemotherapy with Asadin on outpatient basis. Elena feels rather well and it is easier for her to walk.

25.09.2014 Milana Kuzhenova arrived in St. Petersburg for a control examination. Condition of her skin and joints improved a bit. Photopheresis was postponed for now, while Mabthera therapy will be administered instead. The treatment started at R. Gorbacheva Institute, and the remaining three cycles will be given at Milana's place of residence. She will return to St. Petersburg in January for her next examination.

25.09.2014 On September 23rd Alexandra Yusupova had her fifth injection of Adcetris. Her blood counts between the injections remained reasonably good. She did not need any blood transfusions. Alexandra feels better. She cheered up and is regaining her sense of humor. Alexandra eats well, but it is not easy for her to regain the weight.

23.09.2014 On September 1 Irina Maximova's high-dose chemotherapy course was over, but the doctors have not been able to evaluate the results of the treatment yet: the girl's blood counts are still low. The follow-up puncture is planned for next week. Irina is feeling ok but she's very tired of the treatment.

23.09.2014 Verokina Nikulina has an acute condition related to her chronic intestinal GVH reaction. She is also in for photopheresis. Because of the hormones the girl has polyneuropathy, and she has to move around in a wheelchair due to the pain in her legs. As for leukemia, Veronika is still in remission. Her donor bone marrow is functioning well, and all her blood counts are normal.

23.09.2014 On September 19 Nikita Burenkov and his mother came to St. Petersburg for the medical examination and treatment. The boy is feeling ok (as soon as the Sprycel therapy began he has had no pain in his leg), but he cannot walk on his own so far and only moves around in a wheelchair. Nikita has an acute condition related to his eye mucosa GVH reaction again and has been prescribed eye drops with hormones.

22.09.2014 Nino Utiashvili has had four RIST chemotherapy courses. The Schwabing hospital in Munich, Germany, is ready to accept the girl for further treatment. Nino and her mother are waiting for an invitation from the clinic. The girl's mother says thank you to all the people who are helping and supporting them.

22.09.2014 Georgy Tarakanov is still in remission. bone marrow is functioning well, but the doctors still decided to go ahead with the eighth course of Vidaza as planned. The timing depends on when the funds needed to buy this medicine will be found. Georgy is feeling fine, and his blood counts are normal.

20.09.2014 Galina Gavrilova is asking for help with dental expenses. Any inflammation can provoke an attack of mutiple sclerosis, and diabetes does not help with healing. Therefore, it is vitally important for Galina to take care of her dental issues.

19.09.2014 Ulyana Veselovskaya is in remission, and the donor bone marrow is functioning well. However, she is still in St. Petersburg, where she continues treatment of lung GVHD complicated by bacterial and fungal infection. Ulyana still has shortness of breath, but her general condition has improved. She does not have intestinal problems or fever at the moment.

19.09.2014 Andrei Sharoglazov is now at home in Krasnoyarsk Region. He is currently undergoing a check-up at a local hospital. Andrei feels rather well, he is in great spirits and cannot wait to return to St. Petersburg, where he is due to undergo a control examination in late October.

19.09.2014 Misha Stepanov is being seen at R. Gorbacheva Institute of Hematology and Transplantation. His blood counts are stable. Presently Misha is planned to undergo another cycle of maintenance chemotherapy with Cytosar. Misha is at home now. He feels rather well, but is very tired of the treatment and hospitals.

09.09.2014 Anya Burilova is currently at home, she is feeling rather well. Unlike in previous years, this summer she did not have any seasonal GVHD attacks. In fact, her skin looks a bit better and the wounds on her head and hand are starting to heal. In the nearest future she will have her 4th mesenchymal cell infusion and on September 15th she and her mom will go to health resort in Solnechny for rehabilitation.

09.09.2014 Yulia Vodopianova has been quickly transferred from ICU to the general ward. She is in remission. The donor's bone marrow has engrafted and is functioning well. However, Yulia still experiences problems with her lungs. A bacterial lung infection was discovered and cytomegalovirus is once again active. Yulia is takingappropriate therapy. Lung biopsy is planned to check for possible issues with GVHD.

09.09.2014 Anya Andreeva is currently at home in Krasnodarsky krai. She feels well and goes to school - she is already in 4th grade. This December will mark 5 years since her bone marrow transplant. Prior to that Anya will have evaluation in St. Petersburg. If everything is fine, she will no longer need to be followed.

05.09.2014 Mikhail Fufaev is still monitored at the Leningradksy Regional Clinical Hospital and by his local oncologist. His blood counts are much better. He is gradually taken off the drugs he has been taking this year. Control CT scan is scheduled for September 8th. Depending on the results he may be taken off steroids. Mikhail is rather well, but his blood pressure remains unstable and his legs feel weak.

05.09.2014 Over the last six weeks German Efimov was once again administered Nplate: first weekly and then biweekly. His platelet count now stays near 200. Immunosuppressive drugs are being continued, as their cancellation causes skin GVHD attacks. Otherwise he feels fine and is happy to play Lego, read or go for walks all day along.

04.09.2014 Dmitry Manturov had a lung function test that showed no improvement, and inhalation therapy was changed. He is still taking anti-fungal drugs. Dmitry still has cough and dyspnea, but feels well in general.

03.09.2014 Anya Krasnoshtanova has completed a course of VePesid and had an MRI which showed a small increase in the size of the tumor. On September 30 she will have control PET scan which will determine the next treatment. At the moment Anya is at home. She is feeling well and her tests are looking good.

03.09.2014 The doctors let Movlid Tutuev and his mom go home to Dagestan for a couple of weeks. Yesterday they came back to St. Petersburg. The boy is now scheduled for evaluation which will determine the date of the bone marrow transplant from his dad. Movlid is feeling well. He really enjoyed going back to his home village and spending time with his brothers.

03.09.2014 Alexandra Yusupova's CT scan as of August 29th confirmed improvement. Her lymph nodes are getting smaller. On September 2 she had her fourth injection of Adcetris. Sasha is now at home and feels better: her swelling is gone and her appetite is back.

30.08.2014 June examination confirmed that Dasha Nekozyreva is in sustained remission. Donor bone marrow functions well. Her skin condition improved a bit. Therapy for chronic skin GVHD continues. At present Dasha is getting ready for school, as she is starting the 9th grade this year. It is not yet certain whether she will attend school with other children or will be home schooled.

30.08.2014 Unfortunately, Ira Maximova had a relapse. This week Ira was hospitalized to Gorbacheva Institute, and high-dose chemotherapy has already been started. Bone marrow transplantation from partially matched sister is being discussed (there is no time to activate a donor from the registry). Ira feels relatively well. She is upset, but she is not giving up.

27.08.2014 In June Diana Ibragimova was planned to have knee replacement surgery in a clinic in Tubingen, but it had to be postponed. Diana was found to have problems with bone tissue. She will now undergo therapy to restore it. Diana's mom is trying to find money for surgery and subsequent recovery, but she is unable to do it on her own. Please help!

26.08.2014 Shedi Buneb receives second cycle of chemotherapy as an outpatient at Gorbacheva Institute. His blood counts are low, and he gets blood transfusions. Shedi feels relatively well, he is cheerful and joyful, and is only unhappy about his bedrest.

26.08.2014 After one more cycle of chemotherapy, level of blasts in Elena Vozhova's bone marrow has decreased, but the genetic mutations is still present. Elena is now at home and feels better, but still complains about pain in her legs. In early September, Elena is planned to be hospitalized at Gorbacheva Institute to begin a new cycle of chemotherapy with Asadin.

25.08.2014 Alexander Zverev has died.

22.08.2014 Unfortunately, Nikita Burenkov was diagnosed again with extramedullary relapse in his feet bones, and the lesion has grown. He was prescribed Sprycel. Nikita is still at home, in Chelyabinsk. He does not feel very well, complains of leg pains, mostly lies down and does not want to go out.

18.08.2014 In July Georgy Tarakanov received the seventh cycle of therapy with Vidaza. It has been planned that he will have a control puncture on August 21st and the results of this puncture will show if the 8th cycle will be necessary. The antifungal drugs were canceled. Georgy feels well and continues to work.

18.08.2014 For some time Yulia Vodopianova was transferred back to the hospital room, but now she is again at the intensive care unit: she is still suffering from the problems with her lungs and has difficulty breathing. A recent puncture revealed that the number of blasts in the bone marrow have dropped to 0.2%, but the cellularity is now very low. Cytogenetic analysis is not ready yet.

18.08.2014 AdVita Foundation initiated fund-raising for the treatment of Sasha Tkach.

15.08.2014 After two cycles of Adcetris, Alexandra Yusupova had control CT scan that showed slight improvement. Her overall condition has gotten better as well: she walks by herself and does not use a wheelchair. On August 11th Alexandra had the 3rd infusion of Adcetris. She is now at dacha where she is recovering and playing with her daughter.

13.08.2014 Misha Stepanov underwent the third chemotherapy course; he was treated with Cytosar. At the moment the boy is recovering at home. Misha's blood counts are low; he recently received a blood transfusion. However, overall he's feeling OK and has been active. The doctors are planning to convene in September to discuss the need for and the timing of the bone marrow transplant.

13.08.2014 Nino Utiashvili underwent the third chemotherapy course under the RIST protocol and is feeling much better. Her blood counts are mostly OK, she no longer suffers pains and has been taking walks. The treatment will continue. At the same time, a search continues for foreign clinics with potentially promising experimental treatments for Nino.

13.08.2014 Galina Gavrilova's test results point to suspected diabetes. She also has worsening anemia and issues with kidneys. Galina needs to have additional tests, which she has to pay for out of pocket. She also needs to buy glucometer and begin therapy. Galina is asking for support.

11.08.2014 Two weeks ago, Arsen Kochukov's ulcerative colitis exacerbated, but he now feels much better and no longer has pain. Arsen regained his appetite and energy, he became more active and wants to go out for walks. Arsen still takes anti-fungal drugs; they are provided by a municipal health committee.

08.08.2014 Masha Kutsenkova is back home in Abakan after control examination and several courses of photopheresis. Masha is in remission for leukemia. Donor's bone marrow engrafted and functions well. Overall, she feels well, but complains of headaches. Masha has not been able to regain weight so far.

07.08.2014 The recent puncture confirmed that Mikhail Fufaev's bone marrow is clear of cancer, and donor transplant functions well. Mikhail is under the care of doctors from St. Petersburg Regional Clinical Hospital. He feels well, but tires very soon. Computer tomography is planned; the results of it will be reviewed to see whether anti-fungal drugs can be canceled.

07.08.2014 Anya Burilova underwent the third infusion of mesenchymal cells in July. The doctors observed response to therapy: Anna's skin condition is improving, and pigmentation is already not as noticeable. Her parents decided to take her on a trip to Amsterdam as a present for her 16th birthday. Anya's family is sincerely grateful to FlyStation entertainment complex which helped to pay for the tour.

05.08.2014 Fortunately, after a cycle of anti-relapse chemo Movlid Tutuev achieved remission. Yesterday, the boy and the mother were discharged to outpatient treatment. The doctors will now decide if he will require additional round of chemotherapy before bone marrow transplant from his father.

04.08.2014 In July Dmitry Manturov had CT scan that showed reduction in lung foci and development of fibrosis. Bronchoscopy was also performed and showed progression of aspergillosis. Currently, replacement of anti-fungal therapy is being discussed. Dmitry is feeling OK overall, but continues having breathing issues and slight cough.

02.08.2014 Nastia Sluchaeva is on outpatient treatment. She continues to receive transfusions of platelets and whole blood. The girl is feeling rather well and she is optimistic about recovery. CT scan revealed changes in her lungs, and antibacterial therapy was modified. The search for bone marrow donor continues.

02.08.2014 Irina Maximova continues to be in remission, and transplant had engrafted at 80-90%. Next week, another control puncture is planned. As further treatment, repeat transplant of bone marrow from the same donor or activation of a new bone marrow donor from the international registry are being considered.

01.08.2014 Yulia Vodopianova currently has 8% of blasts in bone marrow. GVHD is not appearing yet, and a second donor lymphocyte infusion is planned. Yulia has persistent issues with her lungs, so her therapy was modified and she was moved to ICU for the weekend.

01.08.2014 Control PET-CT scan showed that Olga Shmygleva still has a few active lesions. Bone marrow biopsy results are not available yet. The future treatment plan was not yet decided, but most likely it will be infusion of donor's lymphocytes to activate graft versus host disease. Currently, Olga is at home in Chelyabinsk and she feels rather well.

01.08.2014 Dima Orekhov has died.

25.07.2014 Mila Kuzhenova spent the last month on treatment for her chronic GVHD of skin, mucous membranes and joints in St. Petersburg. The therapy worked, and Mila's skin is looking much better, although she is still struggling to walk because of severe scleroderma. Milana is going home tomorrow, but will come back to St. Petersburg in mid-September to continue treatment.

25.07.2014 Anton Gasnikov is in remission. He is monitored at Gorbacheva Institute. He goes for testing every two weeks and receives maintenance chemotherapy on a monthly basis. His next injection is scheduled for August 11. Anton is feeling fine, he is as bright-eyed and happy as ever.

25.07.2014 A sudden attack of skin GVHD forced Svetlana Osufieva to come to St. Petersburg a month earlier. Since the beginning of the treatment Sveta has been feeling better, her temperature is back to normal but her skin remains very sensitive. She is in remission from leukemia; transplanted bone marrow has engrafted and is functioning well.

19.07.2014 Amir Shataev is at home. He is fine. The doctors believe that no additional procedures are required. The next control examination will be done in six months. Amir was recommended to protect the eyes from the sun and to do special eye exercises.

19.07.2014 Shedi Buneb's lung surgery was successful. Lower third of the right lung with the parts of three ribs adjoined to the tumor were removed. Prosthetic implant was installed instead of the ribs. Recent examination showed that mediastinum was clear; however, there were still four foci in the liver. It is planned to start chemotherapy at Gorbacheva Institute very soon.

15.07.2014 Olga Ilyuncheva has died.

14.07.2014 Georgy Tarakanov is under observation at a regional oncology hospital. He is feeling well and getting ready for the 7th round of Vidaza, which is planned to start in the near future. Testing at Mycology Institute has been moved to August, and for now Georgy continues taking antifungal drugs. The Leningrad regional Health administration provided him with Vfend for another month.

14.07.2014 Gera Efimov's donor's bone marrow transplant had engrafted at 100%, but unfortunately, it is not working sufficiently yet. Every possibility of transplant stimulation has been exhausted. The only effective approach was with Nplate, if it is continuously administered. In the near future German will restart therapy with it. Russian Help fund promised to help with purchasing of the drug.

11.07.2014 The puncture, which was taken on the 100th day after the bone marrow transplantation has confirmed Danya Vlasov's complete remission. Transplant had engrafted and functions well. Immuno-suppressive drugs were canceled. The boy had a cold last week, but he now feels well, reads a lot and walks outside, and spends weekends at a dacha.

11.07.2014 Arseny Kochukov has received the third infusion of mesenchymal cells and began therapy with Roncoleukin to fight GVHD. Now his body temperature is normal, but he suffers pain in his tummy (presumably due to dysbiosis). Arseny is monitored as an outpatient, and he feels rather well, but he lost weight because of abdominal pain and loss of appetite.

11.07.2014 An evaluation after the two rounds of RIST chemotherapy showed that Nino Utiashvili's tumor growth had stopped. Nino does not have pain any longer, her condition has slightly improved. Treatment will be continued.

10.07.2014 Nikita Burenkov is still at home in Chelyabinsk. He feels well and tries to be active as much as possible: walks a dog, excersises. The last lung CT scan showed a negative trend: it had revealed fibrosis - extensive scarring of the lungs. The findings of the study were sent to his St. Petersburg's doctor, who should decide on an treatment.

10.07.2014 Bone marrow transplantation for Misha Stepanov has been postponed until fall. While he is still receiving maintenance chemotherapy, he visits the clinic twice a week for tests. Following the recent injection of cytosar, Misha's blood counts fell slightly. He is now at a dacha, and he feels rather well.

03.07.2014 On June 30th Alexandra Yusupova underwent the first round of treatment with Adcetris. The doctors recommend 13 such rounds in total, followed by a bone marrow transplant from an unrelated donor. Although it's only been a few days since the first round, Alexandra is feeling better already and has an easier time breathing and talking. Alexandra's mom would like to thank all those who help raise funds to save Alexandra's life!

03.07.2014 Mikhail Fufaev's bone marrow is clear of cancer cells, and the donor transplant engrafted and functions normally. The doctors have not yet determined whether he should continue the Vidaza therapy. Mikhail does not exhibit any signs of GVHD at the moment, but he is continuing immunosuppressants for now. Cytomegalovirus is under control. Mikhail is being seen on an outpatient basis and is feeling rather well overall.

03.07.2014 Vova Gusev has died.

02.07.2014 Unfortunately, Yulya Vodopianova relapsed. Last week the young woman underwent a course of antirelapse chemotherapy; she is scheduled to receive an infusion of donor lymphocytes to promote the "graft-versus-leukemia" reaction on July 7th. With the low blood counts, Yulya developed bilateral pneumonia and was prescribed appropriate therapy. Yulya is in fighting spirits and intends to fully conquer the disease.

01.07.2014 Irina Maximova had a third round of Vidaza in June. She is at home now and feels well, but her blood counts, like at previously, are recovering very slowly. Irina had a control puncture last week, but the results are still not available. There are the plans for another donor's lymphocyte infusion in the near future. The need for the fourth cycle of Vidaza is under discussion.

01.07.2014 Only a partially compatible bone marrow donor was found for Nastia Sluchaeva, so it was decided not to use him because of high risk. The search in the international registry is continuing. Nastia is still followed at the day hospital, she receives transfusions of blood and platelets regularly. Nastia was diagnosed with a bacterial infection recently, for which antibiotics were prescribed.

29.06.2014 Masha Kutsenkova came to St. Petersburg for control tests and photopheresis. She feels satisfactory, but complains of persistent elevated temperature and headaches. GVHD is under control thanks to immunosuppressants. Control puncture is scheduled for July 2.

26.06.2014 Dima Karpov is on maintenance therapy with Ribomustine. He feels well and lives an active life. PET results showed that doctors managed to stabilize the disease. Bone marrow transplantation from his mother was decided to be postponed, because of the high risk of the procedure. There are still no matching bone marrow donors in the international registry. Full examination is planned for July.

25.06.2014 Artem Karnishin was examined in St. Petersburg. The examination confirmed complete remission of leukemia. However, skin GVHD became worse giving rise to scleroderma. A course of hormones improved the situation. Artem's lung condition is unstable; he needs to take anti-fungal medication continuously. At present, AdVita fund is buying it for him. Doctors plan to allow Artem go home to Krasnodar Krai in the near future.

23.06.2014 A new examination has confirmed Maxim Indik's complete remission and doctors soon plan to allow Maxim to go back home to the Far East. He is happy: during his recovery he really missed his family and friends. Maxim will have to return to Petersburg for examination in September, a year after his bone marrow transplant.

23.06.2014 Olga Shmygleva is still in Chelyabinsk, going weekly for the tests, and sending the results to her doctors in St. Petersburg by e-mail. Control PET scan was not done yet: the machine is still under repair. Olga's kidneys are stable, although creatinine is elevated. Olga now walks everywhere herself, but can only cover short distances.

23.06.2014 On June 19th Dmitry Manturov underwent a PET-CT, by the results of which don't show any metabolic activity of a tumor. On June 20th he was given a third injection of Adcetris. Dima has been feeling well.

23.06.2014 In May it was three years since Elena Plis's bone marrow transplant. A control puncture confirmed remission. Donor's transplant is functioning well. Elena is giving her heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped her get better: her doctors, nurses, family, friends, AdVita fund employees and volunteers, and people close to her and complete strangers.

23.06.2014 In June Amir Shataev and his mom went to Essen for a control examination and a planned prosthetic eye replacement. An ophthalmologist and oncologist have confirmed that there are no recurrences and so far no interference is required. Amir's mom is asking for help with living expenses, clinic bills, and a new prosthetic (the total will be about 1000 euros).

22.06.2014 Dmitry Soshko has died.

17.06.2014 AdVita Foundation initiated fund-raising for the treatment of Alexandra Yusupova.

16.06.2014 Evgeny Khromov has died.

13.06.2014 Dmitry Manturov continues to receive therapy with Adcetris; it was administered again on 5th and 26th of May, and donor lymphocytes were infused on 10th of June. PET/CT scanning is planned to evaluate treatment effect. There is an improvement in his lungs. He is continuing therapy.

13.06.2014 Ivan Kolesnikov and Arseny Provorov have died.

11.06.2014 Andryusha Sharoglazov underwent tests in St. Petersburg that confirmed him to be in complete remission for leukemia. CT scan revealed lesions in his lungs of apparent bacterial origin, and appropriate treatment was prescribed. Andrei feels great, he had a wonderful time in St. Petersburg and is looking forward to going back home.

11.06.2014 Vadim Antipov's chronic skin GVHD persists and aggravates once steroids are canceled. Recently there was another onset of GVHD accompanied with high fever. After the therapy, Vadim's skin condition has improved, and he no longer has fever. He is in complete remission of primary disease, donors bone marrow is functioning well.

11.06.2014 Ulyana Veselovskaya is still in St. Petersburg, she continues to receive treatment for GVHD. In April she was diagnosed with aspergillosis complicated by bacterial infection and pulmonary GVHD. Now her pulmonary condition has stabilized, but intestinal GNHD is suspected. Today Ulyana underwent control puncture. The results are not available yet.

11.06.2014 Unfortunately, Dmitry Soshko was diagnosed with a relapse in bone marrow. For three weeks Dmitry was receiving chemotherapy with Cytosar at Leningrad Regional Hospital, and today he received donor lymphocytes infusion at Gorbacheva Institute to trigger "transplant vs. leukemia" reaction. Dmitry is recovering, and he feels rather well.

10.06.2014 Recently Anya Burilova developed skin sores on her left hand. Fortunately, therapy she was administered in late May have helped: her skin now looks better and the lesions are healing. Anya is spending her time reading, drawing and gardening with her mom at their holiday cabin. She is planning to travel to Moscow for the Winners' Games.

10.06.2014 The doctors once again tried to take Gera Efimov off NPlate. Initially his blood counts were normal, but then the platelet count started going down. Tomorrow he will have another NPlate injection. The doctors are still deciding on further treatment. The boy is feeling well. He is still active and cheerful.

10.06.2014 The control tests confirmed Georgy Tarakanov's complete remission. In May Georgy completed his 6th cycle of Vidasa-based preventive treatment. He will soon have another evaluation at the Institute of Mycology. He is still on VFend. Georgy feels well and continues to work.

10.06.2014 The experts at Military Medical Academy advised Igor Simonov against hip replacement surgery in the near future. They believe that his body may not cope with the stress. Igor's mother is asking those who were also diagnosed with myeloid leukemia and had a hip replacement to get in touch with her to share their experience.

09.06.2014 Arseny Kochukov is monitored as a day patient. He feels rather well. If he takes the hormones every other day, he spikes fever, and if he takes them daily his blood pressure goes up. He will soon have his third mesenchymal stem cell infusion. The growth hormone therapy is working and he is already 1 cm taller.

09.06.2014 Misha Stepanov's bone marrow transplant from his father has not been scheduled yet. Misha is currently with his family at their dacha. He feels well, spends a lot of time outdoors, runs around, jumps, picks lilac and dandelions and gives them to girls from the neighborhood.

09.06.2014 The lung exam showed that Sasha Khomushku has fungal infection and cytomegalovirus. Sasha was prescribed appropriate treatment. He is now feeling better and his cough is going away. Tomorrow he will be discharged to go home to Tyva. His next check-up is scheduled for late August.

06.06.2014 Lenura Lukkonen is in remission of leukemia, donor's bone marrow is working well, but due to reduced immunity Lenura is still vulnerable to infections. A week ago pneumonia was diagnosed once again. Lenura's condition improved after beginning of therapy, her temperature went down, and her cough subsided.

06.06.2014 Unfortunately, the tests from April showed that Nino Utiashvili's sarcoma continues progressing and new lesions had appeared. Nino is receiving chemotherapy under RIST protocol at Gorbacheva Institute since May 28. Nino tolerates treatment OK, but walks with difficulty: she cannot control one of her legs.

05.06.2014 Danya Vlasov is in remission. He is seen as an outpatient and he feels well. Sometimes he has fever due to immunity-related causes. Mild intestinal GVHD was controlled quickly, Danya still has to follow a diet, but despite that he has good appetite.

02.06.2014 Sasha Khmoushku had come to St. Petersburg for a control check, which showed a remission of leukemia. The donor's bone marrow is working well, and Alexander's blood counts are normal. A pulmonary examination discovered a respiratory disorder; lung GVHD is under question. Due to lengthy hormonal therapy, pains in Sasha's leg joints and muscles bother him and it's hard for him to walk. But despite all issues, his mood is fine.

02.06.2014 Arseny Provorov is in the ICU still, his condition is stable, but serious. The boy maintains problems breathing due to a lesion that grew in his mediastinum. A week ago a cycle of maintenance chemotherapy was started. Arseny's pneumonia is treated with antibacterial therapy.

02.06.2014 Yulia Vodopianova was recently hospitalized again with a fever and heavy breathing. Her temperature was brought down with the help of antibiotics and the causes of her lung problems are being investigated. A lumber puncture showed that the girl is in remission and her donor's bone marrow has engrafted, but isn't working well enough. Yulia remains weak and due to her breathing it's hard for her to walk. Her mom takes her for walks in a wheelchair.

02.06.2014 Doctors have come to the conclusion that the cause of Nikita Burenkov's lung problems was GVHD in combination with a bacterial infection. Currently, the state of the boy's lungs has notably improved. Signs of skin GVHD and schlerodermia are still maintained. Overall, Nikita feels fine and his blood counts are normal. Doctors have allowed him go back home to Chelyabinsk and stay until November.

29.05.2014 On May 12 Vova Gusev underwent bone marrow transplantation from his mother. His blood counts are very low for the time being. Fortunately, there are no infectious complications. Vova feels OK overall. This Saturday he plans to take a state examination in math, which is a requirement to graduate from the 9th school year; an examination in Russian language is scheduled on June 6.

29.05.2014 Movlid Tutuev is in remission. However, his minimal residual disease count grew. If it comes down based on next puncture results, the boy will be transferred to maintenance chemotherapy and he will be able to go home to Dagestan. Otherwise, doctors will consider bone marrow transplantation from one of Movlids parents or siblings.

27.05.2014 Oleg Silkin has died.

26.05.2014 We are sincerely grateful to Russian Help Fund that agreed to cover expenses for repeat donor search for Nastia Sluchaeva. The search is already underway. Unfortunately, Nastia's blood counts are unstable and she needs platelet transfusions twice weekly and whole blood transfusion weekly. Nastia does not feel well: she has little energy and gets tired easily.

21.05.2014 Olga Shmygleva was allowed to go home, to Chelyabinsk, under the control of local specialists. Supposedly, Olga will undergo an inspection in June there, and if everything's alright, she'll come to Petersburg in August. Olga's transplant had engrafted, her blood counts are still relatively low, she doesn't feel very well, and there are serious problems with her kidneys' function.

20.05.2014 Danil Lutokhin has died.

16.05.2014 Oleg Silkin is still at the hospital: the puncture showed remission, the transplant is engrafting, but his blood counts are still low. Last week Oleg was diagnosed with upper respiratory tract infection which had to be treated with antibiotics. Oleg is feeling unwell due to severe fatigue.

16.05.2014 Masha Kutsenkova is seen as a day patient. She feels better now, although she is still underweight. She remains in remission. The cytomegaloviral infection is under control. CT scan results showed improvement. GVHD is under control.

16.05.2014 Olga Lapshina's health worsened: she has increased shortness of breath and fatigue. The tests from the late April showed disease progression. Olya was prescribed a new chemotherapy regimen. Control tests are planned in two months.

16.05.2014 The control puncture showed 2.5% blasts in Dima Orekhov's bone marrow, but the doctors believe that in his case it is too early to talk about remission. They are now considering a bone marrow transplant from Dima's mother. Dima feels better. His blood counts recovered after chemotherapy and the doctors allowed him to take walks.

14.05.2014 Unfortunately, Arseny Provorov's condition has gotten abruptly worse. On May 5 the boy was brought to the ICU. Since May 11 Senya's been in an artificial coma. Thanks to therapy, the condition of his lungs has managed to see improvement, however, the progression of the main illness has yet to be stopped.

13.05.2014 In April Arseny Kochukov had cytomegaloviral infection which was taken under control. Last week Arseny had the third infusion of mesenchymal cells. Intestinal GVHD symptoms persist for now, and Arseny continues to receive steroids in small doses. If tomorrow he has no fever and blood counts are good, Arseny and his mom plan to go to the Hermitage Theater.

09.05.2014 Irina Prikhodko is at home in Murmansk Region. She feels rather well. On June 2 she is scheduled to come to R. Gorbacheva Institute of Hematology and Transplantation for a control examination. Irina and her family hope that its results will not be worse than last time.

08.05.2014 The CT scan performed on April 18 showed that Shedi Buneb's tumor has decreased in size, and his blood counts are at last within the norm. However, last week Shedi's condition worsened again: he developed chest pains, fatigue, stomatitis and fever. Shedi is due to be hospitalized at Petrov Oncology Institute after the holidays.

08.05.2014 The CT scan performed in April showed that Elena Plis has improvements in the condition of her lungs and liver. In May she is planning to come to St. Petersburg for an examination - it's been three years since her bone marrow transplantation.

07.05.2014 After the second chemotherapy cycle the blast count in Misha Stepanov's bone marrow remained the same. It is now 14%. The doctors have decided to perform haploidentical bone marrow transplantation from his father. Misha was allowed to go home for the holidays. He feels rather well, is active, runs about a lot and takes pleasure in drawing.

07.05.2014 Roma Ignatovich has undergone an examination in St. Petersburg, which confirmed that he is in complete remission from leukemia. Roma is now at home in Kursk Region. He feels rather well and is eagerly preparing to start school: he is learning to read and write letters and numbers. This year he will start the first grade. The doctors have recommended home schooling for now.

07.05.2014 Vanya Rusakov has undergone an examination in Italy. His blood counts are improving, and one of the agents that he used to take has been cancelled. Vanya will continue to receive immunoglobulins until December.

05.05.2014 Olga Shmygleva recovered after bone marrow transplant and at the end of April she transitioned to an outpatient clinic. The control lumbar puncture showed that the donor's bone marrow engrafted, but its function is not yet satisfactory. Olga complains of infections in her mouth and fever, the reasons for which are being verified.

05.05.2014 After three cycles of treatment with Adcetris, Evgeny Khromov is feeling better, his appetite returned as did his energy; his mood is good. At the moment Zhenya is being treated according to a different protocol; his next checkup is in a month.

05.05.2014 When his doctors attempted to lower Gera Efimov's dosage of immunosuppressive drugs, his skin GVHD flared up and his platelet counts started falling. He has returned to the prior levels of immunosuppressant therapy. The doctors will be discussing his further treatment in a board review. German has a cold at this time, but nevertheless is feeling rather well.

05.05.2014 Control CT scan revealed that Dmitry Soshko is not yet in remission; the doctors are discussing a repeat round of chemotherapy. Dmitry is now at home and feeling OK, but is bothered by GVHD of his eyes and severe cough. After the May holidays he will return to the Leningrad Regional Clinical Hospital to continue treatment.

05.05.2014 Georgy Tarakanov is feeling well; his blood counts are within norm. Tomorrow he will undergo a control lumbar puncture at the Leningrad Regional Clinical Hospital; after that the doctors intend to start the next prophylaxis treatment with Vidaza. Based on the April CT, Georgy's lungs are improving.

05.05.2014 Vladimir Dmitrievsky is in remission, the donor's bone marrow engrafted and is functioning well, but signs of minimal residual disease remain. He was recommended monthly prophylaxis treatment with Mabthera. Vladimir will be treated at Central Clinical Hospital of Federal Security Forces in Moscow.

29.04.2014 Nastia Fedorova has died.

29.04.2014 Danya Vlasov has recovered quickly after the bone marrow transplantation. Two weeks ago he was discharged to a day patient facility. Control puncture has confirmed the remission, donor bone marrow has fully engrafted and is working properly. Last week fever and early signs of the intestinal GVHD were observed. He was prescribed appropriate therapy.

29.04.2014 Igor Simonov is in remission in regards to leukemia. However, Igor's bones and joints are undergoing destruction. Endoprosthetic replacement of hip joints was recommended. Currently, the location to perform the replacement of the left hip joint is being discussed. In addition, Igor was recommended by an ophthalmologist to undergo a cataract extraction and an intraocular lens implantation on his right eye.

28.04.2014 Timur Rudyko has died.

23.04.2014 Diana Ibragimova is planned to have a surgery to replace two knee joints in Tubingen, Germany. Prof. Volker who operated Diana earlier agreed to perform the surgery. Diana was billed 22,000 euros, and she will need 6,760 euros more for recovery post-surgery. Please help!

23.04.2014 Unfortunately, Vova Gusev's transplant has not engrafted. The functions of Vova's own bone marrow could not be restored so far and he has to have daily blood and platelet transfusions. He is planned to have another bone marrow transplant - from his mother. Vova is feeling rather well. He has good appetite and resumed his lessons over Skype.

23.04.2014 Unfortunately, Dima Orekhov was diagnosed with a relapse - with 19% of blasts in his bone marrow. Dima had a cycle of antirelapse chemotherapy at the Gorbacheva Institute and he is now recovering. The family is really struggling financially. If someone would like to help Dima and his family, please contact them directly.

23.04.2014 Galina Gavrilova is asking for help with paying for plasmapheresis that costs 20,000 rubles.

22.04.2014 Nikita Burenkov has multiple lesions in his lungs. Their nature is being clarified; the test for fungal infection is negative. In addition, Nikita's venous thrombosis has reactivated, due to which he cannot walk again. He continues treatment for skin and mucosa GVHD with immunosuppressive agents. An infusion of mesenchymal cells is planned.

22.04.2014 In early April Anya Burilova's skin GVHD flared up again, and she is planned to undergo the third infusion of mesenchymal cells presently. Individual sessions of physical therapy are doing Anya good: her arms, legs and back have straightened out considerably. Anya devotes a lot of time to drawing and continues her studies according to the school curriculum, which includes two foreign languages (English and German).

22.04.2014 Danya Lutokhin has been hospitalized at the hematology unit of the Republican Scientific Center for Emergency Care in Astana. His blood counts are very low and he has a high fever. Based on the puncture, Danya has a relapse of lymphoma, complicated by infection. Therapy with ribomustine is being considered.

22.04.2014 Katya Polyubina came to St. Petersburg for a control examination, which confirmed that she is in remission. The donor bone marrow has engrafted and is functioning well; however, minimal residue disease is present again. Katya is planned to continue treatment with Vidaza to prevent a relapse. She will undergo a chemotherapy cycle presently.

22.04.2014 After doses of hormones had been reduced, Maria Kutsenkova developed acute GVHD of the mouth. The doctors decided to reintroduce the hormones and prescribed Masha Gleevec and photopheresis. In addition, she has had another bout of CMV infection and has been prescribed appropriate therapy. The fever is gone now. Masha feels better and is able to eat.

21.04.2014 Yulia Vodopianova recovered after the bone marrow transplant. Last week, she was discharged for outpatient observation. The control puncture showed that she is in remission and that bone marrow transplant is working normally. Few days ago Yulia started to experience intestinal graft vs. host disease symptoms and she was prescribed appropriate therapy. Yulia is complaining about fatigue and shortness of breath, but overall she is feeling relatively well.

21.04.2014 Dmitry Manturov had a cycle of Ch1VPP chemotherapy. He tolerated chemotherapy without serious complications, even though he is having low thrombocyte and neutrophil counts. On the April 8th, Dmitry had donor's lymphocyte infusion. He still continues to experience chronic GVHD, but is feeling rather well generally.

20.04.2014 Sasha Novokreschenov arrived in St. Petersburg for control examination which confirmed complete remission for leukemia. Sashas lungs condition is getting better little by little. Eyesight is not changing any more. He feels well. This week Sasha and his mom are planning to go back home to Karelia.

20.04.2014 Timur Rudyko has completed a cycle of anti-relapse chemotherapy at Gorbacheva Institute. Unfortunately, he developed bacterial pneumonia associated with low blood count, and was transferred to the intensive care. Timur receives several antibiotics.

13.04.2014 Tatiana Zhulyaeva has died.

12.04.2014 Fortunately, a round of high dose chemotherapy helped Irina Maximova enter remission. To strengthen response, it was decided to continue with a few more rounds of chemotherapy with Vidaza. Currently Irina is finishing the first round and she is tolerating it OK. No GVHD symptoms have been observed so far. The plan next week is to administer the third infusion of lymphocytes from the donor.

12.04.2014 After medical board discussion regarding Nastia Sluchaeva at Gorbacheva Institute it was decided to recommend a second bone morrow transplant from a different donor. The bill from the donor registry will be prepared shortly. Unfortunately, Nastia's blood counts stay very low; she is not feeling well and complaining of lack of energy and strength.

12.04.2014 Movlid Tutuev's cytogenetic test results showed that his minimal residual disease is practically absent. On the April 23rd Movlid will undergo repeated lumbar puncture, for treating doctors to confirm that he is in remission and can be discharged home to Dagestan. Movlid feels well and is very active.

12.04.2014 Evgeny Konovalov had control tests that confirmed remission. The transplant is functioning well. Zhenya is home but recently had a viral infection. He is feeling OK now, although sometimes he complains about shortness of breath and low energy.

12.04.2014 Alexei Nadyaikin has died.

10.04.2014 Maxim Indik remains in complete remission, but in doctors' opinion the risk of relapse is still high. It is planned to administer another donor lymphocyte infusion. Maxim is seen as an outpatient. His blood count is normal. Recently Maxim had a viral infection, but now he feels rather well and he continues his school studies.

09.04.2014 Anya Lomonosova's remission is sustained. Donor bone marrow engrafted and functions well. However, skin and mucosa GVHD flared up again, and Anya receives appropriate therapy. Lately Anya began feeling worse; she suffers from fatigue, weakness and nausea. The doctors are trying to determine the reason for it.

09.04.2014 Oleg Silkin's bone marrow transplantation was successfully performed on April 3rd. His blood counts are now falling. His appetite is poor because of the nausea, but in general his condition is satisfactory. There are no infectious complications.

08.04.2014 Ludmila Krasikova has died.

03.04.2014 Sveta Osufieva is still at home in Karelia. She is feeling fine and her blood counts are normal. She is still showing mild signs of skin GVHD. In late April she will be coming to St.-Petersburg for a check-up and next week she will travel to Petrozavodsk to apply for treatment quota.

02.04.2014 Olga Shmygleva's transplanted bone marrow has engrafted and is functioning well. Unfortunately, kidney problems led to fluid retention and hydrothorax. Olga had to be admitted to the ICU. She spent several days on the ventilator and started dialysis. Currently her condition is stable. She can breathe by herself.

02.04.2014 Arseny Kochukov had two mesenchymal stem cell infusions, and his GI function is more or less back to normal. The doctors continue lowering the doses of hormones, but it consistently triggers fever. Arseny is receiving appropriate therapy.

02.04.2014 Fortunately, the biopsy confirmed Vladimir Maslennikov's remission: there were no active tumour cells in a lymph node. Adcetris therapy is not planned to continue at this point. Volodya is currently at home. He regularly goes for blood testing and is feeling well.

02.04.2014 Gera Efimov's blood counts are finally growing, and the second course of MabThera was cancelled. He is seen as an outpatient, and is feeling much better. Gera has been very active lately and is really enjoying long walks. Tomorrow is Gera's birthday: he is turning 6!

02.04.2014 Unfortunately, Anton Gasnikov had a relapse (CNS leukemia), but the chemo worked and the MRI as of March10th showed no lesions. Anton is feeling better and is being administered chemo and high doses of Sprycel. Radiation therapy to prevent another relapse is planned.

02.04.2014 While recovering after the chemo, Shedi Buneb's blood counts rose, and he was moved to outpatient follow-up. Control tests are scheduled for near term, followed by surgery to remove residual tumor. Shedi is feeling well, but he is too weak to walk and has to use the wheelchair.

28.03.2014 Movlid Tutuev had a follow-up puncture which confirmed the remission. His blood counts are now normal. The doctors are waiting for the results of the cytogenetic test to decide on further treatment tactics. The anti-fungal Noxafil has been canceled. Movlid's condition is monitored at the day patient facility. He is feeling fine. The boy is feeling quite happy.

28.03.2014 Danya Vlasov had a bone marrow transplantation performed successfully on March 26. The boy is feeling fine, although his body temperature is a little high due to immune system reactions. The boy's blood counts are going down, and he has no complications caused by infections.

27.03.2014 Nastia Fedorova had a follow-up examination in January which revealed a relapse. Nastia did not respond to the therapy. Despite an elevated temperature the girl is feeling ok. Tomorrow she is going home to Michurinsk where she will be administered maintenance therapy.

27.03.2014 Oleg Silkin had been administered the therapy for hepatitis in Saratov and came to St. Petersburg for the bone marrow transplantation. Pre-transplantation chemotherapy has started today. The transplantation is scheduled for April 3. Oleg is feeling ok.

27.03.2014 Misha Stepanov has been hospitalized to the Raisa Gorbacheva Institute of Children's Hematology and Transplantology again for the second course of high-dose chemotherapy. Further treatment will depend on the results of the puncture which will be performed once the course is over. Misha is feeling ok but he is very unhappy to be back to hospital.

27.03.2014 Vova Gusev is having a hard time recovering after the bone marrow transplantation performed on March 6. Complications include pulmonary edema, heart problems, hemorrhagic cystitis, and intestinal problems. The doctors are now suspecting a fungal infection in the lungs, so the boy was prescribed the necessary treatment. The follow-up puncture is scheduled for the beginning of April.

26.03.2014 Dima Orekhov is being followed as a day patient. He feels rather well, and all his test results are normal. Control examination is planned shortly. After Dima's doctors had tried to cancel hormonal agents, his skin GVHD flared up again. It is planned to strengthen immunosuppressive therapy.

26.03.2014 Ludmila Krasikova is in remission. The donor bone marrow has engrafted and is functioning properly. Intestinal GVHD could be controlled, and in early March Ludmila was released to be followed as a day patient. Due to a bout of CMV infection, her blood counts have dropped, and she feels very fatigued. She is due to be hospitalized at City Hospital No. 15 presently.

26.03.2014 Georgy Tarakanov is in sustained remission. He feels well and continues to receive chemotherapy with Vidaza to prevent a relapse. Last week he underwent the fifth treatment cycle, which he tolerated rather well. Control examination is planned presently. Georgy also continues to take antifungal agents. He has finally managed to get them under a state quota.

26.03.2014 Dmitry Soshko underwent a chemotherapy cycle at Leningrad Regional Clinical Hospital. He had a hard time tolerating it and has developed a fever and severe mucositis. Dmitry receives antibiotics and painkillers. His hemoglobin levels are quite good, but his other blood counts are low as of now.

26.03.2014 Thanks to massages, paraffin baths and physical therapy, as well as infusions of mesenchymal cells, the condition of Anya Burilova's skin and joints has improved considerably. She is planned to continue individual sessions of physical therapy at home with the instructor. Anechka feels well and studies for her entrance exams at the art school. If she passes them well, she will be accepted into the second year.

26.03.2014 Unfortunately, the puncture showed that Timur Rudyko has relapsed: he has 70% of blasts in his bone marrow. He is scheduled to be hospitalized at R. Gorbacheva Institute of Hematology and Transplantation for chemotherapy and subsequent bone marrow transplantation from one of his parents. Timur's legs ache, but apart from that he feels rather well. His blood counts are within the norm.

25.03.2014 Elena Vozhova is at home now, fighting a viral infection. Her temperature has gone down, but she is still fatigued. Once Elena has recovered, she is planned to undergo radiation therapy to prevent a relapse of CNS leukemia. Based on the puncture, Elena is in remission, the donor bone marrow has engrafted and is functioning well.

25.03.2014 Vladimir Dmitrievsky is in remission. However, an infusion of donor lymphocytes is planned in April to prevent a relapse. During the examination Vladimir was diagnosed with fungal infection of the lungs and prescribed appropriate therapy. Vladimir is now being treated at a hospital in Moscow. His temperature has gone down, but he still has a strong cough.

23.03.2014 Natalia Kharatishvili has died.

22.03.2014 Maria Kutsenkova's intestinal GVHD could be controlled. She is on a less stricter diet, and the doses of hormones are being reduced gradually. Now Masha is being treated for suspected bronchitis and bilateral sinus infection. In addition, she has developed joint pain and receives calcium supplements to prevent osteoporosis.

22.03.2014 The condition of Nikita Burenkov's skin, joints and mucosa has started to improve. He can now get up, tries to walk around and has at last been able to remove his sunglasses that he had to wear even at home, as his eyes were very sensitive to sunlight. There have been no examinations regarding Nikita's basic disease. Nikita feels rather well and is in good spirits, as his dad has come to visit.

19.03.2014 Unfortunately, Arseny Provorov's therapy so far failed to stop the disease progression. This week he started the second round of chemotherapy. Afterwards, another infusion of lymphocytes is planned. Senya feels well overall, although he started to complain of fatigue recently.

19.03.2014 Unfortunately, control tests revealed progression of Svetlana Luchinskaya's glioma. Doctors advised her to undergo two cycles of chemotherapy with Temodal and then to have the tumor removed on CyberKnife radiosurgery at Burdenko Institute of Neurosurgery. Svetlana is at home in Murmansk now, where she receives chemotherapy and feels unwell.

17.03.2014 Dmitry Manturov's antifungal therapy was successful, but a biopsy discovered Hodgkin's lymphoma in his lungs. He is now undergoing chemotherapy under ChlVPP regimen, which will be followed by donor's lymphocyte infusion. Lately, Dmitry had an exacerbation of GVHD and increased thrombocytopenia, but he still feels rather well.

17.03.2014 Puncture results showed that Yulia Vodopianova's genetic dislocation remains, and it was decided to proceed to haploidentical bone marrow transplantation from her father. Transplantation is scheduled on March 18. The girl completed a course of preconditioning chemotherapy. She feels well and determined.

17.03.2014 Unfortunately, Mabthera therapy failed to start Nastia Sluchaeva's transplanted bone marrow function. Nastia's blood count is still unstable. She continuously gets blood and platelets transfusions. White blood cells count growth is stimulated with medications. Nastia is seen as a day patient and she feels rather well. Her further treatment is under discussion.

15.03.2014 Unfortunately, Irina Maximova was diagnosed with a relapse. This week, she finished a cycle of high-dose chemotherapy at Gorbacheva Institute. She tolerated it well. She also had donor's lymphocyte infusion to stimulate "transplant versus leukemia" reaction. Ira is now recovering. She has severe weakness.

15.03.2014 Misha Berezyuk is at home, in Gatchina. He is receiving maintenance chemotherapy and antifungal medications. Lung CT scan is planned in the nearest future. Misha was recently ill with a bacterial infection, but it quickly responded to treatment and now the boy is feeling relatively well. Misha stays in an excellent mood.

15.03.2014 Lena Gavrilyuk is feeling relatively well and can walk without support. The operated left leg doesn't bother her, but the right one aches periodically. Lena continues to take medications for bone regeneration. In April, which will mark one year after the hip replacement surgery, Lena plans to undergo testing at the Vreden Research Institute.

15.03.2014 Ivan Novoselov came to Saint Petersburg for control tests, which confirmed complete remission. Vanya feels well and enjoys life. He plays sports, had a great time skiing in winter, and now took up photography in hopes of making it his career.

15.03.2014 Alexei Krasnolutsky decided to seek a second opinion on further treatment from the clinic in Dusseldorf. Test results confirmed sustained complete remission of leukemia. According to German specialists, there is no need for a bone marrow transplant at this time.

15.03.2014 Galina Gavrilova is asking for help with paying for services of home hurse to provide her with treatment.

14.03.2014 Maxim Indik's blood counts are within norm, although liver enzymes remain slightly elevated. The control biopsy has been rescheduled for mid-April. Mild skin GVHD is controlled with topical steroids. Maxim feels rather well. He is home schooled by visiting teachers; he interacts with his friends via the Internet.

14.03.2014 Alesha Laptev's biopsy showed partial remission of aplastic anemia. His hemoglobin and white blood cells are within normal limits, while the platelet count remains slightly decreased. Two weeks ago Alesha developed a fever that went away after a course of treatment with antibiotics. Now he is feeling better but, due to low immune function, is still cautious about going outdoors.

14.03.2014 Veronika Nikulina is being monitored as an outpatient, her blood counts remain within normal limits. The tests confirmed Veronika's intestinal problems were caused by chronic GVHD and not by the macrobial imbalance. Due to steroid therapy, she occasionally experiences weakness in the legs, but she feels rather well overall.

14.03.2014 Unfortunately, the tests prior to autologious bone marrow transplantation revealed that Nino Utiashvili's disease had spread. Next week Nino is expected to return to Oncology Institute in Pesochnoe, where a different chemotherapy protocol is planned for her. In the meantime, Nino remains in Olgino and feels rather well.

12.03.2014 In February Anya Lomonosova started experiencing strong headaches, as well as nausea, high blood pressure and fever. An examination in Saratov did not reveal any abnormalities. All symptoms disappeared as suddenly as they had appeared. She is now at home and feels rather well. After 20th March Anya and her mother are planning to come to Saint-Petersburg for examination.

12.03.2014 Evgeny Tolstikov has some changes in his lungs, but there is no need for medication. He is now at home in Volgograd region. His blood counts are normal, and he feels stronger every day. At the end of April Zhenya will come to Saint-Petersburg for another examination.

11.03.2014 Mikhail Fufaev's liver GVHD is controlled now. The steroids dosage is gradually being decreased. However, he was diagnosed with cytomegalovirus infection and is now receiving appropriate therapy. Misha feels relatively well and this week he will have the second cycle of therapy with Vidaza.

11.03.2014 Alla Korotich is still at home in Poltava and she feels rather well. All her medications except heart drugs (due to persistent tachycardia) were canceled. She has almost no issues with breathing and can walk slowly for about 20 minutes. The still has cough, but it had subsided significantly.

07.03.2014 Konstantin Korytov has died.

06.03.2014 Danya Vlasov's bone marrow transplant was moved to March 28th. On March 20th he will be hospitalized for pre-transplant chemotherapy. He is now undergoing tests and is feeling well.

05.03.2014 Unfortunately, the attempts to bring Misha Stepanov into remission were unsuccessful so far. After a high-dose chemotherapy cycle, he has 14% of blasts remaining in his blood. He was discharged to the outpatient treatment. Further treatment plan and options will be discussed in the beginning of next week. The options are either do bone marrow transplant with Misha's father being a donor, or administer another chemotherapy cycle prior to it.

04.03.2014 Alexei Nadyaikin is still at home in Mordovia. He is not feeling too well, as he started to have trouble breathing, and wheezing in the chest was observed. He continues to have weakness in his legs, and occasionally he experience blood pressure rise. In February, Alexei traveled to Saransk for the lumbar puncture and it shows that no blasts were observed. In mid-March Alexei is planning to travel to St. Petesburg for additional testing and evaluation.

03.03.2014 Control puncture confirmed Svetlana Osufieva's remission, donor's bone marrow has engrafted and is functioning well. She needs to continue treatment with all prescribed medications, including antifungals. Sveta is now at home in Sortavala. She feels rather well, but is very sensitive to weather changes.

03.03.2014 Dima Yablochkov's condition is stable: cough and difficulty breathing persist, but he has no fatigue. He continues steroid inhalations to treat GVHD. Intake of antifungal drug was cancelled. Dima does not have any back pain. He tries to be active: he regularly goes for a walk and swims in a pool once a week. Examination for osteoporosis is scheduled for April.

03.03.2014 Thanks to Vidaza therapy, Vova Gusev's genetic mutation is not detectable. However, the doctors concluded that in order to consolidate the results he requires another bone marrow transplantation. Transplantation is scheduled for March 6th. Vova is now undergoing a pre-transplantation chemotherapy. He is tolerating it rather well, and his only complaint is a loss of appetite.

01.03.2014 Olga Shmygleva's transplantation took place on February 26 went as planned. She had an allergic reaction during the stem cell infusion, but the doctors were able to reverse it. The next day Olga spiked fever and was diagnosed with pneumonia in lower lobe of right lung. After therapy with antibiotics, her temperature went down to 37.6. Olga feels better now.

01.03.2014 In February Elena Plis had a scheduled check-up in St.-Petersburg. The results of all bone marrow tests are normal, and she is in remission. Last week she had a sudden attack of skin GVHD, but the doctors were able to get it under control. However, control CT scan discovered focal pneumonia. Elena was prescribed antifungal drugs.

01.03.2014 Egor Moskalenko had surgery to restore his vocal cords. The larynx and trachea are clear now. The doctors only had to remove a tiny little papilloma. Speaking is now strictly prohibited. Egor feels well and is healing quickly. Next week the doctors will once again treat Egor's vocal cords and will then insert a special tube, which will need to be removed in September at another visit.

01.03.2014 Fortunately, Shedi Buneb's bone marrow exam showed no abnormalities. His blood counts were back to normal and he could complete the second cycle of chemo at the Cancer Research Institute. Now his blood counts are down again and he needs help from blood donors. Blood donations for Shedi can be done at the following address: 68, Leningradskaya ul., Pesochny. The blood center is open on Tuesday and Thursday, 10 am - 1 pm. His blood type is 0(+).

28.02.2014 Pre-transplant screening showed that Oleg Silkin has acute hepatitis C. The transplant has been postponed. Oleg went back to Saratov for treatment. Once his hepatitis is controlled, he will come back to St.-Petersburg for bone marrow transplant. He is feeling fine.

28.02.2014 The doctors were able to establish why Arseny Kochukov's health was deteriorating: he had dysbacteriosis and intestinal GVHD. Because of this his body wouldn't digest food. Arseny was nauseous, had spasms and was in pain and couldn't eat. Now he is feeling better thanks to therapy. Since early February Arseny is monitored as a day patient. He is feeling rather well, is very active and runs a lot around the apartment.

28.02.2014 Movlid Tutuev is in remission, but the bone marrow is not functioning fully. When his blood counts are back to normal, he will have another puncture which will help determine the subsequent treatment. Currently Movlid is monitored as a day patient. He is feeling well and is very active.

28.02.2014 The second bone marrow transplant from Katya Yastrebova's mother is still postponed: the little girl spiked fever and is now receiving antibiotics. She is not getting any more platelet transfusions, but she needs biweekly blood transfusions. Katya is feeling fine. She sometimes feels down, but remains active.

28.02.2014 Uliana Veselovskaya is undergoing GVHD treatment as a day patient. Her skin condition is a bit better, but lately she had trouble breathing and had fever for a few days. The tests showed bacterial infection and she was prescribed antibiotics. Pulmonary GVHD is still suspected.

27.02.2014 Alexander Zverev is back in Tver. He recently completed another cycle of chemotherapy under ABVD protocol. He will soon have another cycle and will then need to come to St.-Petersburg for control tests. His back pains are back and sometimes his hands and legs go numb. He is monitored by a neurologist and once a month receives medications to strengthen bone tissue.

27.02.2014 After he had been taken off immunosuppressants, Gera Efimov's skin GVHD got worse and he was put back on Cyclosporine and hormones. Currently his GVHD is controlled, but his platelet counts are down. Next week he is scheduled for puncture, after which further treatment will be discussed. Gera is feeling fine. He has a very good appetite due to steroid therapy but his mood changes with a lightning speed.

27.02.2014 The February exam has showed that Anya Krasnoshtanova had improved. Anya was recommended three more cycles of VePesid. Afterwards, the doctors will once again consider the possibility of Gamma Knife radiosurgery. Anya has a cold right now, but overall she is feeling well. She often goes to Repino to visit her grandma and to get a bit of fresh air.

25.02.2014 Vanya Rusakov is officially allowed to attend kindergarten and go to a swimming pool - both our and Italian doctors agreed on this. We are planning to start kindergarten in September, and sign up for a swimming pool in March. Vanya will be receiving monthly immunoglobulins up until May.

25.02.2014 The checkup showed changes in Dima Orekhov's test values had been caused by cytomegalovirus, which was successfully treated. Dima is now seen at the outpatient day clinic. There is some lingering cough but overall Dima is feeling well. As far as his primary diagnosis, Dima is in sustained remission: the donor's marrow has fully engrafted and is functioning well.

25.02.2014 Fortunately, the repeat biopsy showed remission and Timur Rudyko was discharged to a day clinic. With blood counts having recovered, Timur is feeling fine. During Olympics, he has actively rooted for our team. Now Timur is studying hard to catch up in school.

25.02.2014 Unfortunately, Dmitry Soshko has been diagnosed with isolated relapsed disease limited to the gum tissue. Today he was admitted to LOKB; a cycle of chemotherapy with Cytosar followed by possible radiation therapy is planned. Dmitry is feeling relatively well; he continues to receive treatment with Vfend for fungal pneumonia.

24.02.2014 On February 17, Ludmila Krasikova was discharged from hospital, but yesterday she was taken back to hospital with severe intestinal GVHD. Currently Ludmila is in intensive care. Hormonal therapy made her feel a little bit better.

24.02.2014 Vladimir Dmitrievsky is in remission. The donor's bone marrow has fully grafted and is working well. Vladimir will be seeing a doctor in Moscow, and plans to visit St. Petersburg only for control examinations. Currently Vladimir is in Moscow, and he doesn't feel very well: the diagnosis is bilateral pneumonia, and he receives appropriate therapy.

24.02.2014 Georgy Tarakanov is seen at Leningrad Regional Clinical Hospital. His blood counts are normal, he feels fine and goes to work. Control puncture and a cycle of Vidaza are planned for the next few days. Due to chemotherapy, slight signs of skin GVHD have returned. Georgy continues taking antifungal drugs.

24.02.2014 After lymphocyte infusion a month ago, Elena Vozhova still has not had any GVHD symptoms. A control examination is scheduled for this week, and based on its results the doctors will make a decision concerning further treatment. Elena has fully recovered after chemotherapy, her blood counts are back to normal. She is at home now and feels well.

20.02.2014 Recently Nikita Burenkov suffered from acute GVHD of mouth. He was prescribed photopheresis and hormones. Lungs examination showed improvement, but coughing is still there. Nikita is moody, but he studies with undiminished enthusiasm. The boy is a straight A student. His teacher speaks highly of him.

20.02.2014 The date of Danya Vlasov's bone marrow transplantation was scheduled for March 26. Danya is at home and he feels well, although he is a bit worried because of the upcoming transplantation. Donor search for Danya has been paid for in full, but his family still needs 2,500 euros for transplant delivery to St. Petersburg.

20.02.2014 Dima Chukreev has died.

18.02.2014 Denis Tsupriyan continues treatment on an outpatient basis. Yesterday he stopped taking hormones, though for now he will continue on the immunosuppressants. Denis remains in remission. However, he is weak and tires easily. For now, he tries to study at home and does not attend the lectures and seminars at his college.

18.02.2014 Unfortunately, Arseny Provorov relapsed with an isolated mediastinal tumor. Yesterday he was admitted to the clinic; today he started chemotherapy with Atriance. In the future the doctors also plan to do a transfusion of donor's lymphocytes. Arseny feels relatively well.

18.02.2014 Maria Kutsenkova is continuing treatment at Gorbacheva Institute. She feels better, and her mood and appetite improved. The doctors started reducing her hormonal intake, but she is still receiving intravenous nutrition. Colonoscopy results will be in next week. The doctors took off the stitches that Maria got after her accident. To Masha's joy, the scar is barely noticeable.

17.02.2014 Unfortunately, Konstantin Korytov is still on a ventilator in intensive care, as he is unable to breathe due to issue with his lungs. Konstantin's mother is sincerely grateful to all their supporters for their help with paying for Konstantin's treatment. She sends her good wishes to everyone.

15.02.2014 Misha Berezyuk had fever in January, and antibiotics did not help. Lesions in his lungs were discovered, tentatively of fungal origin, and Misha had been prescribed appropriate therapy. By now his fever went down, the he feels better, and was discharged for outpatient follow-up a week ago.

15.02.2014 Ludmila Krasikova recovered after bone marrow transplantation and there are the plans to move her to outpatient monitoring in the near future. Control puncture showed remission, donor bone marrow engrafted and is working, but blood counts are still slightly below normal. Ludmila has a cold and receives antibiotics. Manifestations of GVHD have not been observed.

15.02.2014 With the help of hormonal therapy and MabThera it was possible to raise Nastia Sluchaeva's hemoglobin level, but during hormonal therapy her blood sugar rose. Insulin injections helped bring sugar level to normal. On February 12th Nastia was discharged for day hospital. Hemoglobin has been staying at the same level, but platelets have to be regularly transfused.

14.02.2014 In January Adelya Faritova took control tests that confirmed remission. Transplanted bone marrow engrafted and works well. Adelya feels well. She is now at Sheredar camp in Vladimir region. She plans to return to St. Petersburg on February 17th.

14.02.2014 Based on repeat puncture, Yulia Vodopianova is in remission, but there is still a genetic translocation that makes disease recurrence possible. Haploidentical bone marrow transplant from Yulia's father is being discussed. Yulia is monitored on an outpatient basis, she feels well and full of energy. Her blood counts are within normal limits.

14.02.2014 Misha Nikitin is at home in Tikhvin. Control tests in St. Petersburg are scheduled for the first half of March. Manifestations of GVHD are not present, but he still takes small doses of immunosuppressive drugs. Misha was very happy to come back home, he feels much better, and walks outside a lot. He no longer has backaches.

12.02.2014 Lesha Laptev's puncture results were normal, the bone marrow is functioning well, although platelet counts are sometimes low. Two weeks ago he was taken off antifungals and today he was taken off immunosuppressive drugs. Lesha was recently diagnosed with bronchitis and is being treated with antibiotics. He feels relatively well.

12.02.2014 Nino Utiashvili has recovered after chemotherapy and is currently getting ready for autologous bone marrow transplant: she is having dental work done and undergoing in-depth physical examination. Nino's physical condition is not bad, but she is struggling emotionally. She gets a lot of support from people around her and her sister Maria, who chats with Nino over Skype.

12.02.2014 Recently Veronika Nikulina had fever and was prescribed antibiotics. In general she is feeling fine, but her intestines bother her. The tests showed disbacteriosis rather than intestinal GVHD. She is receiving appropriate therapy. First graders are now on holidays, so Veronika is now on a school break.

12.02.2014 Natalia Kharatishvili's condition has worsened somewhat: she has problems breathing and her legs are swollen. Natalia is taking Albumin and is monitored by a pulmonologist. She is scheduled for the complete pulmonary function test. Because of possible lung GVHD and recurrent skin GVHD Natalia is back on immunosuppressants.

12.02.2014 Dmitry Soshko is in remission. To prevent the relapse, Dima continues Vidaza-based chemotherapy. He will soon start his fourth cycle. He is still taking antifungal drugs (provided by the Committee for Public Health). Dima is feeling well, and is currently looking for a new job.

12.02.2014 Unfortunately, Roman Pekov still has problems with his tendons. He is unable to straighten his legs despite exercises. Roman cannot use manual wheelchair due to pain in his hands. He needs an electric-powered wheelchair that costs 50,000 roubles. Please help!

11.02.2014 Zhenya Tolstikov has come to St. Petersburg for lung function test because in December CT scan has shown a lesion of uncertain origin. He is scheduled for bronchoscopy and another CT scan. Zhenya is feeling rather well.

11.02.2014 Arseny Provorov is monitored as a day patient. He is feeling fine. The MRI on February 7 showed that he is stable. He will soon be scheduled for donor lymphocyte infusions. The boy still shows no signs of GVHD. It is not yet clear whether he will have chemotherapy because he does not tolerate it well.

11.02.2014 Katya Polyubina's control tests confirmed remission. Her blood counts are normal. To prevent a relapse, she has completed another cycle of Vidaza-based chemotherapy. She still has problems with her lungs and may have GVHD. In general Katya is feeling rather well and tries to go outside as much as she can.

11.02.2014 Maxim Indyik is still monitored as a day patient. He is feeling rather well. His liver function tests are slightly elevated and he is given liver support drugs. He is scheduled for another puncture within the next few days. Maxim is home-schooled. He goes for walks, watches TV and plays on-line games with his classmates.

11.02.2014 Maria Kutsenkova's intestinal GVHD has gotten worse, and she has strong stomach pains. In addition, she recently fell and bruised her face. Yesterday she was admitted to the hospital. Maria is in remission from leukemia. The transplanted bone marrow has engrafted and is functioning well.

10.02.2014 On January 24, Anya Burilova had an injection of mesenchymal cells to treat her for GVHD. It is now obvious that her skin condition has improved, and repeated mesenchymal cell infusion is under discussion. Since late January, Anya has been recovering in a sanatorium in Solnechny: she goes for physical therapy, gets massage, mud wraps and paraffin baths.

10.02.2014 Mikhail Fufaev continues his treatment for GVHD of liver in Leningrad Regional Clinical Hospital. On hormonal therapy his blood sugar level rose significantly, and he is receiving insulin. In addition, large doses of steroids cause Mikhail's legs hurt often and he gets cramps. To treat his primary disease, Mikhail had a cycle of chemotherapy with Vidaza and he tolerated it rather well.

07.02.2014 Galina Gavrilova is again requesting help with buying food and medications.

05.02.2014 Grisha Bakhvalov has died.

04.02.2014 Unfortunately, Konstantin Korytov's condition worsened. On February 1 he was transferred to the intensive care unit and connected to a ventilator.

04.02.2014 Unfortunately, the control puncture revealed that Misha Stepanov has progression. Tomorrow he will be hospitalized at R. Gorbacheva Institute. High-dose chemotherapy followed by bone marrow transplantation is planned. This time Misha's father will likely be the donor.

04.02.2014 Anya Lomonosova is in remission. After hormonal therapy withdrawal, she again had a flare-up of skin GVHD, but it is under control now. Anya feels rather well. There were severe frosts at Saratov, so Anya spent her time mostly at home: did her homework (she is trying now to finish studies for 7-8th grades), and wove beads.

04.02.2014 In January Dmitry Manturov began the therapy with Bendamustine. The donor lymphocytes infusion has been postponed because of endobronchitis. The doctors plan to perform a lung biopsy to arrive at a precise diagnosis. Dima has a cough and is feeling a little short of breath, but otherwise he is feeling ok.

03.02.2014 Volodya Maslennikov has a very good response to Adcetris: only one small lesion with contrast uptake remains. A surgical removal of this lesion is currently planned at the Medical Academy. The doctors hope that complete remission can be achieved without bone marrow transplantation from unrelated donor.

03.02.2014 After the chemotherapy course in December Shedi Buneb's blood counts never got normal. The doctors are suspecting myelodysplastic syndrome but the results of the tests are not ready yet. The boy is at the day patient facility since January 22. He is feeling better. Shedi is still weak but he can walk on his own and he has appetite too.

03.02.2014 Alexander Khomushku came to St. Petersburg for a follow-up examination where his remission was confirmed. The donor bone marrow is functioning well. Alexander has a mild form of a skin and intestinal GVH reaction. CT showed that the lungs are clear. The results of the cytomegalovirus test though were positive, so the young man was prescribed therapy. He is feeling ok.

03.02.2014 Vova Gusev is now having his medical examination in St. Petersburg. His myelogram is not bad. There are no blasts, but just like before, the erythrocytic lineage is not functioning well enough. The results of the trepanobiopsy are not ready yet. Vova is getting blood transfusions. He is feeling ok and doing his school classes from home.

01.02.2014 Unfortunately, Nastia Sluchaeva's transplanted bone marrow has not started functioning yet. Immune-suppressing treatment has been discontinued. Nastia was yesterday with a very low hemoglobin level. Hormonal therapy is planned. Apart from the weakness, the girl is feeling reasonably well.

01.02.2014 Tests in St. Petersburg showed that Svetlana Osufieva's lungs and skin condition is improving, but all proscribed medications should be continued. Control puncture results are not ready yet. Her next checkup is scheduled in St. Petersburg at the end of March - until then Sveta will continue to see hematologists in Petrozavodsk.

01.02.2014 Based on chest CT scan, Maria Kutsenkova was found to have no pathology. However, due to resumption of steroids, she was prescribed antifungals again.Control puncture is scheduled for February 3rd.

30.01.2014 Unfortunately, Movlid Tutuev's body rejected donor's bone marrow transplant. However, leukemia remains in remission. The doctors are contemplating the boy's further treatment. So far, Movlid is staying in the hospital; he is feeling better and more upbeat after transfusion of blood components and growth stimulation of white blood cells.

30.01.2014 Tatiana Strelnikova had control tests after seven rounds of Dacogen treatment, and she was shown to be in complete remission. Tatiana has been taken off all medication. She is feeling well and will now undergo weekly testing and a lumbar puncture every three months in her home town. She will return to St. Petersburg for another series of tests in six months.

30.01.2014 Anya Smirnova's leukemia remains in remission, her blood counts are normal but her lung issues occasionally flare up. At the moment Anya is suffering from capillary bronchitis; she receives low doses of hormones. Overall the young woman feels OK; she tries to go out and socialize often: she goes to theater, sees her friends, and takes driving lessons.

29.01.2014 Unfortunately, the search for a compatible donor revealed that Alexei Krasnolutsky has no compatible matches. The search at the international registry has been canceled. The young man was advised to have regular screenings for minimal residual disease. If the numbers start climbing up, Alexei will have to come to Saint Petersburg to decide on further treatment.

29.01.2014 Georgy Tarakanov remains in remission, with all blood counts being normal. Last week he had the fourth round of treatment with Vidaza and tolerated it well. Four more treatment courses are planned. Georgy is feeling well; he continues to work.

29.01.2014 Alexei Nadyaikin is seen locally in Saransk and is feeling well, although there is some weakness, fatigue and swelling. In February, the control biopsy is planned in Saransk. All necessary medications are provided for Alexei locally. Control tests in Petersburg have been moved to March.

27.01.2014 Lenura Lukkonen is being seen at Leningrad Regional Clinical Hospital. She feels rather well, and her blood counts are stable. Intestinal and skin GVHD is under control. Lenura is now at home sick: she has weakness, drowsiness and slightly elevated temperature, but overall she feels rather well. Lenura is planning to resume her work on Friday.

27.01.2014 At home Ulyana Veselovskaya's skin GVHD aggravated again. In mid-December, when she came to St. Petersburg for examination, she was prescribed new steroid therapy and Vfend to prevent fungal infections. In addition, Ulyana is suffering from severe cough, and pulmonary GVHD is suspected. She is in remission for leukemia, donor's bone marrow if functioning well.

27.01.2014 Bone marrow transplant for Katya Yastrebova was deferred again: it is now planned for February. Right before the New Year, Katya had elevated temperature, and she received antibiotics and antiviral medications. Now the little girl feels well. Katyusha mainly stays at home: she plays and reads with her mom.

27.01.2014 After the New Year holidays Arseny Kochukov was admitred to Gorbacheva Institute with high fever and abdominal pains. In addition, his hemoglobin count dropped and he received blood transfusions. The last two days the boy fells better, his fever subsided, C-reactive protein level decreased, hemoglobin count is normal.

27.01.2014 Anechka Ushakova is still at home, she feels rather well, and her blood counts are normal. Target enzyme test result is normal. There were no more manifestations of GVHD. Antifungal drug was cancelled. Anya is gradually adjusting to her newborn sister and is starting to accept her but is still a bit jealous.

27.01.2014 Unfortunately, Grisha Bakhvalov's bone marrow transplant from his father was not successful: blast count is increasing and Grisha's condition is getting worse. Two days ago the boy was transferred to Children's Hospital No. 1 emergency room. Grisha is connected to a lung ventilator and receives symptomatic therapy.

26.01.2014 Elena Perfilova has died.

25.01.2014 Dima Orekhov's skin GVHD was taken under control, but recently he developed GI issues and lost his appetite. The tests showed low levels of electrolytes and elevated creatinine. The doctors suspect it is due to adrenal gland malfunction. Currently, Dima is in the hospital and he is getting potassium and sodium. Further treatment is under discussion.

25.01.2014 Up to this time Timur Rudyko was monitored on outpatient basis and was feeling well, but due to hormone therapy cancellation, he experienced acute manifestation of intestinal GVHD. On January 23rd he was admitted to the hospital and restarted on steroids. He now has 8% of blasts. The second bone marrow transplant is in discussions, but this time from his mother.

25.01.2014 In December Alexander Zverev traveled to Gorbacheva Institute for donor lymphocyte infusion. Currently Alexander is at home, in Tver, he is feeling rather well. Recently he experienced mild skin GVHD. Alexander is planning to go for follow-up tests at Mycology Institute. Control PET scan for primary diagnosis is scheduled for March.

25.01.2014 Gera Efimov was very happy to celebrate New Year at home in Tyumen. On January 8th, the boy and his mother returned to St. Petersburg. After two-week break from taking Nplate, the level of platelets went down, but hemoglobin and leukocytes are stable. The boy restarted Nplate therapy. Gera is feeling rather well, and loves to spend time outdoors. He is very happy to play in the snow and loves to slide down the hill.

25.01.2014 Oleg Silkin's bone marrow transplant is scheduled for February 28, 2014. Oleg plans to arrive with his father to St Petersburg around February 8-10th for evaluation prior to the transplant and conditioning.

25.01.2014 Albina Ibragimova is at home in Kumertau. She feels rather well and is in remission. She passed her mid-terms for the 4th year of college just before the New Year, and is now taking a break.

25.01.2014 Maria Kutsenkova's GVHD of skin, eyes and mouth worsened. On January 22nd, she arrived in St. Petersburg for evaluation and treatment. She already had baseline tests and was seen by pulmonologist and ophthalmologist. Breathing tests are also planned. She was prescribed immunosuppressive drugs, eye drops and gel for GVHD.

23.01.2014 Unfortunately, Elena Vozhova had been diagnosed with a CNS leukemia relapse and she was treated with Cytosar. After treatment she had fever for about a week, which the doctors believe was due to the reaction to Cytosar. Elena will soon receive donor lymphocyte infusions to induce graft-versus-leukemia effect.

23.01.2014 Sergei Sannikov is in remission but he has been fighting GVHD of mucosa, skin and lungs. He also once again shows signs of aspergillosis associated with lower blood counts. The Chelyabinsk Committee for Public Health refused to cover the cost of medications. Sergei is filing a lawsuit and hopes he will be able to obtain the medicines this way.

23.01.2014 Dima Yablochkov is monitored by an endocrinologist and a pulmonologist and regularly goes for testing. His blood counts are normal. His lungs are stable. In general Dima is feeling rather well. He has no back pains, but he is still not allowed to do any heavy lifting and has to wear a back brace.

23.01.2014 Unfortunately, Levon Karagezyan's November check-up showed disease progression. His treatment was changed and tumor growth was stopped. Levon is currently at home. He is feeling OK. He has recently passed his finals and is now working on his diploma.

22.01.2014 Alina Suslova has died.

21.01.2014 Galina Gavrilova is asking for help with paying for a visit to a dentist to avoid having inflammation, as well as massage to help with paralysis of her extremities.

17.01.2014 Olga Shmygleva had PET/CT test at the end of December that showed a very good response to treatment: there are almost no active lesions left. Bone marrow transplantation is scheduled for February 26th. In early February Olga will come to St. Petersburg for an examination and hospitalization.

17.01.2014 Denis Tsupriyan is being observed at the day patient facility. He feels well over all, and the blood count is within normal ranges. He is still on hormones and immunosuppressors, as an attempt to cancel them causes intestinal GVHD. Nevertheless, Denis didn't give up his studies, and he is currently taking his mid-terms.

17.01.2014 Danya Vlasov's parents have agreed to bone marrow transplantation from an unrelated donor. The transplantation is preliminarily scheduled for March. Danya is in a stable remission. He receives medications according to the maintenance regimen, and he feels well.

16.01.2014 Serezha Maltsev is currently at home, in Kirov region. He is followed by local doctors and goes for blood tests. His blood count is normal. The examination in St. Petersburg in September confirmed remission; donor's bone marrow is functioning well. Serezha feels rather well, he takes anticonvulsants and continues his education online.

16.01.2014 Yulia Ermolenko is currently at home, in Krasnodar region. On January 19thshe is coming to St. Petersburg for an examination and to resume photopheresis therapy. Yulia feels well: her shortness of breath stopped, and she coughs rarely. She spends most of her time indoors so far: plays the keyboard, sings, stitches embroidery, weaves beads.

14.01.2014 As planned, Lyudmila Krasikova received a bone marrow transplant on January 9. She is recovering now and feels well, much better than after her first transplantation. Lyudmila Georgievna exercises and tries to walk up and down the hall as much as she can to stretch her muscles.

14.01.2014 Unfortunately, Anya Burilova's skin manifestations of GVHD have worsened. She is scheduled for another visit to a heath resort in Solnechny next week. In Anya's case, rehabilitation there gives very good results. She continues to take hormones and immunosuppressive drugs.

14.01.2014 Alesha Laptev is feeling quite well and goes to the hospital once a week for laboratory tests. Finally, his blood counts reached the normal levels. He spent New Year's at home with his mother and grandmother. Alesha still spends most of the time reading and playing Lego, sometimes going out for a walk.

14.01.2014 December CT scan showed that Mikhail Fufaev is in partial remission. He was about to start planned chemotherapy cycle, but liver GVHD diagnosis caused delay. Today Mikhail was hospitalized to the Leningrad Regional Clinical Hospital. He was scheduled for a course of hormones and immunosuppressants. Misha's pulmonary condition has some improvements, and he needs to continue taking Vfend.

14.01.2014 Adelya Faritova is monitored in an outpatient clinic, feeling quite well. Mild skin rashes are controlled with Advantan cream. During winter break, she went to a children's New Year's show, read a lot (Santa Claus brought her a large selection of detective stories for kids), and did a lot of bead weaving, which is her favorite art activity.

14.01.2014 It turned out that a drop in Andrei Sharoglazov's blood counts was caused by cytomegalovirus. A cycle of Cymevene helped to control it, and blood counts returned to normal. Control biopsy has confirmed that he is remission. The donor's bone marrow has engrafted and is functioning well. Andrei is doing quite well, but misses his friends and cannot wait for the doctors to allow him to come back home.

14.01.2014 Unfortunately, in October Nino Utiashvili was diagnosed with recurrent sarcoma. Now she is undergoing chemotherapy in Petrov Oncology Research Institute and has recently started the third cycle. After it will be over, she is scheduled for autologous bone marrow transplantation at Gorbacheva Institute.

13.01.2014 Andrei Kudryashov has died.

13.01.2014 Arseny Provorov's PET scan from December did not show any active lesions, but single cells retain metabolic activity. The strategy of further treatment has not been determined yet. On December 17, Arseny had a surgery to remove the affected lower lobe of his left lung. He has quickly recovered after it, and feels rather well. Shortly before the New Year's, Arseny was discharged for outpatient monitoring.

13.01.2014 Fortunately, December biopsy showed that Maxim Indik is in complete remission and there are no signs of minimal residual disease. Recently, he presented with first signs of skin GVHD. The boy is monitored in an outpatient clinic and is feeling quite well. He enjoys going for a walk, but does not want to go to school at all: he says he's had enough of it.

13.01.2014 Katya Polyubina is now at home in Cherepanovo; the doctors discharged her for New Year's and winter break. On January 18, she has to go back to St. Petersburg for her fourth cycle of Vidaza and control tests. Katya is doing quite well, only her blood pressure is slightly down. Antifungal drug Vfend was canceled at the end of December.

13.01.2014 Misha Nikitin spent New Year's at home in Tikhvin with his beloved grandparents and has recently returned to St. Petersburg. He still has back pains, but overall, he is feeling quite well and has been in a great mood after spending time with his family. Hormones were discontinued, but Misha cannot stop taking immunosuppressants yet, because dose reduction causes aggravation of intestinal GVHD.

13.01.2014 Dmitry Soshko is monitored at an outpatient clinic and feeling well. There has been no significant changes in his pulmonary condition; the improvements are minimal. He will continue to take antifungals for another three months. To prevent relapse, Dmitry continues with Vidaza chemotherapy and is scheduled for the third cycle in the near future.

13.01.2014 Veronika Nikulina is seen as outpatient and is doing quite well. Last week Veronika had a fever, and was prescribed antibiotics. In December, Veronika presented with intestinal GVHD again, but it was controlled with steroids and diet. Veronika spent the New Year's with her family, went to several children's New Year's shows and got lots of gifts.

13.01.2014 At the end of December Diana Ibragimova underwent examination and a consultation at Central Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics (CITO). As a result, her medication dosage was increased. The next consultation is scheduled in May, during which knee joint replacement will be considered again. Diana takes her end-of-semester exams now. The tests are challenging, because her memory has deteriorated a lot.

09.01.2014 Although Dima Chukreev has not achieved remission, the number of blasts went down significantly. Several days ago, he and his mother went home to Omsk for a couple of weeks. Dima receives maintenance treatment, and he feels rather well. Upon his return to St.Petersburg it is planned to perform bone marrow transplantation, with his mother being his donor.

09.01.2014 In December Irina Prikhodko underwent examination in St.Petersburg. She is remission. A cardiologist consultation and heart examination revealed some cardiac malfunctions, but they are not critical. There are no improvementsin joints' condition, but urgent surgery is not required.

09.01.2014 Unfortunately, CT scan after 4 cycles of chemotherapy did not show any improvement in Ivan Kolesnikov's condition. His lymphomatreatment was changed: now Vanya recieves chemotherapy in pills under another regimen. In addition, he was prescribed antibiotics to treat pneumonia.

09.01.2014 Alla Korotich is still at homein Poltava,recovering from recent viral infection. She is still coughing, but starting tofeel better. Alla continues daily breathing excercises. She plans to ungergo lung CT scan soon.

01.01.2014 Egor Moskalenko is feeling well! His family was able to finally paid off the last of their debt for treatment to the clinic in Korea. Based on examination results, he is healing well, although the swelling remained for a long time - almost 2 months. The next trip to Korea is scheduled for the end of February. Egor's family received a bill for $9500 for this treatment stage. We will be very grateful for any help. The doctors plan to work on the other half of the scar tissue. Egor is getting ready for school at rehabilitation center for children with disabilities.

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