In memory of Zhenya Lentyaeva
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Zhenya died on August 15, 2007


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Hello! My daughter Zhenya Lentyaeva got sick with acute lymphoblastic leukemia when she was 13, in fall 2005. Her legs started to ache; she turned pale and was fatigued. When Zhenya started getting short of breath, I took her to a clinic. The blood test results were horrifying. Zhenya's hemoglobin was at 42, leukocytes at 150,000 and she had 100% of blasts (cancerous cells). We were referred to Voronezh regional clinic, where the diagnosis was confirmed. Zhenya was on treatment for nine months, during which she completed chemotherapy. At the end of July 2006, she was discharged. For four months, we were at home and Zhenya took supporting chemotherapy and had weekly blood tests. Unfortunately, in November she relapsed. Now she will not be able to survive without bone marrow transplant.
Zhenya is now 15. This year her class is going to a graduation ball. She wanted to go to it so much when she thought she was healed. I have nobody else aside from Zhenya. Her father had remarried and has another daughter, so he does not help us at all.
The bone marrow transplantation will be performed at Pavlov State Medical University in St. Petersburg. The operation itself will be free, but the search for the donor at the international registry costs 15,000 euros, and the delivery of transplant costs another 2,500 euros.
I will never be able to raise this much money on my own, and we have very little time left.
Please help us! Give Zhenya the gift of life!


Update as of April 20, 2007. AdVita fund paid 2,000 euros for the donor search for Zhenya using the funds collected for all patients. The search for the donor has began.

Update as of August 7, 2007. Zhenya had a relapse. She has a high count of blast cells while also having cytopenia. She also shows signs of neuroleukemia. Zhenya is in a very serious condition. She cannot receive chemotherapy now due to low leukocyte count. It is also dangerous to stimulate leukocyte growth with drugs due to high blast cell count.
Zhenya needs help with buying medications that would help fight complications from infections, such as Vancomycin, Meronem and Diflucan (for intravenous injection).

Update as of August 14, 2007. Zhenya is in a critical condition. She is in coma, on artificial lung ventilation and with a swelling of her brain. Her bone marrow is filled with blast cells. The search for the donor has been halted.

Records of money received
 Name  Sum  Transferred from  Date
Anya 141.79 rub yandex 03.04.2007
DiPauL $10 webmoney 07.04.2007
  - - 50 rub webmoney 09.04.2007
  - - 10 rub webmoney 21.04.2007
Voronezh Merci Fund 23000 rub cash 28.04.2007
South-West Market 13200 rub cash 29.04.2007
Kotenok 50 rub webmoney 02.05.2007
Voronezh Rossvyaznadzor $500 cash 03.05.2007
Kotenok 20 rub webmoney 10.05.2007
Homo $10 webmoney 10.05.2007
T.S.Pavlishina 2000 rub wire transfer 11.05.2007
L.T.Gurieva 500 rubrub wire transfer 11.05.2007
Kotenok 50 rub webmoney 11.05.2007
I.A.Zhukova 15000 rub wire transfer 11.05.2007
Yuriy Bykov 14000 rub wire transfer 14.05.2007
Lyudmila Fillipova 500 rub wire transfer 15.05.2007
Elena Dolgaya 1000 rub wire transfer 16.05.2007
OOO Bagri on behalf of Elena Blydusova 2000 rub wire transfer 16.05.2007
Galina Podlobnaya 1000 rub wire transfer 21.05.2007
OOO "Bezopasnost' dvizheniya" 35000 rub wire transfer 21.05.2007
Lyudmila Rekant 1000 rub wire transfer 21.05.2007
Anna Ruslyakova 700 rub wire transfer 21.05.2007
Vasily Litovchenko 500 rub wire transfer 24.05.2007
Tamara Zverkova 1000 rub wire transfer 25.05.2007
Sofia Meshcheryakova 7000 rub wire transfer 28.05.2007
Lesya Grechuhina 1000 rub wire transfer 04.06.2007
  - - 500 rub wire transfer 18.06.2007
Galina Shelekhova 5000 rub wire transfer 10.07.2007
Z.N.Kalyashova 1000 rub wire transfer 11.07.2007
  - - 500 rub wire transfer 13.07.2007
Max 100 rub webmoney 26.07.2007
Kotenok 250 rub webmoney 08.08.2007
  - - 200 rub webmoney 08.08.2007
A.V.Demidov 3000 rub wire transfer 08.08.2007
Victoria Yukina 1000 rub wire transfer 20.09.2007


Bone marrow transplantation clinic in SPbMU. Give the gift of life for somebody in Russia.

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